13 Graffiti Walls in Houston: Stylish, Artsy and Picturesque

We call it beautiful street art, graffiti, tagging, whatever you call it. We believe that graffiti walls in Houston enhance the city’s beauty, natural environment and add value to the surroundings. Houston has been very busy making the city even more beautiful recently by implementing well-placed street art with the Mini Murals.

However, what about those graffiti arts put on walls painted in the middle of the night? Not all of them are commissioned and paid for by the city. So j-vibe decided it was time not just to find graffiti walls around Houston but what we considered to be the most inspirational graffiti walls around the city.

What is the use of Graffiti? 

Graffiti is an art that allows people to express themselves in terms of their values or beliefs. It is usually a writing or drawing in the public realm scratched, scribbled, or sprayed on a surface. Graffiti is, in some cases, used to mark territories, and it is an art that is well established in the gang culture. This kind of art can be political, criminal, humorous or beautiful.

The main purpose of this art is to make a statement about the world and our beliefs. Some famous artists, like Mario E. Figueroa, Van Gogh and Frida Kahlo, have used their artwork to beautify and express their beliefs in their cities.

Now that you understand the use of graffiti walls let’s go ahead and look at the history og graffiti art.

The History Of Graffiti Art 

The earliest drawings on walls were created thousands of years ago. The Ancient Greeks and Romans wrote their names and poems on buildings. Modern graffiti appeared in Philadelphia in the early 1960s and had gained attention in New York. Basically, this form of art took off in the 1970s, when most people began writing their tags or names on buildings. 

Graffiti is a form of graphic communication that involves making places by a group or an individual. It began when art was scratched and carved into walls. As we have mentioned, the graffiti that we think of involving tagging and spraypaint on exterior walls started in Philadelphia in the late 1960s. Graffiti began with artists like Cornbread and Cool Earl writing their names all over the city, called ‘bombing.’ This became widespread and moved through Philadelphia and into New York City. 

As the popularity of bombing grew, graffiti artists became more creative with their writing and tagging by adding flourishes and symbols to distinguish themselves from other artists. It’s important to note that tagging is not an art form or expressing oneself. Tagging is any unauthorized marking, etching, scratching, drawing, painting, or defacing of any public, private, real or personal property surface.

Graffiti artists are recognized for their work and commissioned to paint. Their visions on the sides of buildings bring beauty to the neighborhood and interest to the surroundings. Houston is no exception. We are a city that has several famous and well-known graffiti artists and even a street arts mural festival that takes place yearly. Yes, we’ve come a long way!

Currently, Mario E. Figueroa, artistically known as GONZO247, is the most popular artist in Houston. This artist was born and raised in Houston, Texas, and he is a multidisciplinary self-taught artist with 25 years of experience in graffiti. GONZO247 is also an award-winning artist who is not only recognized in Houston but is also internationally recognized as an ambassador of the visual and cultural arts. Needless to say, he is the pioneer of the graffiti and street art movement in Houston.

Most Amazing Graffiti Walls In Houston 

Houston has one of its most vibrant street art scenes with its graffiti museum and mural festival. From The Heights to East Downtown, the city’s neighborhoods are spattered with dozens of colorful walls. So on a beautiful day, when you wander any neighborhood in Houston, look around and discover graffiti art on the walls in the least likely places. 

We have chosen what we think are the top most amazing graffiti walls in Houston.

1. Kungfu Mural

Kungfu Mural graffiti in Houston
Image credit: i.pinimg.com

The Kungfu wall art is an art by Kungfuart. The art is found on the wall opposite the Graffiti Parks many art walls. The art is done on the wall of Mercy Night Club.  The location of the art is 1505 St Emanuel Street, Houston.

2. Houston wall

Houston wall
Image credit:pinimg.com

The Houston wall graffiti is steps away from the Justice Mural. The amazing and colorful Graffiti is a wall art by artist Mario E. Figueroa commonly referred to as  FONZO247, inspired by a former city Snapchat filter.

3. Geometric mural

Geometric mural Houston graffiti
Image credit: cloudinary.com

The Geometric mural is located on the side of BJ Oldies Antiques in Montrose or 1726 Westheimer. This graffiti is just one of artist Daniel Anguilu’s art. 

4. Biscuit Paint wall

Biscuit Paint wall graffiti in Houston
Image credit: 4.bp.blogspot.com

The biscuit paint wall is one of Houston’s most popular and loved graffiti. This art allows you to take a break from your vintage shopping and take a picture. It is located in an area next to the best clubs, restaurants and brunch places and on the side of home goods store Biscuit Home, 1435 Westheimer.

5. Houston is Inspired

Houston is Inspired graffiti wall in Houston
Image credit: Image credit:pinimg.com

Another amazing graffiti you will find in Houston is Houston is inspired. This colorful art is located at 313 Travis Street. You could also explore the Main Street bars and eateries when viewing the art.

6. The Abstract Happy Beach Wall

The Abstract Happy Beach Wall
Image credit: i.pinimg.com

If you are in Houston and looking to see graffiti with fun shapes and patterns, you ought to see The Abstract Happy Beach Wall. Zosen and Mina designed this art. It is strategically located near Warehouse Live, 813 St Emanuel Street.

7. Greetings from Houston

Greetings from Houston
Image credit: cdn.shopify.com

The Greeting from Houston is an art that is familiar to Heights residents. It is located at 3602 White Oak on the side of the gelato shop Gelazzi and celebrates the city’s best. 

8. Preservons la Creation

Preservons la Creation large graffiti wall in Houston
Image credit: 365thingsinhouston.com

The Preservons la Creation is one of the largest graffitis in Houston. This 11,000-square-foot beast is located at 2800 San Jacinto Street and aims to beautify Midtown. At least that was the intent when the Midtown District merged with French artist Sebastien  “Mr. D” Boileau to create the art.

9. Main street market bird wall

Main street market bird wall
Image credit: www.christobeltravel.com

The large bird drawing is an art don on the side of a dollar store close to the JW Marriott art. It is located on the Main street Market, 901 Main St Houston. 

10. Hearts mural

Hearts Mural wall with graffiti Houston
Image credit: i.pinimg.com

Stop by the Houston Graffiti Building at 1503 Chartres Street to look at this adorable wall decorated with hearts of all shapes and sizes. Houston Mural Festive designed and produced this heart art, but John Whaley created it.

11. Justice mural

Justice mural
Image credit: live.staticflickr.com

The Justice Wall Art is another amazing graffiti created with black and white colors but is still very beautiful. It is one of the most loved graffiti, especially by the millennials. The art is created and painted by Icyandsot. It is located at the Houston Graffiti Building, 1503 Chartres Street.

12. Graffiti Building

Graffiti Building
Image credit: pbs.twimg.com

This graffiti is located on Leeland St. and Saint Emanuel at the Houston Graffiti Building. It is created and painted by well-known artists; The One Lee and Cease MZK.

13. Rainbow colors wall art

Rainbow colours wall art graffiti
Image credit: i.pinimg.com

If you are looking for a place to take photos in Houston, then the rainbow colors wall art is a perfect place to do that. The colors on the wall remind you of the bold Jamaican colors. Most people do not know much about this art since it is not located in the town center. It is found in the car of pavement Houston Clothing shop, 1657 Westheimer Road.


We have only mentioned some of the graffiti places since you can easily locate them as you explore the city. You could also take pictures of them and tag us on Instagram and Facebook! This is the #InspirationalGraffitiChallenge! There could be something great waiting for the person who can find them all! In the meantime, do you have any inspirational street art that you love that we missed? Let us know!

Image credit: cloudinary.com

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