8 Whimsical Jazz Clubs In Houston: Perfect For A Night Out

Houston is particularly popular for live Jazz and nightlife. Jazz music has unique improvisation and rhythms, bringing you back to the early twentieth century. Houston Jazz Clubs have a large, enthusiastic audience enjoying a great music scene. The clubs play Jazz from different cultures with great sound influence. In addition, jazz clubs have a storied musical history with contemporary famous jazz artists. So whether you are new to Houston, booking for gigging tour, or a jazz fan finding a place to enjoy yourself, the following are the best jazz clubs you can visit.

1. Ovations Night Club

best Jazz clubs in Houston - Ovations Night Club
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Ovations is touted as the best jazz club in Houston, with long-term history and support of live music. The founder Frank Tilton hires both local and international jazz artists for you to enjoy different performances from different artists. Ovations give you an amazing time of Spanish Jazz with the father of the genre Jorge Pardo from Madrid.

Nights are filled with thrill from this upscale supper club giving you a respectful audience. Jazz in this club is of top quality, with dining tables surrounding the stage where you can hear the baby grand pianos well.

Address: 2536 Times Blvd B, Houston, TX 77005

Phone: +1 713-522-9801

2. Sambuca

best Jazz clubs in Houston - Sambuca
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Sambuca is a home for classic jazz artists with live music. The plenty evenings are filled with bluesy jazz guitars and a smooth level of entertainment that will keep you coming back. Sambuca is Houston’s rocking club giving you live Jazz seven nights a week.

It has sleek modern décor giving you a modernized version of an old-school supper club. The classic listening rooms are well equipped, giving you mesmerizing experiences. Sambuca Jazz Club is known for its serious commitment to jazz playing compiled genres of the early nineteenth and twentieth century.

Address: 909 Texas Ave, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: +1 713-224-5299

3. Cafe 4212

best Jazz clubs in Houston - Cafe 4212
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Café 4212 offers you a unique combination of quiet to loud Jazz. Café 4212 is a fantastic hangout venue with different memorable experiences. It is always packed to capacity hosting top artists from New Orleans and Houston’s Urban Professionals.

Café 4212 is the newest addition to the Houston jazz scene, with Saturdays filled with entertainment from amazing live jazz bands. The Jazz here is always loud and crowded. At Café 4212, you only spend $7 for endless night entertainment. In addition, the jazz club holds free jazz concerts during Houston Jazz Festival.

Address: 4212 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77004

Phone: +1 832-623-7476

4. Phil and Derek’s

Phil and Derek's
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If you are a jazz enthusiast, Phil and Derek’s jazz club is the place for you. Here you will enjoy paramount spots for jazz influencers with smooth fusion sounds. Performers like saxophonist Kyle Turner and vocalist Frank Macomb establish musical destinations for jazz fans. In addition, Phil and Derek’s jazz club inspires mature and fun-loving jazz patrons to swing and shimmy on the dance floor.

You will spend wonderful nights that are worth remembering. The unique thing about Phil and Derek’s Jazz Club is that the $24 you pay is not only for Jazz; you will also be treated with drinks. Phil and Derek’s Wednesdays are fulfilling with night open mic to beat until the wee hours of the morning perfectly.

Address: 1701 Webster St, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: +1 281-501-3261

5. Fedora Lounge

Fedora Lounge
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Are you in the mood for some relaxing quality time with friends? Visit Fedora Lounge, where Jazz is the lounge’s main genre with speakeasy style and atmosphere. Fedora Lounge Jazz Club creates a quiet ambiance with magnified Jazz on a weeknight to get you going. The interior walls of Fedora have framed pictures of jazz legends for music exploration.

Apart from the Olive Garden-style Sinatra jazz, you will enjoy a variety of 1940s-era Jazz. As a jazz purist looking to enhance your iTunes collection, Fedora Lounge is a great choice. Plus, you won’t even notice the time flying by with the sounds of lively live music.

Address: 2726 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005, United States

Phone: +1 832-581-3232

6. Cezanne

best Jazz clubs in Houston - Cezanne
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Update: This jazz club is now permanently closed.

Cezanne is a top jazz club with champion local players, including Bob Henschen, David Craig, and legendary vibraphonist Harry Sheppard. The Cezanne Jazz Club is owned and managed by Witt, a veteran musician, and a teacher in Jazz. It has an intimate listening room with a seating capacity of 120, which creates an amazing experience for performers just some feet away.

The club offers a musical atmosphere for you to enjoy Jazz from famous artists with delectable drinks. During Friday and Saturday nights, experience electrifying music from popular bigger online profiles like trombonist singer Aubrey Logan.

Address: 500 Louisiana St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: +1 713 522 9621

7. Red Cat Jazz Café

best Jazz clubs in Houston - Red Cat Jazz Café
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Update: This jazz club is now permanently closed.

Red Cat Jazz Café is a nice quaint spot, especially if you are a jazz neophyte. This black-owned jazz club in Houston has a seductively curled red sign of a cat to direct you so you cannot miss it. While inside Red Cat Jazz Café, you are welcomed into the world of Jazz by Fitzgerald and Armstrong.

In this café, you will enjoy a music appreciation class where all jazz genres are played daily, some from derivatives of improvisational music. So book your seat as early as 6:00 pm on weekends and have good times.

Address: 715 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002-1612

Phone: +1 713 489-0737

8. The Horn

The Horn
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Update: This jazz club is now permanently closed.

Spend your weekends doing something sizzling and fun. The Horn Jazz Club is a venue for high-energy jazz performances to enlighten your mood. It is a 70-foot-tall saxophone with a superb establishment to compliment the nature of Jazz.

Live jazz bands have masterful performances, with patrons packing the dance floor. The warm, inviting atmosphere has an authentic platform for you to enjoy slow to rocking Jazz. The Horn has popular musicians rich in musical culture to likening yourself to the past decade.

Address: 6025 Richmond Ave Houston, TX 77057

Phone: +1 713-266-8711


In Summary, Houston has great connections from Jazz performing legendary with worldwide fame. So whether you are looking for a venue to celebrate your special occasion or in the mood for jazz night, make sure to visit one of the clubs. The performances are delightful, and you will go home with a happy heart.

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