Best 10 Kemah Boardwalk Restaurants To Dine In

kemah boardwalk restaurants houston

The 60-acre Kemah Boardwalk neighboring Houston along Galveston Bay and Clear Lake banks is home to a wide range of amusements, waterfront dining establishments, gorgeous retail enterprises, festivals, seaside entertainment, markets, and boardwalk games. So, what are the best Kemah Boardwalk restaurants to dine in? Of course, choosing where to dine is part of the … Read more

15 Best Coffee Shops in Houston

best coffee shops in houston

Did you know that health experts have found many benefits of drinking the right amount of coffee, among them that coffee can help you live longer? Now, if you live in Houston or are visiting this amazing city and love your cup of coffee, you’re in luck as we will show you the 15 best … Read more

14 Best Margaritas In Houston In 2022

Best margaritas in Houston

Are you craving some margaritas frozen, on the rocks, on a sunny day in Houston? Or perhaps you want something sweet to warm you up? Houston stays unpredictable all the time. It is sunny and crazy temperatures are flying one moment, and then the next minute it is raining for 3 weeks straight. Either way, … Read more

Why You Need To Eat At The New Kenny & Ziggy’s West University


If you haven’t heard of Kenny & Ziggy’s Restaurant in Houston, you are missing out on something great. No, something amazing. It doesn’t matter what you order from Kenny & Ziggy’s, because everything comes extra large there, even the menus. Ziggy Gruber has taken his knowledge of the New York-style deli and created a Texas-style deli that didn’t exist, … Read more