Best Pizza in Houston: 16 Delicious Picks

What can be more comforting and appealing than a slice of cheesy, meaty pizzas from your favorite spot at an affordable price? Luckily, Houston is booming with pizza places where they go from late-night hangs and family dinner destinations to solid Wednesday-night pizzerias.

Some of the best pizza flavors in Houston are pulled pork, sauteed veggies, and barbecue chicken. Check out our shortlisted best pizza places in Houston that offer nothing but classic delicious pizzas.

1. Brother’s Pizzeria

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Brother’s Pizzeria
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Address: 320 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018

Phone: (713) 692-2020

For over four decades, brother’s pizzeria has been offering one of the best big apple-inspired pizzas in Garden Oaks. Their pies will leave your mouth watery after the taste of its 18 inches slice, having toppings of meatballs, hamburger, salami, and anchovies.

Also, their thin-crust pizza should flip you up with its descent facsimile. The best thing about this place is that they satisfy their customers’ desires, whether it is an extra cheese or artichokes you want. They are fully loaded with pizza varieties like pepperoni, black olives, mushrooms, hamburger, green peppers, and cheese.

2. Coltivare Pizza & Garden

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Coltivare Pizza & Garden
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Address: 3320 White Oak Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (713)637-4095, (832)0203-7890

At Coltivare pizza and garden, you will enjoy various Italian meals, entrees, and snacks. They make their pizzas by combining various iconic ingredients to make rich and delicious flavors. The pizzas have everything from goat cheese and grilled green onions to ricotta cheese and pine nuts. Also, at an additional cost, you can have special toppings.

It would be best if you tried their chicken pizza. It is served with prosciutto, fresh sage, and fresh tomato, then garnished with Saba. However, if you want something more traditional, you should consider their pepperoni pie topped with tomato sauce, parmesan, and mozzarella.

3. Frank’s Pizza

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Frank’s Pizza
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Address: 417 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713)225-5656

It is synonymous late night eats located in an area with downtown’s busiest bars. For so many decades, this place always prepares its own dough and sauce daily. They serve up to 18 inches of tangy cheese pie.

4. Vinny’s

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Vinny’s
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Address: 1201 St Emanuel, St Houston, TX 77003

Phone: (713) 750-9433

If you love crust pizza, then this EaDo destination is your place. They make their pizza dough thick, a bready solid base with meats, veggies, and cheese as the toppings. For as low as $11, you will get to enjoy a yummy pizza combo meal.

Vinny’s place is known to serve New York-style pizza, salads, and one of the best sandwiches. You should visit this place and try their chicken and bacon ranch-style pizza. It is made with charcoal-grilled chicken, bacon, and red pepper and topped with parsley and ranch dressing.

5. Romano’s Pizza

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Romano’s Pizza
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Address: 1528 w Gray St, Houston, TX 77019

Phone: (713) 526-1182

Romano’s pizza inn has dozens of pizza flavors and styles, from classic New York to Sicilian square deep-dish pizza. It is amazing how they even allow you to add up to four classic toppings to your New York-style pizza without additional cost.

They also have three chef specialties with unique flavors that will beat your expectations. Their best pizza is the pollo special, which has grilled chicken, fresh garlic, and tomato toppings. Also, you can try the margarita pizza with ham, fresh mozzarella, basil, garlic, tomatoes, and olive oil base.

6. The Gypsy Poet

Best Pizza Places in Houston - The Gypsy Poet
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Address: 24040 Austin St, Houston, TX 77004

Phone: (281) 888-8663

This is a cool little café that was opened in 2021 in Houston, midtown Austin Street. It is run by a Venezuelan pastry chef Vanessa Fernandez. She is a pizza queen as she makes superb pies. Her way of making dough is amusing; she leaves it to ferment for about 48-72 hours. This way, they become very thin, springy, and sturdy enough to hold more toppings.

She uses coaster-size pepperoni which she uses to cover the entire surface area of the pies. She spices the pepperonis adequately and adds some honey to sweeten them. Therefore, if you need pepperonis, they can be added to the pie of your choice.

7. Bollo Woodfired Pizza

Bollo Woodfired Pizza
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Address: 2202 W Alabama St A, Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (713) 677-0391

The menu of Bollo woodfire pizza contains many food options, including salads, pasta dishes, pizzas, and appetizers. In addition, they have pizza options like white sauce, myriad toppings, and red marinara. One of their finest pizza flavors is the Diavolo, which has buffalo mozzarella, spicy salami, and crushed red pepper.

8. Luigi’s Pizzeria

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Luigi’s Pizzeria
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Address: 3700 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77004

Phone: (281) 793-3333

This place is located at Axelrad beer garden in midtown. Some of their specialties include; Margaritas, Mexican with fajita meat, and Pico de gallo. A piece of pizza from Luigi’s pizzeria is about 16 inches.

9. Luna Pizzeria

Luna Pizzeria
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Address: 3435 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (832) 767-6338

Luna pizzeria has various delicious options that allow you to choose either custom or signature pizzas flavors. Apart from pizzas, they offer salads, sweets, drinks, and sandwiches. Please do not leave without trying their mushroom pizza with three types of mushrooms, spinach, oyster, and whipped ricotta cheese.

10. Star Pizza

Star Pizza
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Address: 2111 Norfolk St, Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (713) 523-0800

This place is known for its trademark house-crafted pizzas that many people customize with their desired toppings. One of their specialties is the salsa Verde cowbell, apple cinnamon dessert pizza. You can also try their starburst pizza, which includes ground beef, pepperoni, onion, mushroom, green peppers, and Italian sausage.

11. Betelgeuse Betelgeuse

Betelgeuse Betelgeuse
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Address: 2101 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (713)640-5220

This famous cocktail bar was named after a red supergiant star called “beetle juice, beetle juice.”  They produce cheesy crispy-crusted pizzas baked using a cast iron pan. Their pepps pizza is made with pepperoni that is naturally cased. They do both classics and Alpha Centauri for the cheese pizza with house-made sausage and sautéed peppers.

12. Tiny Champions

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Tiny Champions
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Address: 2617 McKinney St, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: (713)485-5329

The tiny champion will always come through when it comes to those imaginative pizza flavors you desire. It was the founder of Nancy’s hustle. They have varieties like fennel sausage and anchovy filet, among others. A piece of their pizza is about 14 inches.

13. Love Buzz Pizza Pub

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Love Buzz Pizza Pub
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Address: 408 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: (713)521-2899

Love buzz is a multipurpose place where it is both a pizza parlor and a dive bar. They have brunch pizza like bright blue pizza made from bacon and sunny side eggs. Also, you can get 15 more pizzas flavors from their menu. Their Quattro fourcheesio is very sweet and made with mozzarella, Romano, herbed ricotta, and provolone. A spitting venom topping mix of jalapenos, habaneras, bacon, chipotle honey, roasted chicken, and lemon is added.

14. Capone’s Oven & Bar

Best Pizza Places in Houston - Capone’s Oven & Bar
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Address: 2303 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (832) 767-1794

This place is named after Al Capone, an Italian mobster. Their menu includes salads, classic Italian desserts, and pasta entrees. But, when it comes to pizza, Capone oven and bar make the best Italian classics and native cheese and pepperoni pizza.

One of their best pieces is the Neapolitan option. It has fresh spinach, mushrooms, mozzarella, tomato sauce, and goat cheese. However, goat cheese is bitter and may not be used in many pizzas.

15. Antonio’s Flying Pizza

Antonio’s Flying Pizza
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Address: 2920 Hillcroft Ave, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: (713)783-6080

This restaurant was founded 52 years ago, and since then, they have been known to make the finest pizzas. They make their pie to be 16 inches with amazing toppings. Do not worry about the combination for your order; their choice will be more than enough. In addition, they have their own signature styles that are very delicious. Some of these are tarfuta and fried calamari.

16. Pink’s Pizza

Pink's Pizza
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Address: 3404 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018

Phone: (713)861-7465

Pink’s pizzas are usually 12-16 inches thick. They have a variety of topping on top of the traditional ones: pepperoni and anchovies. Suppose you are under dietary restriction; this place will give you a dairy-free mozzarella and gluten-free crust.

Pink’s pizza has 8 branches in Houston where you can step in for some delicious bites. Go for their classic Neapolitan pizza, which is highly rated. They make it by adding pecorino Romano, sun-dried tomatoes, and feta cheese.


Best Pizza Places in Houston
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Houston is a vibrant and lively town, and you cannot luck plenty of places with great pizza for you to enjoy. Whether you are a visitor or a local, this pizza spots will have your desires sorted, and some even offer free delivery up to your doorstep.

Do you want homemade cheese, robust toppings, or special bread? When it comes to food options, Houston has more to offer. Therefore, you should explore all the pizza styles you desire while in this city.

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