13 Pleasant Dog Friendly Restaurants In Houston

Is it that dogs love Houston, or does Houston love dogs? Either way, many homes in Houston have dogs as their pet or guardians. However, sometimes you might want to take your dog out for a treat, or you get hungry while with your dog at the park and wonder if there is a restaurant around you that allows your four-legged friends to tag along.

Fortunately, there are several dog-friendly restaurants and bars in Houston to visit with your furry friend. We have rounded up some of the best restaurants with patios around Houston that will interest you. Some of these restaurants, like Barkley and Barnaby cafe, even have a dog menu.

1. Backstreet Cafe

Address: 1103 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77019

Contacts: [email protected]

Chef Hugo Ortega is the master chef of the backstreet cafe. There is a large patio at the entrance where you can leave your furry friend. However, it has a different entrance for dog owners. This place is ideal for lunch, dinner, desserts, and brunch.

2. Cottonwood

Address: 3422 N Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77018

Contacts: (713) 802-0410

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston
image credit: flickr

This brewery has a dog-friendly environment and serves some of the best craft cocktails, margaritas, finest beers, and Texas pub fare. There are three large patios where your dog can join you as you grab a bite of some pub food and wine.

3. The Burger Joint

Address: 2703 Montrose Blvd Houston, TX 77006

Contacts: (281) 974-2889 [email protected]

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston
image credit: thebugerjoint.com

This is a burger joint located in Montrose. It has a wrap-around patio area for your pup to hang around as you grab your favorite burger. Also, they offer dogs organic treats and puppy shakes as they enjoy the warm welcome.

4. The Pit Room

Address: 1201 Richmond avenue

Contacts: (281) 888-1929

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston
image credit: facebook.com/pitroom

This barbecue joint serves smoked chicken, beef ribs, brisket tacos, and chicharrones with hot sauce. Also, they have secured a patio next door where you can let your dog tag along. The pit room covers all your stomach needs, from a classic BBQ to some delicious crawfish. However, unlike BBQ, served daily, crawfish is only served from Thursday to Sunday.

5. Axelrad Beer Garden

Address: 1517 Alabama St

Contacts: (713) 597-8800

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston
image credit: pixabay.com

Axelrad garden speaks to the class from front to back. They have invested heavily in their outdoor area to guarantee a classic comfy experience with outdoor activities and events. They allow dogs, only that you have to leash them. Also, the other condition is that all dogs should be well-behaved, spayed, and neutered.

They give milk bone dog treats and provide dog bowls with them. There are two clean-up stations at the bar where pets are allowed in and out of place. The clean-up station is in the garden area.

6. Barkley’s

Address: 2300 Louisiana St., Houston, TX 77006

Contacts: (713) 752-2275

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston
image credit: facebook.com/barkleys

This place is located in midtown. It combines a Dog Park for unleashed dogs and a restaurant. Here your furry friend will be free to run and play around on the artificial grass as you grab a burger, hot dog, or drink of your choice.

7. Barnaby’s Cafe

Address: 181 Heights Blvd, Houston, TX 77007, United States

Contacts: (713) 923-4277

This restaurant was founded in 1992 and since then has opened several branches all over the Houston area that are pet friendly. It was named after a dog, and since then, every location of this place has been dog friendly.  

Every day at Barnaby, there is a dog menu of meat and ice cream. Therefore, your dog can accompany you as you enjoy some soft drinks, wine, or beer. Set aside $5 for your dog’s dish and another $15 entry fee.

8. Bohemia’s

Address: 708 Telephone Rd, Houston, TX 77023

Contacts: (713) 923-4277                    

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston
image credit: pexel.com

Bohemeos is an east-end bar and coffee house locally known as Bos. It is located in the historic Eastwood neighborhood. Plants and grass surround a covered open patio. Your dog will enjoy his nap on the grass as you grab some diablo tacos.

9. Onion Creek Café

Address: 3106 white oak Dr

Contacts: (713) 880-0706

image credit: facebook.com/onioncreekcafe

This place is found in the Heights on White Oak street. It is built on a large piece of land, leaving some space for your four-legged friend to enjoy. During happy hour, both you and your pup can quench your thirst. Your dog will be given water in a bowl.

10. Platypus brewing

Address: 1902 Washington Ave Suite E

Contact: (832) 742-5503

image credit: craftbrewery.com

If you are looking for some Australian dishes, the craft brewery is the place. It is located in the lower Heights area. There is a shaded deck where you and your dog can indulge in happy hour. They have a dog of their own that hangs around the place occasionally. You will even find water bowls for your dog by the deck.

11. Henderson heights

Address: 908 Henderson Street, Houston, TX

Contacts: 713-714-8367

image credit: flickr

This is a great neighborhood bar and restaurant with an outdoor patio with a huge canopy roof. They offer a variety of beers, from tap to cans and bottles, cocktails, and wine. Your pup is not left behind here; they have browser beer for it. Bowser is a non-alcoholic dog beer.

12. Fusion taco

Address: 4706 north main street, Houston, TX

Contact: 713-422-2992

image credit: pexel.com

It began as a food truck and grew to become a well-known restaurant. They have also designed a pet-friendly patio where you can let your dog tag along. They offer delicious foods like fried oyster chicken, tofu, tikka masala taco, smoked brisket taco, and pork belly.  

13. Truck yard

Address: 5959 Grove Lane. The Colony, TX 75056

Dog Friendly Restaurants in Houston
image credit: facebook.com/fusiontaco

This kitschy outdoor spot allows dogs to hang around all day and night. They have a monster truck-sized garden where you can sit and take your beer while enjoying the live music. However, your dog must be disciplined and leashed for other people’s protection.                              


Houston is stuffed to the brim with dog-friendly restaurants. These places are good for dogs and offer great food and accommodations. Their patios are large enough for you and your pup to enjoy.                                 

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