10 Best Places for Ice Cream in Houston

Houston is a hot place, more so during spring. Therefore, ice cream is a cool treat for many people to live a cool Houston life, not only during the summer season but the whole year. Thankfully, several creameries will satisfy your cooling needs around the Houston metropolis.

This article has shortlisted a double scoop of the city’s finest ice cream parlors. So this is where you may want to head to get your creamy frozen treat at its best. From having local traditional ingredients, and epic foreign flavors to game changers selling their pints within a minute.

1. Amy’s ice cream

Image credits: Amy’s ice cream

If you are looking for a late-night cold treat, Amy’s is the place for you. They have branches in three Texas cities, and all the locations offer ice cream until midnight. So for them, too late for a sugary treat doesn’t stand. Amy Simmons started it in 1984 with its headquarters in Austin.

One of their best treats is the tri-wizard treat with Biscoff cookies, marshmallows, and chocolate chip toppings. They also offer bomb flavors like Mexican vanilla with Madagascar vanilla beans and Mexican orchids. Their signature topping is fine Belgian chocolate.

Location: 3816 Farnham St, Houston, Texas 77098

Contact: (713) 526-2697

2. Cloud 10 creamery

Image credits: Cloud 10 creamery

This place makes handcrafted ice creams and sorbets in small batches with unique flavors and premium ingredients. The famous chef Chris Leung is one of their own. They use fresh ingredients with no artificial flavor, additives, or extracts.

Location 1: 3201 Louisiana St 100, Houston, TX 77006 (+1 713-485-4770)

Location 2: 3502 S Shepherd Drive, Houston, TX 77098 (+1 832-409-05815)

Location 3: 711 A Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007 (+1 713-485-5106)

3. Fat cat creamery

Image credits: Fat cat creamery

This is a popular creamy inn known for having a small menu with big upgraded Texan traditional flavors. Their top flavors are; milk chocolate ice cream having convict hill oatmeal stout, coffee made from an Amaya roaster, and vegan chai tea with coconut.

They use pure vanilla from Mexico as their signature treat. Also, they do not use dairy milk as an ingredient. This ice cream shop has two spots in the city, the historic heights and garden oaks.

Location: 1910 N. shepherd drive, Houston, TX 77002

Contact: (713)869-1080

4. Honey child’s sweet creams

Image credits: Honey child’s sweet creams

If you are a custard fan, you should head straight to honey child’s sweet creams for a bite. It is located in the new MKT mixed-use development. They are known for making small batched, handmade frozen custards that will leave you wanting some more. They have great flavors like; café Sua Da, PB&J, and lemon mint sorbet.

Location: 600 N shepherd drive suite 450, Houston, Texas 77007

Contact: (832) 280-7854

5. Sweet bribery

Image credits: Sweet bribery

Right from the design itself, sweet bribery is a darling. It has an old-school parlor feel, making it look like a throwback. The walls are painted with calming pink and white hues. This sweet shop is located on 19th street.

They offer unique flavors bombs like coconut milk Horchata, champagne mimosa sorbet, porter float made with local dark beer, rum bananas foster, and bourbon espresso. Some of their best toppings and sauce are mint-chocolate chip ice cream, crème de menthe brownies, hot fudge, and Andes mint.

Location: 250W 19th St suites e, Houston, TX 77008

Contact: +1 281-501-0639

6. Van leeuwen ice cream

Best ice cream in Houston
Image credits: Van leeuwen ice cream

Recently, van Leeuwen ice Cream has opened three ice cream shops in Houston. They offer a clever combination of an array of vegan and dairy ice cream that will mystify your mouth. Also, they have a flavor like a vegan lemon creamsicle, royal wedding cake, sweet cream cheese, elderflower extract, chunk of lemon sponge cake, blue spirulina almond ice cream swirled with matcha green tea ice cream (this is a way of them honoring earth day).

Location: 888 Westheimer Road Suite 157, Houston, Texas 77006

Contact: (712) 492-2120

7. Milk + sugar

Image credits: Milk + sugar creamery

This creamy inn is located at Montrose, in the restored historic building off Westheimer. They will take your ice cream experience to a whole new level. This super creamy sweet shop offers flavors like recess, cereal milk with fruit loops, ice cream cheese base with cinnamon sugar blondies (heart of glass), cream cheese ice cream hit with blondies, and chocolate and peanut butter chunks based on a sweet cream.

Location: 1848 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098, United States

8. Jeni’s splendid ice cream

Best ice cream in Houston
Image credits: Jeni’s splendid ice cream

Jeni’s splendid ice creams have two local outposts in 19th street. It began in Columbus, then Ohio but finally reached Houston. You can get flavors like brambleberry crisp, blackcurrant jam, chocolaty blackout chocolate cake, brown butter almond brittle, toasted oat streusel, and a sweet-tart blackberry.

The amazing thing with Jeni’s is that they encourage ice cream for breakfast. Their master peace is “everything Bagel.” It consists of cream cheese ice cream mixed with buttery streusel sesame and poppy seeds. The toppings are a hint of onion and garlic. Also, you should taste their gooey butter cake, or refreshing froze.

Location: 801 towns and country Blvd Bldg A, Ste 130, Houston, TX

Contact: (281) 409-3364

9. Aqua S

Best ice cream in Houston
Image credits: Aqua S

This is an Australian-born ice cream shop that produces whimsical ice cream treats. It has two branches in Houston: Asia town and the heights. One of its main signature treats is the sea salt ice cream aqua blue.

Location: 9889 Bellaire Blvd D232, Houston, TX 77036

Contacts: (281) 501-3220       

10. Red circle ice cream

Best ice cream in Houston
Image Credits: Red circle ice cream

This ice cream shop originated from Asia and was built to signify good luck, fortune, and the spirit of continuity. They have over 100 flavors that they keep rotating from. They have flavors like donkey Kong, Thai tea, green goblin, and Elmo crunch.

Location: 3595 Hwy 6, Sugar land, TX 77478

Contact: (281) 903- 707


Having an ice cream any day is medicine for the soul. The cold frozen treat leaves you with an ooey – gooey feeling. Due to the high temperatures in Houston, ice cream is a great, cooler treat. With our shortlisting, you will enjoy some of the best ice cream flavors and toppings.

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