20 Fun Things To Do In The Heights, Houston

The Heights Houston is an eclectic and vibrant neighborhood in the city. It was founded in 1891 hence one of the oldest planned neighborhoods in Texas. Thanks to the Victorian-style homes and tree-lined streets, the heights of Houston give off a warm and welcoming vibe. There are tons of things to do in the Heights of Houston, from its vibrant art scenes to its diverse restaurants and stores. Additionally, the neighborhood is home to several historic sites, for instance, the white oak musical hall and the Heights theater. For people looking for a night out or a tranquil afternoon in the park, Houston’s heights have got you covered.

Things To Do In The Heights Houston Locations

Houston Heights is one of the most well-liked neighborhoods in the city since it’s a terrific area to live, work, and play. Here are some of our top Houston Heights tourist destinations.

As one of the most liked neighborhoods in the city, the area is a good place to work, live, and even place. Here are the things to do in the heights of Houston

1. The Donovan Park

things to do in the heights houston - The Donovan Park

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Donovan park is considered heaven on earth, especially by kids of all ages. It’s located at the center of the neighborhood. The kids call it the castle park since the building structure resembles a castle. It is privately managed by the Houston Heights Association to keep the park secure and publicly accessible. 

When you visit the place, you will find its wooden jungle gym in excellent condition and great places you can explore and play hide and seek with friends and family. You can also enjoy an afternoon lunch picnic. Consider having a blast on their magnificent wooden train. The place is truly charming.

2. Aurora Picture Show

things to do in the heights houston - Aurora Picture Show

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The Aurora picture show was previously a church. Then, it was converted into a cinema where people could go and watch movies while sitting on those pews. As a non-profit organization, the main aim of this show is to promote new media arts and independent films put together by guest artists. 

Consider attending the Aurora picture show to watch poetry, experimental pieces, independent children’s shows, and some live performances, for example, a live-action documentary with a live band as the soundtrack. Get to experience something new from these great opportunities rather than attending a movie theater that only drains your pocket. 

3. White Linen Night

things to do in the heights houston - White Linen Night

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You are lucky for those who want to visit the Heights, Houston, before August. Why? Because you will get to witness the Houston Heights residents get together on the first Saturday of August of every year in their finest white linen clothing to participate in various activities. The main purpose of White Linen Night is to attract attention to local businesses.

To understand it better, think of it as having your whole neighborhood gather for a party but for a good cause. It started in 2006, and years later, the event has become more engaging with art, live music, and many restaurants to dine in. The best thing about this event is that it’s free and pedestrian-friendly because certain streets are blocked off. Therefore, it’s an incredible affair to bring your family along.

4. Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery

things to do in the heights houston - Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery

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This gallery houses many vibrant and authentic Mexican kitsch. The well-organized exhibition displays Mexican art, including dia de Los Muertos items and various traditional clothing. If you visit the Casa Ramirez Folkart Gallery, you will unearth some of the gems in this shop like cookbooks, memoirs, or art. 

Moreover, you get to bring your family along, and your kids can have a chance to learn more about another culture. Occasionally, the owners of this gallery travel to bring artifacts to Houston’s Heights. Once you walk into the shop, you will be invited with sweet and complimentary hojarascas. Fun, right?

5. Bayou City Bike Tours

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Bayou city bike tours are one thing you get to explore that many people don’t. It’s one entertaining way to get a good workout and learn a historical lesson while in the Heights, Houston. The best thing about this is that you are provided with California helmets and cruisers. 

Moreover, the guides are knowledgeable and fun. You will be able to enjoy this bike tour as everybody can attain the near eight-mile, and because there are many stops for history discussions and group interactions, you won’t even notice that you have traveled that far.

6. Bobbindoctrin Puppet Theater

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Note that this is not a place you can bring kids along as Bobbindoctrin puppet theater targets only adults. The theatrical entertainment exposes the myth that the art of puppetry is only meant for kids only. Puppeteers started by performing whether there was a crowd nearby. 

The performance includes various shows but is not limited to shadow, staring puppetry, and hand. Generally, they create shows all over the city; however, you can catch their performance in the Heights when they are on season.

7. Art Car Museum

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Do you enjoy art exhibits or auto shows? The Art Car Museum, often known as the ‘Garage Mahal,’ exhibits a one-of-a-kind and thrilling blend of both. You will get to know why some people say that you will never stop once you start to put stuff in your car. Why? These local artists transform your car into captivating modern art with personal statements. The cars on display often rotate, and you will also find parades. The best thing is that entry is free, and you will find something for yourself. 

8. August Antiques

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Are you looking to add a vintage charm to your space with incredible finds? Well, look no further because August Antiques has got you covered. August antiques provide a wide range of eclectic items, including metal outdoor fixtures, architectural pieces, and art decorations. Some of these elements 8 decades ago, not to mention the unique religious artifacts and books.

 So, now we know thrift shops are not the only places you can visit to look for intriguing elements. Consider visiting the area and finding some antiques that will interest you. The owner is well informed in antiques and customer-friendly.

9. The Big Star Bar

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It’s a small bar in Houston Heights that is a popular neighborhood hangout. Nothing out of the ordinary at the Big Star Bar, just nice beer, good cuisine, decent music, and sports on TV. You can opt to have a few beers with the locals or hit the dance floor and break some moves. During the winter, there are fire pits outdoors where you can kick back and relax while sipping a nice beer.

10. Sand Dollar Thrift Store

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Vintage clothes will never go out of style, and you can get them for lower prices at Sand Dollar Thrift Store. They provide a vast assortment of apparel from the ’80s and ’90s that are categorized by color! Consider visiting the place to find cute outfits and listen to vintage tunes. Here you have the opportunity to unearth beautiful gems like second-hand books, neat knick-knacks, and perfect old-fashioned sweaters that grandpas would love. In addition, they usually have a sale offer known as ‘everything half off. Isn’t that super amazing!

11. Marmion Park

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Marmion Park is a historic landmark in Houston’s Heights. The park was originally part of the Cooley Mansion, one of the first mansions built in Houston Heights in 1892. The owners of this mansion were some of the first descendants of the first English settlers in Massachusetts. It was also one of the first residences in Houston Heights to obtain electricity. Unfortunately, the mansion fell into ruin in the 1960s and was destroyed. The park still stands and is named after the former mayor. 

12. The Houston Heights Orchestra

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Suit up and get ready to enjoy a night out full of merriment and music. Catch a performance by the Houston Heights Orchestra community, who are fully committed to the joy of composing and performing symphonic orchestral music. You will enjoy their classical and modern repertoire. The best thing about Houston Heights orchestra is that it welcomes professionals and novices to either come and play or listen to the music. This way, you will get to play a piece of your music and show people what you got.  

13. West 11th Street Park

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This park is not merely just any of your ordinary parks but an “urban oasis.” The west 11th street park is nearly 20 years old and was built to be a place in town that’s more in tune with nature, unlike any ordinary park. As a part of the natural Texas forest development, the West 11th Street park has established a rich understory and calm wooded trails in recent years. The park serves as a natural preserve in the city’s heart, and thousands of people visit the place each year. You can also come and enjoy this peaceful and lovely urban sanctuary that lies amid the city’s rush and bustle of modern life\

14. Live Oak Friends Meeting House

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The Live Oak Friends Meeting House is situated in a remote location, and it’s unlikely to be visited by many visitors or residents, making it even more interesting! It was built in 2000 as a Quaker meeting place and had a permanent display called the Skyspace by James Turrell. The Skyspace installation is a 12-square-foot retractable aperture on the roof that opens up to the sky. A series of neon blue tubes fill the area, casting an otherworldly illumination when the skyspace is not opened. Be sure to visit this fascinating place. 

15. Downtown Aquarium

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The Downtown Aquarium offers more than simply your typical aquarium experience, combining all aspects of entertainment in one accessible location. The Aquarium offers on-site restaurants and live music to enjoy the amazing marine and aquatic life while grabbing a quick bite. Not forgetting the little kids, they also have rides and activities on-site for them.

16. Manready Mercantile

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Are you looking for something you can give to the special person in your life? Well, look no further as Manready Mercantile has got you covered. It’s a Houston Heights landmark designed in 2012 by a Texas native. So, consider shopping at Manready Mercantile to gift your man something incredible as they have everything he could ever need and yourself. 

There are wonderful handcrafted items such as leather goods, clothing, boots, and apothecaries such as shaving tools and soaps. If none interests you, they also sell a large assortment of bar accessories and gear.

17. Alice Blue

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Alice Blue is one of the best bistros in Houston Heights. It’s also an excellent color. Alice Blue reinvents classical American food into new and contemporary dishes sure to please the pickiest of foodies. They also make breakfast and brunch. So, stop by after work to enjoy some of their great cocktails and happy hour

18. Love Park

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With all the hustle and bustle of everyday activities, you will likely get caught up, and we recommend visiting Love park to unwind a little. You will even get to meet some of the locals there. Consider hanging out with friends or getting some exercises done in the Love park to get fit. 

You will find that there are picnic tables, a children’s playground, and even a communal swimming pool. So what’s a perfect summer day in the love park? Simple, during the hot and humid summer months, drop by for a jog or even play tennis, then cool down by the pool before enjoying your picnic. 

19. Balls Out Burger

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Locals can attest that what Balls Out Burger lacks in subtlety makes up for flavor. The burger restaurant was started two years ago and quickly rose to become Houston’s favorite. Its competitive advantage against its rivals is that they locally source its meat from forty-four Houston farms free from hormones and antibiotics. 

Additionally, they source their buns locally from Slow Dough, an incredible bakery. They also produce fresh produce from nearby farms. Everything in this place is made in Texas produce and style. Instead of explaining their tasteful products, they let their burgers do the talking. Nothing out of the ordinary is added to the burgers, just the classic cheesy and meaty goodness with every bite you take. 

20. Milroy Park

things to do in the heights houston - Milroy Park

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Everyone loves a stroll around the park, so Milroy Park is on our list. It’s a popular spot for folks to hang out, have a picnic, run, or relax and enjoy the scenery. In addition, the park is a favorite location for wedding photography. There is usually an event or two in the park or nearby because the community center is close.

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