15 Top Spots For Late Night Food In Houston

Everyone in Houston likes good 24-hour meals, regardless of the time you visit a restaurant. There are more late-night food alternatives in Houston than ever before, giving you more options than before. 

This list includes just about every type of establishment, from taquerias to steakhouses, food courts to burger places. Since different individuals define late night differently, some of these late-night Houston eateries are open until midnight while others stay open until 4 am.

1. Katz’s Deli 

late night food in Houston - Katz’s Deli 
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Hours: 24 hours 

Located in Westheimer, this wonderful restaurant offers 24-hour service

At Katz’s, where the catchphrase “Katz’s never kloses” is effectively used, there is no such thing as too late. Instead, many deli favorites are available, including Reuben and French dip sandwiches, matzo ball soup, steak and pasta dinners, all-day breakfast, brunch, and a wide selection of drinks like margaritas, wines, and more. 

You will savor the elegant New York Cheesecakes whenever you visit the restaurant. 

2. Mai’s Restaurant 

late night food in Houston - Mai’s Restaurant 
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Hours: Mon – Thurs ’til 3 am; Fri – Sat ’til 4 am 

This famous Milam restaurant in Midtown is well-known for serving authentic Vietnamese cuisine late at night. Mai’s is open until 3 am on Mondays through Thursdays, and on Fridays and Saturdays, it’s open until 4 am. 

 The restaurant opened with a bang, serving plenty of pho, lotus root salad, stir-fried tofu vermicelli, curry chicken wings, and more. Mai’s is a need after a long night of Main Street bar hopping

3. Pho Binh by Night 

late night food in Houston - Pho Binh by Night 
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Hours: Fri & Sat ’til 3am; Weekdays ’til 12 am 

When ordering a bowl of pho at midnight from a restaurant with the phrase “by night” in its name, it’s difficult to go wrong. One of the city’s most popular Vietnamese restaurants, Pho Binh By Night, serves its traditional pho till long after dinner. 

Pho Binh honors late-night diners by shutting at midnight on Sundays through Thursdays and staying open until the early hours of 3 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays. This establishment’s name’s “by night” element is taken quite literally. 

Pho Binh is renowned for more than just its long hours. Some of the tastiest pho in Houston can be found there, particularly the dry chicken pho, which comes with all the fixings and the broth on the side, and the bone marrow pho, which is shared.

4. Spanish Flowers 

late night food in Houston - Spanish Flowers 
Image Credit: spanishflowersrestaurants.com

Hours: Fri & Sat open 24 hrs; Weekdays ‘til late night.

This is one Mexican restaurant where you should reserve a table. If you haven’t indulged in a late-night dish of cheese enchiladas at this Heights institution, which has been feeding locals since 1979, you aren’t truly a Houstonian. 

A bowl of Menudo at midnight will cure your ills, while creamy mole poblano, chiles Rellenos, and traditional Tex-Mex breakfast dishes satisfy you at any time. 

Their Main Street store is open 24 hours a day on Friday and Saturday, and there are additional late-night hours during the week. On the weekends, the outlet on the North Freeway is open until two in the morning. 

5. BB’s Tex-Orleans 

late night food in Houston - BB’s Tex-Orleans
Image Credits: bbstexorleans.com

Hours: Sun-Wed ‘til 3 am; Thur – Sat ‘til 4 am 

Late into the night, BB’s Tex-Orleans serves up its Cajun food with a Texas twist. If you’re among the late-night crowd, go to the Montrose location without a doubt. Sunday through Wednesday, it is open until 3 am, and Thursday through Saturday, it is open until 4 am. 

Discover classics of the French Quarter, including po’ boys, gumbo, fried shrimp, and crawfish by the pound. With BB’s boil menu, you may customize your late-night boil by selecting your seafood or meat, then adding sausage, vegetables, and dipping sauce. Locals adhere to one unbreakable rule: You must get the Tex-Cajun Virgin fries covered in roast beef, gravy, and chile con queso. 

6. House of Pies 

late night food in Houston - House of Pies 
Image Credits: facebook.com/houseofpiesrestaurants

Hours: Open 24 hours 

House of Pies is a charming, cheerfully designed, family-run bakery and café where you may savor a small portion of heaven on earth in the form of baked goodies. It’s in Wertheimer’s Kirby neighborhood. 

This late-night landmark serves up traditional diner fare every hour of every day, drawing crowds of insomniacs. So whether you want to dive in for dessert, breakfast, lunch, or dinner, or you prefer to make yourself at home at either House of Pies. 

They take great pleasure in their handcrafted, fresh pies and cakes created the old-fashioned way without any additions or preservatives. 

7. El Ray Taqueria 

late night food in Houston - El Ray Taqueria 
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Hours: Thurs – Sat ’til 3 am; Mon-Wed ’til midnight (+ Sun ’til 10 pm)

Essentially, this Mexican and Cuban classic never turns out the lights. The eateries are spread out over Houston in different locations. 

They are open till midnight from Monday through Wednesday and until three in the morning from Thursday through Saturday. You can eat delectable dishes like ropa vieja tortas, salmon salad, and Cuban sandwiches. 

8. Ninja Ramen 

Ninja Ramen 
Image Credit: thrillist.com

Hours: Fri & Sat ‘til 3 am; Sun – Thur ‘til 2 am 

This locally owned noodle shop in Washington doubles as an industry hotspot due to its extended late-night hours. 

Discover unusual yet delicious foods with Ninja Ramen. A good last stop after a night out, they serve a small but strong menu of hot bowls of ramen, mazeman, brothless “ramen” in a cream sauce, aburamen, spicy garlic “oil noodles,” spam musubi, and ice cream. Innumerable television shows are available for your amusement while you eat there. 

9. Dot Coffee Shop 

Dot Coffee Shop 
Image Credits: dotcoffeeshop.com

Hours: Open 24 hours

Since 1967, Dots Coffee Shop has been serving traditional and handcrafted comfort meals. It has a stellar reputation for its delicious chicken fried steak, which has been dubbed some of the best in town. 

Among its other top-selling items are beautiful desserts, all-day breakfast, French toast, two-egg breakfasts, biscuits, pot roast, and a ton of pie. Hence, allow space for those. Particularly the coconut cream pie they are a must-try. 

Every day, they make their meals and desserts from scratch, utilizing high-quality ingredients and blending distinctive flavors. 

10. The Burger Joint 

The Burger Joint 
Image credit: burgerjointhtx.com

Hours: Fri & Sat ‘til 4 am; Sun – Thur ‘til 12 am 

Montrose’s neighborhood bar provides a good excuse to stay up late. With their broad assortment of delights, you are spoiled for choice. From Sunday through Thursday, this neighborhood restaurant serves juicy patties sandwiched between delectable buns until midnight. 

If that’s not enough, on Fridays and Saturdays, you can chow down on a hand-crafted burger made from Texas meat until 4 a.m. The Texas beef handcrafted burger, hand-cut fries, sweet potato fries, and single and double patties are available late at night.

11. Velvet Taco 

Velvet Taco 
Image Credit: facebook.com/VelvetTaco

Hours: Thur ‘til 3 am; Fri & Sat ‘til 4 am; Sun-Wed ‘til 1 am

The Westheimer eatery serves food till late at night. This taqueria keeps things interesting with great hours and is dedicated to bringing a new spin on traditional Tex-Mex appetizers. 

On Sunday through Wednesday, they are open until 1:00 am; on Thursday, they are open until 3:00 am; and on Friday and Saturday, they are open until 4:00 am. Tacos with curry mayo, shredded pork, and slow-roasted Angus brisket are just a few delicious options you can choose from. 

12. Cartina Barba 

Cartina Barba 
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Hours: Fri & Sat ‘til 3 am; Sun – Thur ‘til 2 am 

This Mexican hideaway, which is on North Main, allows you to enjoy your late-night meals. Tacos and late hours are inextricably linked, especially at Cantina Barba in the Heights, which is open every day until at least two in the morning. 

You get to sample some novel yet wonderful foods and savor some of the best burgers in town. Along with traditional tacos such al pastor and barbacoa, breakfast tacos are available all day, and birria tacos are served every Monday. 

Making a weekend stop? Mijo Mezcal Bar, located in a nearby shipping container next to Cantina Barba, is open from Thursday through Saturday until 2 a.m for some enjoyable food.

13. BB Butchers 

BB Butchers 
Image credit: facebook.com/BBButchers

Hours: Tue – Wed ‘till 11 pm; Thur – Sat ‘til midnight 

The Washington Avenue Steakhouse, the greatest beef in Houston, is another name for B&B Butchers. The restaurant is among the few places authorized to serve authentic Kobe steaks from Japan. 

You can always find more delectable options on the menu at B&B Butchers, such as the succulent lamb rack with herb crust. In addition, you can tuck into a hearty 22-ounce bone-in rib eye and Chef Tommy’s Bacon, drizzled in honey, and topped with a crumbled bleu cheese. 

On Tuesdays and Wednesdays, they typically stay until 11 p.m., which is a respectable time for a weeknight to service their diverse clientele. 

14. Conservatory Food Hall & Beer Garden 

Conservatory Food Hall & Beer Garden 
Image Credit: facebook.com/conservatoryhtx

Hours: Fri & Sat ‘til 3 am; Mon – Thur ‘til midnight

Houston’s first underground restaurant and beer garden is a late-night fantasy for the downtown bar-hoppers. Yet, the original Houston food hall, jam-packed with changing restaurants, hardly ever receives credit for starting the craze sweeping The Bayou City. 

However, this underground eatery and beer garden is a reliable staple of neighborhood vendors. 

Diners may travel the world while eating by trying the crunchy crêpes at Melange Creperie, the tzatziki-slathered lamb gyros at Myth Kafe, the build-your-own poke bowls at Moku Bar, the smoky brisket plates and pulled pig tacos at El Burro & the Bull, and more. 

Most weekdays until midnight and until 2 a.m. on the weekends, the 60-tap wall of craft beers and wines adds to the celebration (food is available until 3 a.m.).

15. Frank’s Pizza 

Frank’s Pizza 
Image Credit: facebook.com/Frankspizzatx

Hours: Fri & Sat ‘til 3 am; Thur ‘til 1 am

Houstonians will always be able to rely on Frank’s Pizza for their late-night pizza requirements. At Frank’s, both barhoppers and night owls may tuck into a hot, cheesy piece or perhaps an entire pie. 

Frank’s is the best place for late-night meals like pizza, wings, burgers, and salads. They stay open until three in the morning on Fridays, Saturdays, and Thursdays. During these hours, they also provide late-night food delivery! 

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