18 Best Places to Take Pictures in Houston

Have you saved all of the discount codes from Shutterfly, Snappish, and Minted? Have you Pinned coordinating outfit selections for the whole family? Have you promised your brother-in-law, who owns the nice camera, a dozen homemade cookies for an hour’s worth of his time? All you need now is to find the best places to take pictures in Houston, Texas.

Choosing the style and venue for your engagement photos is one of the most enjoyable aspects of preparation. There are so many lovely possibilities in the Houston region that you’ll be able to choose one that properly matches your personality as a couple. You have come to the correct place if you’re looking for the best photoshoot spots in Houston, though, because Just Vibe has done all the legwork.

We’ve curated this list of the 18 best places to take pictures in Houston. Some ideas came from our own experience, some came from friends in the know, and some from good old-fashioned research. In the end, we are confident that you could close your eyes, point to any suggestion on this list, and go home with fabulous shots and memories you will enjoy for years to come. So, let’s get into this!

1. Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring

best places to take pictures in Houston - Old Time Christmas Tree Farm in Spring

For a beautiful traditional Christmas photo, this is the place to go. With over 40 acres of planted Cypress and Pine trees, you could leave with a treasured portrait and a fresh-cut tree. Adorable photo opportunities here abound. 

They have hayrides, live wreaths and garlands, and Santa even appears on the weekends. You are welcome to snap as many of your photos as possible, but check their website for fees and guidelines if you plan to use a professional photographer.

2. The River Oaks District

best places to take pictures in Houston - The River Oaks District

The River Oaks District Houston is a posh residential neighborhood with southern roots. The neighborhood has opulent residences and a lovely landscape with gigantic oak trees. Photographs taken beneath the towering mature oaks have a beautiful and elegant feel. Furthermore, the colorful lawns are visible because the houses are set back from the road. 

It’s a lovely spot for family photographs or a formal engagement session. With its tree-lined walkways where every limb is draped in lights, and its storefronts decked to impress, no corner is left unadorned during December. Nighttime shots here will be breathtaking, but remember to adjust your settings to capture the light.

3. Hermann Square at City Hall

best places to take pictures in Houston - Hermann Square at City Hall

This year marks the 88th annual Mayor’s Holiday Celebration and Tree Lighting. On Friday, November 30, you can join Mayor Turner and Santa for fireworks and family fun. Houston’s official tree will be standing and lit until after the new year, so you can plan your photoshoot anytime. 

With the reflection pool in the foreground, City Hall in the background, and a towering lit tree, your perfect urban setting photo in one of the best photoshoot spots in Houston is just a click away.

4. 19th Street in The Heights

best places to take pictures in Houston - 19th Street in The Heights

Before I even moved to Houston, 19th Street in The Heights had worked its way into my heart. In the short span of a few blocks sit my favorite coffee shop, my go-to gift shop, and where I buy everything cute in my closet. It’s also one of the very best places to take pictures in Houston city.

Whether you are looking for a picture with Elvis, a quirky mural, a gallery of local art inside a real estate office, or sidewalk shots at sunset, there is no shortage of creative staging choices. 

Of course, you may have to say “excuse me” once or twice because the awesomeness of 19th Street is no secret, and the foot traffic on weekends is real. But the end product will be worth it, and you may discover a new favorite small business while at it.

5. Christmas Village at Bayou Bend

best places to take pictures in Houston - Christmas Village at Bayou Bend

There may be no place in all of Houston more beautiful than the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens, and between December 14 and January 5, all 14 acres are alive with the holiday spirit. This immersive experience includes a trail of lights and a faux snowball play area for some great action shots! Be sure your camera battery is charged before going, and be aware of the required entry fees.

6. Houston’s Rich Outdoor Art and Graffiti Scene

best places to take pictures in Houston - Houston's Rich Outdoor Art and Graffiti Scene

For the first three years that my family lived in Houston, our Christmas card included local graffiti that we fell in love with around the city. I took one of my favorite pictures in front of the painted wall of an old building, which was torn down only a few months later. Since then, I’ve discovered Silver Street Studios with their long line of intriguing options, and we have the most comprehensive guide to Houston’s outdoor art and graffiti, Check it out here. So, throw on your holiday sweaters, and say cheese!

7. Briarbend Park

best places to take pictures in Houston - Briarbend Park

This active Houston City Park is a gem nestled in a quiet neighborhood off Woodway Drive and backs right up to the Bayou. Although the park suffered some damage during Hurricane Harvey, it is up and fully operational. So if you are looking for real pebble stone, running creeks, and woodsy winter backgrounds, Briarbend park is the perfect place and one of the best natural parks in Houston

The wooden steps leading down to the canoe launch area are especially charming. Wear your plaids and scarves and even bring the family pet, but remember to “go” before you go, because there are no public facilities here!

8. Sabine Street Bridge

best places to take pictures in Houston - Sabine Street Bridge

This one is my personal favorite of all best places to take pictures in Houston. My husband has the great pleasure of walking across this bridge to his office every day, and he often texts me pictures of the ever-evolving beauty. My husband took the shot below with his phone, which is stunning. There is ample parking in the Buffalo Bayou visitors center lot, and no photographer’s fee or reservation is required.

Go in the morning or evening for the best light. Sabine Street Bridge is easy to access and lovely, with the Houston skyline as a backdrop. This landmark spot makes for stunning images during the day, around sunset, and even after the street lights come on. The backdrop of skyscrapers is a common choice for city enthusiasts, whether they want something informal or beautiful. 

9. Hermann Park 

best places to take pictures in Houston - Hermann Park

Hermann Park is the favorite go-to place for couples since it’s located in a convenient area and is a relaxing spot for a photoshoot. The park has cherry trees and a reflecting pond among the many breathtaking backdrops. The best thing about this place is that the Houston Zoo is nearby so that you can take pictures in both locations in one day.

Moreover, while you are in the park, you can visit the Japanese garden, McGovern centennial park and the lakeside plazas. You will also find interesting architecture in Mecom Rockwell Colonnade, which is built in a more classical western style, and the Friendship Pavilion, which was a gift to the city of Taipei. 

10. Smither Park

Smither Park

When it comes to Smither Park, simplicity is not on the top of the list. The park is a work-in-progress that focuses on creating mosaic sculptures out of found projects. Furthermore, the park abounds with surreal and odd works like huge butterflies, cats with forks for whiskers and banjo-playing raccoons. Since you can interact with these three-dimensional arts, then that means that you can take some beautiful pictures.

Lindley fish amphitheater is a whimsical structure that you won’t go by without noticing: it was built by a Nashville artist Matt Gifford from street signs, scrap metal, and a giant disco ball, making it irresistible not to take a picture. Generally, you will find a rocket ship, goldfish and an octopus amidst the park’s hundreds of mosaics.

11. Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park

Gerald D. Hines Waterwall Park is one of Houston’s most photographed attractions. The massive waterfall fountain acts as the park’s centerpiece and namesake; it is 64-feet tall, and the area out front is grassy. 

The 64-feet tall Gerald D.Hines Waterwall has a u-shaped wall with water rushing down both sides. It’s embedded between office buildings in a busy galleria area. Phillip Johnson and John Burgee are the architects who designed the waterfall, which will offer you a striking backdrop for your pictures. 

12. Discovery Green

Discovery Green

If you want to take some interesting pictures, Discovery Green is an excellent place to visit. The park hosts various art installations like brightly colored block walls and twisted modern-day sculptures. In addition, there are several large, shady trees, fountains, and kayaks for hire if you want to shoot from the water. Moreover, a mural exhibition is currently on display in Discovery Green.

Take pictures of downtown Houston from atop the hill, or you can use the long alley lined with trees as a backdrop; you have many alternatives to choose from. While you are visiting Discovery Green, be sure to check out the heart by Jim Dine, a mounted bronze cast and Jean Dubuffet’s Monument Au Fantome, a wavy red, white, and blue sculpture on Avenue of the Americas.

13. Biscuit Paint Wall

Biscuit Paint Wall

Precisely, the name biscuit paint wall implies a painted wall. Its wall with neon paint has been dripped over in an artistic way to create a backdrop for pictures. The painted wall is situated in the parking lot of a home product store called Biscuit. A hashtag is posted beside the parking lot to remind you to tag the wall when posting your pictures online. The photos from here make for lots of color – and define why this wall is one of the best places to take pictures in Houston.

14. Mercer Botanic Gardens

Mercer Botanic Gardens

If you are looking for a place that is a more natural setting, then consider visiting  Mercer Botanic Gardens. The garden offers a backdrop of fall foliage, bright spring flowers and colorful vegetation depending on the season. Mercer Botanic Gardens will offer you an opportunity to see plants you have never seen before. In addition, garden statues and wooden playground equipment in the garden make excellent photo backdrops.

15. Market Square

Market Square

Thanks to its vivid mural, the Market Square Park locations in Houston. After taking your photos, you will want to head over to the market square park. You will find Lauren’s Garden’s gorgeous water fountain and blossoming plants that you will want to take pictures of. You can also incorporate some of the park’s fantastic public art installations.

16. The Menil Collection

The Menil Collection

The area outside of the  Menil Collection is unquestionably one of the best photoshoot spots in Houston. The park features a diverse collection of old, huge trees and intriguing structures that make an ideal backdrop for your engagement photos. In addition, the Menil Collection provides a peaceful environment and enough privacy to relax and get comfortable.

17. Eleanor Tinsley Park and The Dunlavy

Eleanor Tinsley Park and The Dunlavy

Eleanor Tinsley Park is situated along the Buffalo Bayou. You will find a variety of backdrops like lush woods, sloping hills and the stunning city skyline. The Dunlavy proximity to the park provides even more amazing photo opportunities. While there are few spots inside you can take photos, the better spots are outside. However, both spots offer enough interesting options to take a picture.

18. Rice University

Rice University

Rice University is on the professional photographer’s list regarding Houston’s best places to take photos. This pleasant and gorgeous setting has so much to offer! The vegetation and architecture form a lovely backdrop that makes you feel like you’re in Europe rather than Houston. This site becomes much more significant if you meet the love of your life there! 

Happy Holidays and Perfect Photos from Just Vibe Houston!

I hope these tips have helped as you plan your perfect holiday photos. If you end up using one of our ideas from these best places to take pictures in Houston list, post your pictures and tag us on Facebook or Instagram.

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