Best Places To Live in Houston With Access To Most Amenities

Moving to any location could mean many things, and it’s the same for Houston. As one of the up-and-coming cities in the US has been thriving in the past years and is expected to continue booming in the coming decade. Houston gives an escape from the busy city life, and it boasts of affordable living and substantial spaces. 

More and more people are moving to this area, and their decision is influenced by the diversity, great weather conditions, low cost of living and Houston’s rising job market. As a result, each neighborhood has its trademark, from a vivacious nightlife, a diverse diving scene, and top-notch school districts to gourmet eateries and family-friendly fun.

What Is It Like to Live in Houston?

The Houston metropolitan area is known for attracting people with an entrepreneurial spirit and those who want to work at the country’s largest companies. It is the hub of gas and oil industries, but it also is great health care and manufacturing center. Thanks to these industries, this region can weather downturns better than the similarly sized metro areas. 

The median home sale in Houston is on the lower side, and compared to other similar areas, the overall cost of living in Houston is lower than the national average. However, a paycheck in Houston will do more than it would in other metro areas, thanks to the affordable housing or the cheap and free attractions such as Buffalo Bayou. 

As large as Houston is, there are many different communities you can call home. To learn more about this Metropolis, read on to see Houston’s best places to live. 

1. The Woodlands

The Woodlands best places to live in Houston
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Found in Northwest Harris County, it is the ultimate family-friendly suburb that accommodates a few of Houston’s accredited school districts. The Woodlands is a posh neighborhood that provides a mini-city center with an outdoor shopping mall, a notable Market Street and a green space available for children’s amusement

The Woodlands is the go-to for families that want the perfect balance of city life and suburban space. It is a lush area full of trails, forests, and parks with businesses and communities behind trees. As an up-and-coming community, it has become an attractive location to major corporations such as Chevron Phillips Chemical. 

2. Sugar Land

Sugar Land best place to live in houston
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If you are looking for a location that will give you the maximum stillness and breeze, Sugar Land is it for you. Retirees fancy this area, and its become among the fastest growing communities and is also the home to some of the finest master-planned communities with plenty of commerce to boot. 

Sugar Land is typical for single-family households to enjoy the outdoor plaza, the Fort Bend Children’s Discovery Center and the new Houston Museum of Natural Science. In addition, it hosts the Sugar Land Skeeters, a small league baseball team with its own Constellation Field and is also the home to the new Smart Financial Center concert hall. 

3. Cincho Ranch

Cincho Ranch living in houston
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As a suburb in Houston, it is one of the best places to live in Texas, with a population of 16,437. The area offers the residents a dense suburban feel, and most residents live in their own homes. Cincho Ranch has highly rated public schools, and most families living in this area have moderate political views. 

The region has developed into a small town with quality clubs, parks, a golf course, restaurants and brunch places to serve the families calling it home. Everyone in the Cincho Ranch area has a connection to this place despite the size, and the shared experience of a high-quality life is all you will need. All families who have moved here have quickly adopted the attitude of one accomplishment and one ownership. 

4. Katy

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Katy has become an increasingly popular Houston suburb thanks to the quality of schools and the town amenities such as Katy Contemporary Arts Museum, Typhoon Texas waterpark and the Katy Mills Mall. It is also full of great schools like the Katy Independent School District, large homes on the large lots and Houston parks, meaning it attracts plenty of young families. 

Katy has new builds, big contemporary houses, and planned communities. The apartment buildings are modern, pet friendly, and include shared amenities such as a fitness room and a pool. They also have large condos available for rent. 

In addition, there is a bonus where it’s a straight 30-minute shot on the I-10 East to Houston. This makes this location perfect for professionals who work in the city but need a quieter life when they go home.

5. Montrose

Montrose best Houston place
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If you want to move west of Midtown, you will be in Montrose, an eclectic district. Montrose is an affordable area to call home and has character-infused locales. Thanks to its nightlife, artsy vibe, and trendy coffee shops, Locals love it. 

Montrose has the 1920s mansions, but it also has slick condos, traditional single-family homes, and eclectic townhomes. In addition, the apartment buildings are dated, and they aren’t loaded with amenities like the ones you would find in Midtown or Downtown. However, you will also pay less rent in this neighborhood, unlike the modern ones.


Whether you are looking for a family-oriented vibe or want the hustles of downtown, we got you to help you find the best places to live in Houston. No matter what you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find it in one of Houston’s many suburbs or neighborhoods. 

Generally, Houston is a welcoming spot to call home, and it provides countless opportunities for leisure activities. It also has everything from award-winning establishments to barbecue joints and various international cuisines, including Indian and Ethiopian. This means you won’t regret choosing one of these places to live in Houston. 

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