Houston Rooftop Cinema: Enjoy Iconic Movies

Since the pandemic, drive-ins and open-air theaters have provided enthusiastic moviegoers with a fun and safe way to watch their favorite films. Although Houston offers a variety of outdoor movie-going experiences, Houston Rooftop Cinema Club, a gorgeous rooftop in the center of Houston, is an unbeatable venue.

Address: 1700 Post Oak Blvd. Houston, TX 77056
Phone: (863) 434-8725
When:  7:30 p.m. screenings (check their website for dates). The theater is closed Sundays and Mondays.

Everyone needs the experience of watching movies under the stars, and this rooftop club, complete with a stunning city skyline as the backdrop, is your best bet. Its goal is to change moviegoing experiences to include breathtaking rooftop views, sunsets, starry nights, friends, family, wonderful drinks, delectable cuisine, and fantastic films on a big screen. 

1. Seats 

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Although outdoor cinema experiences are about embracing the world around you, it doesn’t mean it has to be uncomfortable. Moviegoers can choose between lounge couches, Adirondack chairs, and beanbags at Rooftop Cinema Club, which shows a range of classic films in an outdoor setting. 

They offer comfortable deckchairs with adjustable seat heights and leg room, so you can relax and enjoy the nighttime city views while leaning back. The Rooftop Love Seats are created with a 33″ seating width, providing enough for two people to cuddle on the rooftop during the summer. 

However, although the deckchair-style seats are comfortable, they can be low for people who struggle to get up and down. 

A modern set of cutting-edge wireless headphones is available for movie sound when the movie starts on the massive LED screen. With wireless headphones, you can fully immerse yourself in those unforgettable movie scenes without being distracted by the outside world, such as the person behind you who is loudly devouring popcorn.

2. Food and Drinks 

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A wide selection of beer, wine, and canned cocktails are available for purchase at the Houston Rooftop Cinema club. Fans may anticipate concessions and snacks. The food is sold by Good Dog, the popular Houston chain of gourmet hot-dog vendors. 

Notably, visitors can bring outside food to enjoy on the Rooftop, which is a great convenience for individuals with dietary restrictions, those who like to carry some ice cream to the movies, or children. However, outside beverages are not allowed.

3. Movies

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Each night’s movie experience is guaranteed exceptional thanks to the hand-picked selection of cult classics and brand-new films. Every movie starts around dusk, so enjoy seeing your favorite scenes come to life on the big screen as the stars start to twinkle. 

They claim to be driven by the passion for movies and aim to restore cinema’s social and festive aspects and elevate it to a particular level. Lastly, the movies vary from night to night, so you should check out the website to find the perfect movie. 

Showtime is usually around after sunset, around 7.30 pm, but if there is still a lot of light outside, you should expect some delay. However, to maximize your experience, it is better to show up 45 minutes before. 

4. Tickets

The Houston Rooftop Cinema club offers up to three showings per night, depending on the day. Now, Rooftop Cinema Club allows cinephiles to schedule their outdoor movie evenings up to three months in advance by selling tickets up front rather than every month in the past. 

Also, since tickets sell out early, it is better to purchase your tickets early, even in advance. Tickets range in price from $17 for a single lounge seat to $24 for a larger love seat and bottomless popcorn combo. There are also $12 for a child lounge seat and $25 for a child plus adult double seat.

5. Extras

There are enjoyable lawn games to play before the screening, cool drinks, and classic movie concessions. In addition, they frequently add extra components, such as themed decor, photo opportunities, and interactive games, for special events. 

In addition, there is plenty of parking, and restrooms are down on the third level. 


The schedule at Rooftop Cinema is packed with well-known classics because it is intended more for a group of people or a couple seeking a fun night out than a lone cinephile. 

There is, however, Texas weather, which is a minor inconvenience. Staff will hand out ponchos if it is raining softly. However, the screening will not occur if it is extremely bad outside.

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