The Coffee History of Houston, TX

If you’re a coffee lover, Houston is the perfect place to indulge in this delicious drink. With a variety of shops offering a wide array of coffee drinks, it’s easy to find a spot to sit down and sip on a latte or brew a cup of chai.

The coffee culture has a long history in Houston. From the early days of missionaries and travelers carrying seeds to exotic lands, to the modern coffee shops serving up a variety of exotic iterations, the city’s love for this beverage is as strong as ever.

Early History of Coffee in Houston

The coffee culture has been a part of Houston’s identity since the early 1900s. It is one of the city’s most important contributions to the development of America as a whole.

The earliest coffee shops in Houston brewed weak, low-quality beans, but in the early 1900s, people began to realize that coffee could be made into a delicious beverage. Several years later, the first espresso machines were invented, which made it possible for restaurants to serve high-quality coffee without having to spend too much on equipment.

Today, coffee has become a popular beverage for many people across the country. It can be found in coffee shops, grocery stores, and even in the homes of many people.

In fact, many people are so addicted to coffee that they are even willing to pay a premium for it. However, it’s important to remember that the quality of the coffee you’re drinking depends on how you brew it, so it’s best to stick with a higher-end restaurant or coffee shop when you’re looking for a good cup of joe.

The coffee industry in Houston has been around for many years, and there are many places you can find great coffee. You can find a variety of different styles and blends at these places, so it’s important to find the right place for you. It’s also a great idea to try out the various coffee beverages available before you decide on which one is the best for you.

Popular Coffee Shops in the Area

Houston is home to a wide variety of coffee shops where people can get their caffeine fix. Some of these establishments offer great iced coffee and hot cups of Joe, while others are known for their savory snacks and teas.

A coffee shop is a great place to catch up with friends or work on a project. These places also serve delicious drinks and treats that will help you forget about the day-to-day stress.

One of the most popular coffee shops in Houston is Common Bond Cafe & Bakery, which serves a variety of delicious baked goods and coffee beverages. The shop is also known for its friendly atmosphere and great customer service.

Another popular coffee shop is Agnes Cafe & Provisions, which offers a variety of delicious coffee beverages and light fare. The restaurant is a popular place for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Finally, there is Boomtown, which is known for its high-quality coffee creations and ethically produced beans. The company is a well-known brand in the local coffee scene and has multiple locations throughout the city.

A 2nd Cup is a non-profit coffee shop in Houston that serves a variety of delicious coffees and teas. They also host events and work with several partners to fight human trafficking in the area. Plus, 1% of their sales is donated to the nonprofit organization. This is a great way to support a cause while enjoying a delicious drink and a nice patio.

How Houstonians Embrace the Coffee Culture

Houstonians have embraced the coffee culture in many ways. Whether you’re looking for a cheap robusta blend from your favorite chain, or a 100 percent Arabica from an upscale restaurant, there’s no shortage of options in the city.

The coffee industry is a growing business in Houston, and many people in the area are eager to try new types of coffees. Some local roasters are trying their hand at creating unique coffee drinks, while others are focusing on the process of roasting.

Tenfold Coffee offers a bean-to-cup approach that lets customers witness the entire process of coffee roasting. Its Aurora Street location is filled with burlap bags of raw coffee beans that customers can watch as they’re roasted.

Tenfold also has a variety of different snacks and pastries to choose from. Its food is served in both indoor and outdoor seating, and the store’s atmosphere is warm and inviting.

Some Houstonians are also starting to embrace the coffee culture by opening their own cafes and coffee shops. Oguzhan Guragac, a Turkish national, opened Barbarossa Coffee in Spring in 2017 and a second location in Tomball this year.

Likewise, Latinx woman-owned startup Amanecer Co. Coffee aims to expand its reach with a range of creative cross-cultural concoctions, including Mexican herb hoja santa matcha lattes and piloncillo-sweetened chai. Amanecer’s production is currently taking place in a commercial kitchen, but the Founder and Roaster wants to find a permanent space so she can continue expanding her product line.

Coffee Trends in the City

The best Houston coffee shops are a mix of time-honored classics and trendy new spots. They range from great places for working remotely to quirky newbies that have quickly made their way into the local caffeine scene.

One of the most popular trends in coffee is latte art. The art is usually created by a barista and is a unique touch that can be seen on the cups of coffee in many local shops.

Aside from being a great way to make a statement, the practice of latte art is also a form of creative expression for many baristas. It’s a skill that takes time and patience to master, but it can be incredibly rewarding to watch your creations come to life on a customer’s mug.

Luckily, there are several local roasters that excel at their craft. Some are juggernauts, while others have only recently started roasting their own beans.

Houstonians are increasingly opting for non-dairy milk creamers. These options are high in fiber and other beneficial nutrients, which can help office employees make healthier choices when it comes to their daily intake of single-cup coffee.

Events Celebrating Houston’s Love for Coffee

Houston is home to several events that celebrate our coffee culture. One of these is the Caffeine Crawl, a pub crawl-style event where visitors visit different cafes to sample their wares.

The best part is that you don’t even have to leave the city to participate. In fact, many of the participating bars are located right here in Houston. The event took place on Friday and Saturday, February 23 and 24.

Aside from the Caffeine Crawl, there are a few other things to do to celebrate the city’s love for coffee. First, a shout out to Orgena, a local coffee shop that won a $10,000 Wells Fargo grant to make some big improvements to her business and its space.

Secondly, the Cherry Roast competition was a big hit with its entrants and a good time was had by all. The competition featured a mini-cherry roast and the award for best coffee of the night was won by Savannah Childers, the head roaster at Boomtown Coffee.

Third, the Cars & Coffee showcase at The Market at City Place is a fun way to spend a Sunday afternoon. Featuring standout cars and a hefty helping of Noe’s Cafe coffee, it’s a great way to get out and socialize with your neighbors while showing off your favorite vehicle.

It’s also worth mentioning that the biggest coffee-related event of the year was the Women’s Coffee Association of America (WACAA) annual conference held in April at the Hilton Houston Downtown. This two-day extravaganza brings together over 2,000 attendees and features keynote speeches, a plethora of educational sessions, and a large number of networking opportunities.

Final Words

Houston has a long and storied coffee history, from its early beginnings of small local shops to the current robust specialty coffee movement. Coffee has been an integral part of life in this city for generations, and it is clear that Houstonians will continue to enjoy their beloved cup of joe for years to come. Enjoy a warm cup in a classic diner or sip on a cold brew at one of the city’s award-winning cafés. Houston’s coffee culture is sure to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

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