Savory Crawfish in Houston: 10 Picks

Nothing beats the crawfish season in Houston. Houstonians love their mudbugs, and during crawfish season, many places around the city serve this meal in either Cajun style or with additional Viet-Cajun flavor, which is Houston’s seasoning style.

The official crawfish season runs from January to July, when the weather is warm. At this point, many restaurants will start featuring crawfish on their menus. However, there are few restaurants in town where crawfish is available throughout the year and will always meet your cravings. But, the only difference will be that the Texas mudbug will be boiled from a frozen state rather than the fresh ones you are used to.

Read on to find out some of these popular places around town.

1. Crawfish Shack

Address: 5822 FM 2100, Crosby, TX 77532

Phone: (281) 462-2121

Best Crawfish in Houston - Crawfish Shack
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A thirty-minute drive should not stop you from having the best crawfish around. A plate at crawfish shack comes with corn, sausage, mushrooms, and potatoes. The best part is that the price of crawfish at this place is at market price. So you will get a $1 discount per pound for an order of 20 pounds of crawfish, where a pound costs $8.50.

Also, you can customize your order for a specific seasoning, whether you like it mild or Meaux spicy. Their menu includes crawfish etouffee, chicken-sausage gumbo, shrimp, and boiled snow crabs.

2. Repka’s Grocery

Address: 8481 Buller Rd, Brookshire, TX 77423

Phone: (281)934-4499

Best Crawfish in Houston - Repka’s Grocery
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Repka’s grocery is a sprawling country store founded 30 years ago. Since then, it has been serving crawfish that are well seasoned and boiled, which people take to cook at home. It has a tiny bar and many wooden booths and tables. Their bar and grocery customers were offered crawfish for free in the early days. One of their favorite meals is the crawfish boudin, fried alligator bites, frog legs, and flaky fried crawfish.

3. Boil House

Address: 606 E 11th St, Houston, TX 77008

Phone: (713)880-3999

Boil House
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Are you looking for live crawfish to cook at home or freshly boiled crawfish drenched in spicy butter? Boil house has all this and much more to offer. This drive-thru spot will serve you instantly by just sitting in your car seat. It is always open from Wednesday through Sunday.

4. 88 Boiling Crawfish & Seafood

Address: 1910 Wilcrest Dr, Houston, TX 77042

Phone: (713)789-8288

88 Boiling Crawfish & Seafood
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If you are interested in enjoying seafood at a fair price, this Westchase seafood shack is the ideal place. This place has drawn people from all over the city for its 88 special. 88 special is a seasoned blend of 88 crawfish three times then it is boiled.

If you order a 2-pound crawfish, it comes with one boiled potato, corn on the cob, and your choice of seasoning heat tolerance. They also offer delivery to homes.

5. BB’s Tex-Orleans

Address: 3139 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (713)807-1300

Best Crawfish in Houston - BB’s Tex-Orleans
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This place is very famous in Houston and has multiple branches at different locations. It is a spot visited by Houston-born megastars like Beyonce. Some of their specialties are oysters, boiled crawfish, homemade gumbo, and NOLA-style po’boys.

Crawfish at BB’s Tex-Orleans is seasoned in the Louisiana traditional style, where garlic paste is added to the mix and washed out with a cocktail or some cold beer.

6. Ragin’ Cajun

Address: 4302 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77027or 9600 Westheimer #80, Houston

Phone: (713)623-6321

Ragin’ Cajun
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This is a well-known crawfish destination that has two locations in Houston. In the late 70s, this place is the founder of parking lot crawfish boils which until today the tradition still continues. Some of their specialties are po-boys, jambalaya, and crawfish etouffee.

Regularly you will meet customers lining up to get their bucket of spicy Acadian rice field and crawfish raised in the pond. You will also walk away with a potato and corn for a pound of crawfish.

7. LA Crawfish

Address: 3957 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77027 or 1005 Blalock road, inside 99 Ranch Market, Houston

Phone: (832)767-1533

Best Crawfish in Houston - LA Crawfish
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Here you will get some of the best Asian-inspired mudbugs in Houston. Asian Cajun-style crawfish is a meal you cannot afford to miss. At LA crawfish, there is a variety of seasoning and dipping sauces. They use Cajun, hot, spicy, sour Szechuan, and garlic butter. On their menu are foods like shrimp crab, crawfish pho, and fried chicken, among others. They also allow ordering online plus home delivery.

8. Crawfish & Noodles

Address: 11360 Bellaire Blvd Ste 990, Houston, TX 77072

Phone: (281)988-8098

Best Crawfish in Houston - Crawfish & Noodles
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Known for its tasty Viet Cajun, this Chinatown restaurant has been featured in David Chang’s ‘ugly delicious’ documentary on Netflix, earning it national recognition. However, Houstonians know it for crawfish and tasty noodles prepared by Chef Trong Nguyen. During mudbug season, you can also drop in for a bowl of their spicy garlic butter red creatures.

9. Crazy Alan’s Swamp Shack

Address: 310 Texas Ave, Kemah, TX 77565

Phone: (281)334-5000

Crazy Alan’s Swamp Shack
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Unlike other restaurants, this place serves crawfish throughout the year. They have two eateries in the city, one at Friendswood and the other at Kemah boardwalk. At only $5.99, you get to walk away with one pound crawfish special. They are open from 2 pm-6 pm on weekdays, and for the weekend, they run from 2 pm to 10 pm.

Every Monday and Wednesday, they have a small crew offer of 3-pound crawfish, a pound of boiled shrimp, one lobster, and two clusters of snow crab served with corn and potatoes for only $120.

10. Cajun Kitchen

Address: 6938 Wilcrest Dr, Houston, TX

Phone: (281)495-8881

Best Crawfish in Houston - Cajun Kitchen
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Over the years, Cajun kitchen has gotten awards for serving fresh live crawdads. They season their crawfish to suit your taste as per your spice level tolerance and flavor. Try their fried seafood platter; spicy Cajun boiled with either Cajun, garlic, or Thai masala as flavors,  and oysters on the half shell.


Whether you prefer your crawfish to be coated with garlic and butter or simply spiced up with Cajun, there are many boiling spots for you. Therefore, we have shortlisted some of our favorite places in Houston where you can expect nothing but the best crustacean delicacy.

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