14 Zesty Margaritas To Die For In Houston

Are you craving some frozen margaritas, on the rocks, on a sunny day in Houston? Or perhaps you want something sweet to warm you up? Houston stays unpredictable all the time. It is sunny and crazy temperatures are flying one moment, and then the next minute, it’s raining for 3 weeks straight. Either way, a margarita is always welcome for any Houstonian, whether visiting or resident.

Let’s take a look at the best margaritas in Houston, where you can catch a break while sipping that ‘rita.

1) Hugo’s Margaritas

Best Margaritas In Houston - Hugo's
Image credits: Hugo’s

Location: 1600 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006 – Directions

Hugo’s is a great upscale spot to grab a margarita. It has won numerous awards for making great margaritas. The customers there have glowing reviews about the place. The flavors you can find here include Spiced Michoacan, Malinche, La Pureza, Hugo Rita, and more. They also have Mexican dishes like Carnitas, Barbacoa, Cabrito, and many others.

2) Pistoleros Margaritas

Best Margaritas In Houston - Pistoleros
Image credits: Pistolero’s

Location: 1517 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006 – Directions

Pistoleros serves some of the best margaritas in Houston. Their menu is diverse and incldues Blackberry theme Aldos, Grilled pineapple cilantro, Milandro, on the rocks, frozen, and other Tequila cocktails to boost up your mood. They have the most amazing Taco Tuesdays. So do go there on Tuesdays for a great time.

3) El Big Bad Margaritas

Best Margaritas In Houston - El Big Bad
Image Credits: El Big Bad

Location: 419 Travis Street, Houston, TX, 77002 – Directions

If you haven’t been to El Big Bad in First Ward, you have not taken a margarita in Houston. This restaurant has some of the most refreshing margaritas around. And let me tell you people, when I say refreshing, I mean it.

Their margarita menu is packed with several choices. The best thing is this place allows you to actually customize your own ritas and you get 30 infusions at a time. There are many choices, but the location is also great with a balcony split into two stories, making it very nice for that evening sundown.

4) Cantina Barba Margaritas

Best Margaritas In Houston - Cantina Barba
Image credits: Cantina Barba

Location: 3701 N. Main St. Houston, TX 77009 – Directions

Cantina Barba’s motto is no bullshit every day. And yes, they live by that because their margaritas are loved by many Houstonians. Some of the really nice ones include Paloma and Watermelon Margaritas. Others are Ranchwater, Chilton, and Bloody Mary. The frozen margaritas are made from either Tequila or Mezcal. Chilton and Bloody Mary have a touch of Vodka.

Either way, pay a visit here to know what makes these ritas the best in Houston.

5) El Tiempo Margaritas

Best Margaritas In Houston - El Tiempo
Image Credits: El Tiempo Cantina

Location: Laurenzo’s Restaurant Group 602 Sawyer St., Suite 110 Houston, TX, 77007 – Directions

Houstonians love their Tex-Mex cantina so much that it has opened so many locations across the city of Houston. It has relaxing patios that make it possible to just enjoy a margarita, lunch, chicken fried steak, or whatever it is you are having. The restaurant’s interior is littered with decor that reminds you of Houston’s colorfulness and greenery.

Their margaritas are to die for too – both before you take them and literally after. Just kidding!

They use 100% agave Tequila in their ‘ritas bringing with it a lot of diversity from Rita pitchers, to the El Tiampo specially made Blanco, Reposado, Avion ’44 and many others.

6) Eight Row Flint Margaritas

Best Margaritas In Houston - Eight Row Flint
Image credits: Eight Row Flint

Location: 1039 Yale Street, Houston Heights, Texas 77008

This is one of the top restaurants around where you can get a diverse range of drinks from cocktails to frozens, margaritas and more. However, you should definitely get to try out their Margaritas beginning with the West Texas Sotol Margarita which is made from the Chihuahuan Sotol, some orange and fresh lime.

If you love Tequila, Eight Row Flint has the Rocks Margarita – this can also be made by mixing up some Mezcal.

The Pink Rattlesnake is also a Tequila option in the menu. If you are into Mezcal, some other options are the Galveston and Watermelon Margarita. One thing’s for sure, you will enjoy whichever option you pick.

7) Original Ninfa’s on Navigation Margaritas

Original Ninfa’s on Navigation
Image Credits: The Original Ninfa’s

Location: 2704 NAVIGATION BLVD., HOUSTON TEXAS 77003 – Directions

Are you up for some weekend brunch followed by some nice margarita? This restaurant is the absolute vibe for that. It is usually full of life at this time. The team does their best to make it worth your while.

Their list of Margaritas is inviting, starting with the Tequila infused Mango Habanero, Tamarita, Skinny, Cucumber Mint, and Desert Daisy which has the Ilegal Mezcal.

8) Xochi Margaritas

Image Credits: Xochi

Location: 1777 WALKER STREET, SUITE A, HOUSTON, TX 77010 – Directions

Xochi can never miss in a conversation about the best margaritas in Houston. That would be disastrous. We think you will love their house margarita, Xochi Rita, and the Greatest Margarita. Other margaritas on their menu include the Houston Strong, Spiced Pluma and Pink Escalade.

Chef Hugo Ortega lists Xochi as his second best margarita spot in Houston. If you find yourself walking around Downtown, make sure to step in there and try out a Xochi Rita.

9) Cyclone Anaya’s Margaritas

Cyclone Anaya's
Image Credits: Cyclone Anaya’s Mexican Kitchen

Location: 1710 Durham Dr. Houston, TX 77007 – Directions

This spot has been there for over 50 years in Houston. It’s definitely one of the most popular margarita restaurants around. They are well known for their jumbo margaritas and other specially made margaritas like the Super Cyclone, Grand Gold, Titanium, and Pineapple Smash, among others.

Cyclone Anaya’s has six locations if you are looking for a variety, depending on which part of Houston you are in. You can find them in Rice Village, Midtown, The Woodlands, Woodway, Heights, and City Center.

10) Cuchara Margaritas

Image Credits: Cuchara Restaurant

Location: 214 FAIRVIEW STREET, HOUSTON, TX. 77006 – Directions

Are you looking for a city bistro in Houston? This is it. They have a variety of meals but, most importantly, great margaritas. Their house margarita, Espolon Blanco, is common. It’s a mix of Tequila, Pierre Ferrand dry curacao, and fresh lime juice.

11) Monkey’s Tail Margaritas

Monkey's Tail
Image Credits: Monkey’s Tail

Location: 5802 Fulton St, Houston, TX 77009, USA – Directions

This bar makes very good cocktails and Tejanos. They change up their daily margarita offerings, including their Tommy’s margarita, Blue Hawaiian, and Northside. Tommy’s margarita is made by mixing up Blanco tequila, Agave nectar, and Lime juice.

When you are around Lindale Park, be sure to stop by here and get yourself a Tommy’s.

12) El Patio Margaritas

El Patio
Image Credits: El Patio aka “Club no Minors”

Location: 6444 Westheimer Rd. Houston, TX 77057 – Directions

The El Patio is known for its margaritas well enough. The Purple margarita and Blue Swirl have a reputation that precedes them. They have that balance you seek in a margarita that is quite legendary.

13) La Grange Margaritas

La Grange
Image Credits: La Grange Houston

Location: 2517 Ralph St, Houston, TX 77006 – Directions

This spot has some nice Mexican food with margaritas crafted to perfection. Their service is said to be nothing short of outstanding.

Want a tip? Get on their Sunday reggae brunch and sip some of their margaritas in the sun while listening to a local band called Dem Roots.

14) The Rustic Margaritas

The Rustic
Image Credits: The Rustic

Location: 1836 Polk St, Houston, TX 77003 – Directions

Do you feel like being in a rustic space taking really big margaritas? The Rustic is the spot for you. Made from the Osadia Blanco Tequila, mango popsicle, and Patrón Citrónge, their house margarita is to die for.

That’s it for our top margaritas in Houston. If you are visiting Houston or live here and are just looking to juggle up your taste buds with a new margarita taste, you will find the options above more than sufficient.

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