10 Sensational Bars With Pool Tables In Houston

Humans have achieved great things over time, from building crazy tall buildings, inventions, and innovations to flying airplanes. However, many are going through a lot, and once in a while, there is a need to just sit on a barstool and talk to someone or enjoy some sports activities as you share a drink.

In Houston, several bars are designed to achieve this great assignment and help people interact, have fun and let go of stress. Moreover, these places are fully equipped with indoor sports games like pool table. Therefore, we have come up with a list of the best bars with pool tables in Houston where you can hang out with your friends over the weekend, or during a hectic weekday and enjoy a competitive game.

1. Continental Club

pool tables in Houston - Continental Club

Houston’s continental club stands from the original Austin and has the same music sensibility. The music is independent, with a slightly rough edge, and a little quirky. However, this does not necessarily mean the performers are not practiced. In fact, their performance is top-notch, whether they specialize in blues, rock, or country music.

The place has metal ceilings which may feel like an imperfection, but the talent and pleasure offset the slight setback. Also, the club has outdoor pool tables and a patio that people enjoy during the lineup music breaks.

2. The Big Easy Social and Pleasure Club

If you are in for live music performance, this club is a legend for this. The Big Easy is known for terrific blues, with Zydeco lending his generous help running the night. Local and nationally-known musicians perform mostly and entertain the guest to the peak. On top of that, they rarely charge, plus the drinks have reasonable prices.

3. Rudyard’s Pub

pool tables in Houston - Rudyard’s Pub

Rudyard is a combination of a British pub with an eclectic neighborhood bar. This is a classic and comfy spot to hang out with friends as you grab a pint and make tales. It has simple wooden tables and chairs adorned with tons of memorabilia. It has also earned a reputation for having bathrooms with well-done comical graffiti.

Upstairs will interest you the more; this is where the pool tables are. As you enjoy the game, you will get the best of rock bands’ music from varying degrees of fame. Besides being soaked with alcohol, they also offer tasty pub grub.

4. Blanco’s

Suppose you are looking for an authentic Houston experience; rush to Blanco’s and experience a real Texas honky-tonk. The place is not big enough, but it is packed with different characters. Also, several best areas band plays country tunes to entertain and appreciate the audience.

Dancers are also not left behind. If you are capable, there is a dance floor to show your two-stepping skills. Many regulars like to hang out in this place as they grab some barbecue and fried chicken.

5. Bubba’s Sports Bar and Grill

pool tables in Houston - Bubba’s Sports Bar and Grill

This is a bar and grill owned and run by a family. They usually ensure every folk that comes in is at ease enjoying the relaxed setting. It is a full bar equipped with refreshments, several TVs for watching sports, and a well-considered menu serving from catfish and burgers to chicken fried steak.

On Thursdays and Fridays, there is a live rock music performance. Also, there is karaoke, darts, video games, impromptu dancing, and even a pool table. Everything in this place displays pure fun, and it is affordable too.

6. SRO Sports Bar & Cafe

This sports bar is unique for having over 200 televisions strategically positioned for easy viewing at any corner you decide to sit. TVs are of every size; big, small, and in-between.

Every Friday night, the place plays great Texas tunes live. Also, they join forces with the popular COD Oyster bar, where they bring fresh boiled crawfish to the table.

7. Slainte Irish Pub

Slainte Irish Pub

You will find this cozy touch of Dublin at the heart of downtown. The place is authentic with a beautiful wooden façade, high balconies, detailed exquisite woodwork, cute handcrafted furniture, armoires, and old portraits hanging on their walls.

Slainte has a friendly setting for people to mingle like old friends. They also have a standard American pub grub and offer traditional dishes like bally cotton shepherd pie.

8. Sherlock’s baker st.pub

Sherlock is an excellent casual pub where you can go to catch up on old times with friends as you share a few brews. Its signature look is the wooden posts and beams, giving the interior a cozy feeling. It has an underground where there is a stage for regular live local band performances. On Tuesday nights, there is a rowdy karaoke party. Upstairs there is a prime place for relaxing with several pool tables and dart boards that reduce boredom.

9. McGonigel’s Mucky Duck

McGonigel is one of the most known watering holes in Houston. It is popular for its best live music and tap beers. But, that aside, the place is designed with an Irish theme: sports rustic-looking tables and booths, a cornucopia of Irish and Guinness-themed collectibles, and cranberry-colored walls.

They have a pleasant patio that allows you to enjoy some fresh air. Also, they cater to your late-night appetite by giving standard pub grub like fish and chips.

10. Fitzgerald’s

Fitzgerald’s Bar in Houston
Courtesy of indivisiblegame.com

For over 25 years, this place has been presenting a set of live music from local and national bands. It is a two-storey concert lounge with guaranteed loud rock and electrifying local music. They add to the fun two full bars and pool tables.


Bars with pool tables are heavily flooded since people enjoy the company of an energetic, lively, and fun group. What better way to catch up with old friends than to grab some refreshments as you combine it with a competitive pool table game? At the pool table, nothing else matters. It is just pure good vibes with loud laughter, music and great tales. Fortunately, most bars have pool tables for entertaining their guest. Try some of our picks for a great refreshable drink as you enjoy the game.

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