10 Yummy Waffles and Wings In Houston

What can be better than a crispy, buttery waffle with crisp fried wings sitting on top? For us, not much. Not so long ago, we didn’t understand the combination of waffles and wings until we had them ourselves, and now we can’t get enough of them. So, after our first taste, we made it our mission to find the best waffles and wings in Houston. 

We scoured menus for waffles and wings, and we ate and ate and ate. And, when we couldn’t eat one more, we consulted with our taste buds and came up with Just Vibe Houston’s best waffles and wings in Houston.

The Story of Waffles and Wings

Eating is wonderful, but knowing the history behind what you are eating makes the experience even more enjoyable. We are all about the story, so we dug into some research to find out the story behind waffles and wings. This phenomenon began with pulled chicken and gravy served on top of waffles by the Pennsylvania Dutch, but it was 1938 when the dish we eat today with a crispy chicken sitting on top of a crispy waffle came to be.

It was the Harlem Renaissance, and Joseph T. Wells, owner of Wells Supper Club on Adam Clayton Powell Boulevard, had leftover fried chicken from his dinner service, and instead of letting it go to waste, he would serve it up to his late night and early morning Jazz musicians and customers on top of crispy waffles. 

The combination of savory and sweet was an instant hit, and the version of waffles and wings we eat today was born.

The Best Waffles And Wings In Houston

Houston has been declared the best city to dine in America for years because its residents eat out more often than in other states. This trend is encouraged by the city’s mouth-watering cuisines, so if you can’t replicate the yummy recipes at home, the best thing is to eat out. When exploring these Houston foods, here are the best joints where you can order waffles and wings. 

1. The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub waffles and wings in Houston
Image source: The Breakfast Klub on Instagram

Location: 3711 Travis Street at Alabama Houston, TX 77002

Marcus Davis is famous for his signature dish of waffles and wings, and for good reason. Tasty, delicious, mouth-watering and down-home feel-good food. They sell a powerful golden and sweet Belgian waffle with six chicken wings plus a fresh strawberry on top.

The restaurant is voted one of the best places to get breakfast in the country and also sells the best beverages like good Houston coffee, tea, and more. 

2. Taste Bar and Kitchen

Taste Bar and Kitchen chicken and waffles in Houston
Image source: houston.eater.com

Location: 3015 Bagby Street, Houston, TX 77006

This restaurant was started to provide Houston’s foodies with a taste of their favorite tried-and-true treats, one of which is the wings and waffles dish. Their chicken can be roasted or Cajun-flavored, with many other variations. It is served with a thick Belgian waffle of your choosing from sweet offerings like Red Velvet, Spiced Butter Pecan, and Banana Nut. Of course, if you have a vegan friend, this restaurant has an interesting ‘chicken’ and waffle option for them too! 

3. Katz’s Deli and Bar

3. Katz's Deli and Bar best wings in Houston
Image source: katzsneverkloses.com

Location: 616 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

This Deli offers you servings of super-delicious wings and waffles 24/7. This New York-style spot serves three locations in greater Houston and is well-known for offering remarkable South Side cuisine. Their Belgian waffles are hand-made, and their combination with fried wings is guaranteed to take your breath away. 

4. Jus’ Mac

Jus' Mac best waffles and wings in Houston
Image source: onlyinyourstate.com

Location: 106 Westheimer, Houston Tx 77057

This restaurant is perfect when you need a creative offer of your best waffles and wings. With three locations across the city, this diner has a diverse menu where they serve the most prominent foods in the city, including the best mac and cheese

Their Belgian, scratch-made waffles come with four whole wings topped with sugar, whipped cream, and syrup. If you want to make things a little interesting, you could also get your serving with mac and cheese, fruits, and other yummy treats.

5. Lucille’s

Image source: Lucille’s on Instagram

Location: 5512 La Branch St, Houston, TX 77004

When exploring the amazing City of Houston, Lucilles is a great restaurant to stop by for several reasons. First, they serve the yummiest waffles and wings, a dish with sweet potato waffles and fried chicken wings, then topped with fresh chili and pecan-infused maple syrup.

Secondly, the restaurant is strategically placed in the Houston Museum District, making it the perfect joint to grab a meal as you explore the city for history and even natural science subjects. After a long day, you will also love cooling down with Lucille’s happy hour offers.

6. Grace’s on Kirby

Image source: houstoniamag.com

Location: 3111 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Say Grace every time you eat the food at Grace’s, but since they added brunch, it gives an extra reason to head over there. The waffles and wings plates, served with Belgian waffles plus Southern-fried chicken wings and syrup, are fantastic. Even better, getting seated on a weeknight when you are exhausted and cannot wait to dig in is super-fast! 

7. Alfreda’s Soul Food Restaurant

Image source: tripadvisor

Location: 5101 Almeda Rd Houston, TX 77004

If you are looking to explore the best places in Houston, pay a visit to Alfreda’s Soul Food Restaurant. Besides yummy and affordable waffles and wings offers, this restaurant has been in operation since 1964. It is one of the longest-standing soul food restaurants in the city, and as a family-owned business, they have more menus and impeccable service than you can imagine. 

8. Tout Suite

Image source: chron.com

Location: 2001 Commerce Houston, Texas 77002

Holy cow, these waffles and wings are delicious. They have some added heat, and the chicken is fried to perfection. The portions are large, so go hungry. Besides the waffles and wings, this restaurant is also strategically placed in East Downtown, not to mention it is in a serene environment where you can study or get work done as you enjoy some good food and drinks.

9. Hearsay Gastro Lounge

Hearsay Gastro Lounge best chicken in Houston
Image source: usarestaurants.info

Location: 218 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002-1717

When you need a place to chill as you enjoy your waffles and wings, Hearsay is the restaurant to visit. From the minute you enter the space, you discover a peaceful and ambient environment where you can work, study, or even decompress with friends. 

Hearsay’s is served with a Belgian waffle and crispy, fried chicken wings and topped with buttered maple syrup. You can additionally enjoy a wide variety of drinks to go with your meal, including coffee and tea, and you can also go for a glass of wine or margarita

10. Adair’s Kitchen 

Image source: adairkitchen.com

Location:  5161 San Felipe, Suite 390 Houston, TX 77056

For waffles and wings for breakfast or dinner, Adair Kitchen serves them up with powdered sugar sprinkled on top, which adds a subtle sweetness to the chicken, which is tender, moist and juicy. Adair’s Kitchen also has the kind of ambiance that your friends and family will find delightful as you enjoy your treats. 

11. Wafflez-N-Creamz

Image source: usarestaurants.info

Location: 12100 Veterans Memorial Dr. Ste B Houston, TX 77067

If you are looking for a cool place to get your waffles and wings, the Wafflez-N-Creamz restaurant along Veterans Memorial Drive is a great joint to explore the best menu. Their dish comes with an 8-inch waffle served with several chicken wings of choice. You will also get sweet toppings and dips to enjoy your treat. 

12. Jupiter Pizza and Waffles

Image source: chron.com

Location: 16135 City Walk, Sugar Land, TX 77479

Jupiter, being not only famous for Pizza but for Waffles as well, is also in the running to provide you with the finest, most unique wings and waffles dish. You can choose among the Southern Belle, Morning, or French waffle varieties with your spicy, crunchy chicken. Even better, you get a side of sweet ice cream! 

13. The Waffle Bus

13. The Waffle Bus best waffles and wings in Houston
Image source: houston.culturemap.com

Location: 1835 N Shepherd Dr. Suite A, Houston, TX 77008

The Waffle Bus is especially famous among UH students and alumni for its unbeatable food, especially the chicken and waffles that have been described as the ‘crowd-pleaser.’ The former food truck is now a full-fledged restaurant that you can visit at any time for your favorite treat.

Their dish is presented as buttermilk fried chicken sandwiched between hot, buttery Belgian waffles that you can have coated in a sauce of your choosing. Many have preferred the spicy mayo, Buffalo ranch, or the ancho chile honey. 

14. The Moonshiners Southern Table and Bar

The Moonshiners Southern Table and Bar best waffles and chicken wings in Houston
Image source: zomato.com

Location: 1000 Prairie St (Main), Houston, TX

Visit this unique eatery if you want to take a break from the restaurant’s ambiance. We included it in the lineup because their chicken and waffle portions are big enough for you and a friend. The two Belgian waffles are topped with spicy chicken wings to be enjoyed with a whiskey-infused syrup, blackberry chutney, or butter.

15. Frank’s Grill

Frank's Grill best wings in Houston
Image source: usarestaurants.com

Location: 12225 Westheimer Rd Houston, TX 77077

You need to visit Frank’s Grill to get a taste of what good Houston service is. Their waffles and wings dish is one of the best in the city and comes quite affordably. The 7-inch Belgian waffle is served with six pieces of fried wings, and you get to choose a topping of choice.


We always find it sad when restaurants we enjoy have closed their doors, but that doesn’t mean we still can’t shout out. So tell us where you think are the best waffles and wings in the city in the comments, and please share our video!

Featured image source: goodtaste.tv

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