Best Bakeries In Houston For Bread & Treats

If you are craving cakes, cookies, or pies, the best bakery in Houston will satisfy your cravings. These baked goods range from kolaches and croissants to conchas and red bean buns. Every cookie, cupcake, pastry, or bread brings more memories to you.

Visit the following top bakeries in Houston and enjoy their pastries straight from the hot ovens.

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1. Moeller’s Bakery

This longstanding old-school hideaway has served your custom cakes and cookies since 1930. Moeller’s Bakery offers great cakes and pieces of bread shaped like everything from pumpkins to log cabins and igloos. Their favorite retro cookies are iced to nine in shapes like flowers and sesame street characters.

Have some custom cakes in its petite fours, cinnamon rolls, and theme cakes. They also specialize in wedding cakes with different flavors. You can order they’re incredible cakes for your event or birthdays at an affordable price.

Address: 4201 Bellaire, Houston, TX 77401

Bakery In Houston - Moeller's Bakery
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2. Fluff Bake Bar

Fluff Bake Bar was founded by Rebecca Masson, serving far-out French flavors. This Bakery is about inventive treats made from healthy flavors. They have a lot of ideal cakes considered for desserts or takeaways.

The Veruca Salt Cake is made with devil’s food cake and salted with caramel buttercream. Enjoy their Booty Call Brownie with chocolate chip cookie dough and golden graham crunch. If you want something special, order the Couch Potato Cookie made with marshmallows, pretzels, and potato chips.

Address: 314 Gray St, Houston, TX 77002

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3. Tiny Milk and Cookies

Tiny Milk and Cookies are a dessert destination with its ideal chocolate chip cookies. It is popularly known for its tasty, different kinds of cookies. They have chocolate cookies, sugar cookies, and frozen cookie dough for you to bake at home.

Tiny Milk offers you great varieties of almond croissants, turnovers, blueberry scones, and donuts. They are tasty, chewy, and crunchy, leaving you wanting more. So come with friends and celebrate the incredible baked goods.

Address: 3636 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005

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4. Three Brothers Bakery

This Bakery has won the hearts of pastries lovers over generations. Three Brothers Bakery has been known for its Jewish-style baked goods in Houston. There is much to love here, including cake pops, cupcakes, and pumpecapple pie cake.

They have specialty bread like egg and rye from the Jucker family’s Polish roots. Enjoy their Kaiser Rolls, coffee cakes, pecan pie, bagels, and gingerbread.

Address: 4036 S Braeswood Blvd. Houston, TX 77025

Bakery In Houston - Three Brothers Bakery
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5. La Sicilia Italian Bakery and Café

La Sicilia is headed by pastry chef Diego Chiarello whose inspiration comes from other cultures and flavors. Here you will find Italian baked products like cannolis and cornettos both for breakfast and lunch options.

With its culinary creativity, La Sicilia has topped as the best Bakery in Houston. Their famous briochella is a mixture of croissants, ciambella and brioche. It is shallow fried with flaky consistency and saltiness inside. Also, enjoy selections of strawberry cheesecakes, Oreo cheesecakes, pancakes, French toast, and ciabatta sandwiches.

Address: 515 Westheimer Rd Suite C, Houston, TX 77006

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6. El Bolillo Bakery

El Bolillo has the largest chain of bakeshops from Houston to Pasadena. It is an authentic Mexican bakery bringing you baked goods prepared with Mexican ingredients. Choose an array of goods from pan dulce, chocolate Abuelita, churros, and more.

El Bolillo has over 31 pastries, including empanadas, sweet bread conchas, and cocadas. You can have concha, a light airy sweet bread roll topped with sugary shell. Remember to order their popular creamy tres leches cake, one of the city’s classics. The total cost of these delicious goodies is arguably $13.25

Address: 2421 S Wayside Dr, Houston, TX 77023

El Bolillo Bakery
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7. Common Bond Café and Bakery

Common Bond Café is the best bakery in Houston, spreading its sweetness in pastries throughout the city. This chic café uses top-notch bread while preparing most of its specialties. At this Montrose spot you will enjoy croissants, kouign-amann and baguette.

Find delicious desserts like turtle brownies, macarons, and sugared brioche. Common Bond delivers pieces of bread with staples plus sunflower rye, olive walnut, and German three-grain loaves.

Address: 1706 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

Common Bond Café and Bakery
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8. La Table

La Table is a fine French Bakery making the finest Francais treats. They have a beautiful setting with hand-painted tiles and a dining spot to enjoy your pastries. Baguettes, tarts, and macarons await here, both savory and sweet.

Their muffins, croissants, cookies, and Danishes are a must-try. They usually open by 6 a.m., so you can purchase your favorite treat while headed to work.

Address: 1800 Post Oak Blvd Ste 6110, Houston, TX 77056

La Table
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9. Red Dessert Dive

Jessica Lusk designed this Bakery and named it after her grandmother, who loved pastry. Red Dessert Dive spins on bakery staples of chocolate croissants, chive kolaches, bourbon caramel sauce, and bread pudding.

Their delicious signature cakes include Debusker. It is yummy, with one side of a dark chocolate brownie and the other part of the M and M cookie. Red Dessert combines classic baked goods with locally roasted coffee, beer, or wine.

Address: 1045 Studewood St, Houston, TX 77008

Red Dessert Dive
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10. Sinfull Vegan Bakery

Sinfull Bakery has been serving vegan delights with a lot of deliciousness for 12 years. Most of the cakes and pieces of bread are topped with vegan spins. The warm bun is filled with vegan spins of chorizo, bacon, egg, and cheese.

All their products are made from scratch with artificial flavorings and preservatives. Enjoy their kolache assortment or pop tarts of chocolate cheesecake with candied pecans. They also have non-vegan options of pies, cookies, bread, and bars.

Address: 1714 Webster St, Houston, TX 77003

Sinfull Vegan Bakery
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Many things are delicious, but the aroma of freshly baked bread is incredible. Houston has a lot of bakeries where you can have your favorites or, better still, discover others. Most cakes, cookies, bread, and croissants are made from scratch with tasty flavors. So pick your best Bakery, visit them or place an order and enjoy.

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