8 Best Places to Take Pictures in Houston

best place to take pictures in Houston

Have you saved all of the discount codes from Shutterfly, Snappish, and Minted? Have you Pinned coordinating outfit selections for the whole family? Have you promised your brother-in-law, who owns the nice camera, a dozen homemade cookies for an hour’s worth of his time? All you need now is to find the perfect location for … Read more

13 Graffiti Walls in Houston: Stylish, Artsy and Picturesque

Houston Graffiti walls

We call it beautiful street art, graffiti, tagging, whatever you call it. We believe that graffiti walls in Houston enhance the city’s beauty, natural environment and add value to the surroundings. Houston has been very busy making the city even more beautiful recently by implementing well-placed street art with the Mini Murals. However, what about … Read more

Best Yoga Studios in Houston

best yoga studios in Houston

If you are experiencing neck and back pains, it is time to roll out your yoga mats and increase your body mobility. The beauty of yoga is that it will provide a combination of physical and mental exercises that greatly benefit your body. So whether you are overweight or fit, young or old, yoga has … Read more

15 Best Coffee Shops in Houston

best coffee shops in houston

Did you know that health experts have found many benefits of drinking the right amount of coffee, among them that coffee can help you live longer? Now, if you live in Houston or are visiting this amazing city and love your cup of coffee, you’re in luck as we will show you the 15 best … Read more

Houston Fashion Designers on Top of The Game

Houston fashion designers

Wonder what makes Houston’s fashion scene buzz? Or perhaps you’re looking to add a little local flavor to your wardrobe. Here’s a list of some Houston fashion designers that you need to know about. Whether you’re new to the fashion scene or a seasoned veteran, check out these talented individuals. These designers have something for … Read more

Houston Summer Camps Guide for 2022

Houston summer camps

Since summer is around the corner, what does that mean? CAMP TIME! Who doesn’t love camp? Everybody is a fan. Houston summer camps are a chance for fun and an opportunity to boost confidence, create long-lasting friendships, and become a part of something special. During this period of the year, Houston parents are looking for … Read more

Vacation in Houston: A How-To Guide

SAVE MONEY, GET CONNECTED, AND STAY LOCAL THIS SUMMER WITH THESE TIPS ON HOW TO VACATION IN HOUSTON–AND WHERE TO GO TO DO IT. It’s summer, and that means that families, couples, and solo adventurers are on the hunt for fun weekends and mini-trips. Creating great memories and experiencing new things is a top priority … Read more


YOU’VE SAID YES. NOW YOU MUST DECIDE WHERE. It’s getting to be prime-time for wedding planning as excited couples prepare for their upcoming nuptials. We’ve been cultivating some useful guides to help with some of the many preparations leading up to the big day. If you haven’t done so already, be sure to check out … Read more

14 Best Margaritas In Houston In 2022

Best margaritas in Houston

Are you craving some margaritas frozen, on the rocks, on a sunny day in Houston? Or perhaps you want something sweet to warm you up? Houston stays unpredictable all the time. It is sunny and crazy temperatures are flying one moment, and then the next minute it is raining for 3 weeks straight. Either way, … Read more


“Lakers lost! This SUCKS!!!!!!” -diary entry, June 12, 1984 I was thirteen years old. My handwriting in red marker matched my anger about the NBA Finals Game 7 between the Los Angeles Lakers and the Boston Celtics. My first record of sports writing wished that Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson had kicked the butts of Larry … Read more


IMPARTING WISDOM > GIVING ADVICE Imparting wisdom is like baking a delicious dish, taking it to a potluck, and leaving it on the table with a serving spoon next to it amidst the other dishes. Imparting wisdom is inviting. It is intriguing. The choice of whether or not to try to the dish is left … Read more