20 Mouth-Watering Tacos In Houston

Houston City is known for various things. It is home to popular waterfront restaurants, Buffalo Bayou Park, beaches, waterparks, and different cuisines. Every kind of dish can be found in food trucks, restaurants, and even hotels. Tacos have gained popularity among Houstonians since there are a lot of Mexican restaurants around. There is no shortage of tacos in this city since it’s available at almost every restaurant. Houston is a known taco town offering a variety of options. This article lists the best tacos in Houston which are worth visiting. The eateries are affordable and within the city’s proximity.

1. La Vibra Tacos

While there are different types of tacos, Costra tacos are uncommon in Houston. La Vibra is a popular spot that fuses tacos with other kinds of dishes. This Heights Restaurant has won the hearts of many Houstonians because of its selective options and creativity in preparing tacos.

The tortillas are delicious and affordable. They are made from cheese encase fillings mixed with griddled cactus and thinly sliced Angus ribeye curls.

Address: 506 Yale St, Ste A, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (713) 389 5783

Best Tacos In Houston
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2. Tita’s Taco House

Titas Taco House is recognized by famous magazines like Houston Chronicle as a top taco restaurant. It is open for breakfast and lunch serving tasty choices of tacos to locals. Their tacos are homemade and mixed with tortilla flour.

Tita’s Taco House adds succulent barbocoa, eggs, chicken molee, grilled onions, and cheese as toppings. Visit the restaurant and enjoy every bit of the tacos they offer.

Address: 320 Wilson Rd, Humble, TX 77338

Phone: (281) 446 4175

Best Tacos In Houston
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3. Tacos Tierra Caliente

Tacos Tierra Caliente is a Montrose-based restaurant serving the best tacos in the city. Owned by Maria Victoria, this restaurant has been recognized as an incredible taco joint by New York Times. For over two decades, Tacos Tierra Caliente has been serving Houstonians delicious tacos like trompo, chorizo, fajita, and barbacoa.

The tacos here are stuffed with al pastor, pollo, and chicharron. In addition, taco de barbacoa is topped with avocado and diced onions or toppings of your preference.

Address: 2003 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (713) 584-9359

Best Tacos In Houston
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4. Tacos La Bala

We can’t list the best tacos in Houston without mentioning Tacos La Bala. This restaurant has eight different locations around the city that only serves tacos. Tacos La Bala is a popular and consistent taco spot. With the expansive Mexican cuisine, the restaurants serve various choices of tacos.

Enjoy mouthwatering tacos such as carne deshebrada, tripe, and tacos de trompo. You can also order a crispy corn tortilla taco that is topped with salsas. Tacos La Bala services are family friendly hence a great lunchtime venue.

Address: 5800 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77081

Phone: (713) 839-8226

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5. Tacos La Sultana

Tacos La Sultana is known as “the mother of all tacos.” This lively taco spot is always in the business of serving the best tacos in Houston. This East End food truck has a simplified taco menu of trompo and bistec satisfying all diners.

Order the tortas and quesadillas that are served with both trompo and bistek. Also according to your preference, you can order a sized tortilla topped with shaved trompo and thinly sliced taco meat.

Address: 701 Capitol St, Houston, TX 77011

Phone: (832) 923 9289

Best Tacos In Houston
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6. Cochinita and Co.

If you are looking for the best tacos in Houston, visit Cochinita and Co. It is an East End restaurant managed by Chef Elizondo. The ambiance in this spot gives you a unique dining experience. The wall is lined with bottles of natural wine and a retro rainbow motif runs throughout the dining area.

In addition, if you order as a group, there is a communal table that serves lion-tinga tacos. The tacos are prepared with fresh locally sourced ingredients. Order the cochinita pibil a type of taco cooked with pork and served on earthy corn tortillas. Also, Cochinita and Co have a tacos truck called Cochi’s Taqueria that circulates tacos around Houston.

Address: 5420 Lawndale St #500, Houston, TX 77023

Phone: (713) 309-6410

Best Tacos In Houston
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7. Chilosos Taco House

Located in the Heights, this is a favorite spot for tacos. Chilosos Taco House is a casual eatery offering a delicious taco menu for breakfast and lunch. Since 2007, this taco joint has been serving tasty tacos. Their tacos are one of a kind topped with zippy green salsa.

Chilosos Tacos are made with good corn tortillas and wonderful flour that keep attracting customers. The breakfast taco menu is filled with huevos Mexicana, migas, jalapenos, chilaquiles, and onions. Visit this spot at lunch hour and you will be served a variety of tacos such as street tacos with barbacoa beef, carne guisada taco, and crispy tacos mixed with lettuce and cheese.

Address: 701E 20th ST, Houston, TX 77008

Phone: (713) 868-2273

Image Source: chilososhouston.com

8. Tacos al pastor el trompo

Spend your afternoons eating the best tacos in Houston. Tacos al pastor is a taco trunk known for serving the juiciest tacos and al pastor. Located in Humble, this place offers delicious choices of tacos.

The menu comprises of huaraches, thick oblong tortillas with beans, birria quesadillas, agua frescas, horchata and cheesy pupusas. The tacos are then topped with grilled onions, lime, and cheese for an amazing taste.

Address: 17250 W Lake Houston Pkwy, Humble, TX 77346

Phone: (346) 381-3668

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9. Tacos Dona Lena

For the last three years, Tacos Dona Lena has gained fame because of its delicious tacos. The top favorite is quesabirria prepared with Mexican sour cream, tortilla strips, and fried eggs. Tacos Dona Lena has an extensive menu of tortas, tacos, aqua fresca and chilaquil taco. On weekends from 8 am, this restaurant serves delicious queso fresco until late in the evening.

Address: 8788 Hammerly Blvd G, Houston, TX 77080

Phone: (713) 993-6486

Image Source:donalenatacos.com

10. Boombox Taco

Boombox is a popular food truck taco owned by Alex Martinex a Mexican chef. He is known as the senior jukebox because of the delicious cooking of taqueros and carniceros. Boombox Taco’s dedication to Mexican heritage has made it popular around the city. It offers the best tacos in Houston with an 80-style sound system that keeps the music going while dining variety of options.

Order the delicious steak tacos, al pastor, barbacoa, and chicken taco. In addition, there are vegan options such as vegan chorizo. Enjoy plates of tacos on Taco Tuesday or late-night weekends.

Address: 3715 Market St, Houston, TX 77020

Best Tacos In Houston
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11. Tacos Bomberos

Isaac Chavez is a renowned chef and owner of Tacos Bomberos dedicated to serving authentic delicious tacos. He is always in the business to satisfy your cravings with delicious tacos. Tacos Bomberos uses high-quality USDA prime skirt steak fajitas to prepare stellar steak tacos. These tacos are then accented with grilled onions, cheese, and pepper for a delicious taste.

In addition, Bomberos serves nearby bars at night such as Poison Girl, Holler Brewing Company, and Axelrad. Order tacos wrapped in flour tortillas wrapped with queso fresco, nachos, cilantro, and homemade Valentine’s crema.

Address: 2206 Edwards St, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (713) 644-3826

Best Tacos In Houston
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12. Brothers Taco House

If you are headed to Bayou City stop by Brothers Taco House and enjoy the amazing tacos served here. Brothers are known as Taco Mecca and serve breakfast and lunch tacos that are deserving. The restaurant is crowded with everyone ordering tacos. This should not intimidate you since the staffs work fast and serve you whatever you order.

Brothers Taco House’s menu comprises asado de Puerco, picadillo made with beef, raja con queso, fajita, huevos con, weenies and chicharron stewed with pork.

Address: 1604 Emancipation Ave, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: (713) 223-0091

Best Tacos In Houston
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13. Taqueria Del Sol

Taqueria Del Sol is a popular taquerias venue situated on Southeast Houston. Truth is it’s one of the unique tacos eateries sitting next to a bakery. For over 35 years, Taqueria Del Sol has served delicious tacos fused with Mexican dishes. The carne asada version keeps attracting locals to this joint. It is perfectly grilled and topped with house green salsa for a delicious taste.

Taqueria Del Sol welcomes every customer and prepares tacos just how you love them. The extensive menu offers favorites of tacos de carne, barbacoa, trompo, and asada. Also, remember to order some desserts in their bakery as you head home.

Address: 8114 Park PI Blvd, Houston, TX 77017

Phone: (713) 644-0535

Taqueria Del Sol
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14. Cantina Barba

If you are planning for a late night out whether on a date or clubbing, add Cantina Barba to your list. It is a restaurant located in the Heights and opens until 3 am allowing customers to enjoy their favorite food.

Cantica Barba offers the best tacos in Houston accompanied by various drinks. Whether it’s breakfast, lunch or dinner feel free to order your tacos. Order a carne asada taco that is served with a Mezcal watermelon margarita. In addition, Cantina Barba has an onsite casual bar for cocktails, beers, and wine to accompany your taco.

Address: 3701 N Main St, Houston, TX 77009

Cantina Barba
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15. La Chingada Taco and Tequila

La Chingada Taco serves classic Mexican dishes fused with tacos. The ambiance is chic with a welcoming atmosphere. Whether you prefer tacos as breakfast, lunch, or dinner the food here is delicious and authentic.

Order a plate of house-made salsa topped with habanero sauce. In addition, this taco joint has a Thirsty Thursdays where they serve tacos combined with two house margaritas at a fair price.

Address: 1402 Northwood St. Houston, TX 77009

Phone: (713) 505-1218

La Chingada Taco and Tequila
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16. Sunrise Taquito

Sunrise Taquito offers the best tacos in Houston. The spot is known for serving delicious breakfast tacos. Located near Memorial Park, this taco joint has a lot of diners crowding every day. The breakfast tacos are rolled with fresh tortillas and filled with chorizo, eggs, bacon, and barbacoa. Also, you can request a topping of your choice to strike a balance without feeling too salty or greasy.

Address: 5601 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77007

Sunrise Taquito
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17. Tacos Javi’s

Tacos’ Javi is a family-owned restaurant located on the northeast side of town. Enjoy all kinds of tacos such as tacos al-vapor mixed with chicharron and beans. Eating tacos here is never enough so you can always order a takeaway. In addition, they serve tacos estilo Tlaquapaque which are teensy bundles filled with slow-cooked beef.

Address: 1003 Cromwell St, Houston, TX 77037

Phone: (346) 570 4793

Tacos Javi's
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18. El Tiempo Taqueria

More than a family-owned grocery store, El Tiempo serves the best tacos in Houston. Treat yourself to breakfast tacos with a choice of chicken or beef fajitas. This joint is consistent with its fresh locally sourced ingredients. Other top choices include carnitas, barbacoa, and brisket.

Address: 5526 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (713) 862 7792

El Tiempo Taqueria
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19. La Calle

Tacos are a favorite meal to enjoy while dining with friends and family. La Calle is a well-known taco shop that opens daily and keeps late-night hours. It has three locations in Garden Oaks, Downtown, and Midtown Houston.

La Calle tacos are prepared with more than twenty ingredients just how you will love it. Spend time bonding with your family while enjoying taco dishes of street tacos, slow-cooked birria, and chicharrones. All of these flavors are combined with your favorite margarita or Michelada.

Address: 909 Franklin St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (832) 735-8226

Best Tacos In Houston
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20. Tacos Tec

Enjoy your favorite taco dish as you wait for your flight. Tacos Tec is the taco spot because of its convenient location. It is located in South Houston between Howard Drive and Hobby Airport. Travelers spend time here enjoying their favorite dishes.

The tortillas are prepared well and dipped in oil, topped with plancha adding a unique taste. You can never go wrong with tacos served since the ingredients are sourced from Mexico, Nuevo Leon, and Monterrey. Order bistec, tripa, chicharron, trompo, picadillo and tacos Tlaquepaque topped with dark brown salsa and de deshebrada.

Address: 8449 Gulf Fwy, Houston, TX 77017

Phone: (218) 780-5952

Best Tacos In Houston
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