10 Richest Neighborhoods In Houston, Texas

richest neighborhoods in Houston

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in one of Houston’s most affluent neighborhoods? How much money do you need to live in a fashionable neighborhood? Or where exactly are these neighborhoods?  The expensiveness of a neighborhood is determined by location, natural features of the area, and the size and style of homes.  … Read more

Best Haunted Houses In Houston To Scare You

best haunted houses in Houston

If you are a thrill seeker, you understand that Halloween is not a one-day affair on October 31st. Instead, it is a whole season packed with terrifying ghost stories, horror movies, fright-filled gala, creepy snacks, costume planning, and of course, no Houston Halloween will be complete without a visit to the best haunted houses in … Read more

Best Interior Designers And Home Stagers In Houston

Houston interior designers

The interior design industry covers a wide scope of both residential and corporate services. Ranging from redecorating, home staging, and reorganizing, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly the right fit for your needs. We’ve pulled together an inventory of great local businesses and designers that are ready to help whatever the mission may … Read more

12 Best Furniture Stores In Houston

best furniture stores in Houston

Have you become weary of your home’s dirty, outdated furniture? Is it time to visit furniture stores and furnish your home with chic new pieces?  Unfortunately, furniture shopping is a personal, labor-intensive, and ultimately expensive experience, especially if you want your purchase to last. With just one click, you may browse every style of couch, … Read more

Vacation in Houston: A How-To Guide

SAVE MONEY, GET CONNECTED, AND STAY LOCAL THIS SUMMER WITH THESE TIPS ON HOW TO VACATION IN HOUSTON–AND WHERE TO GO TO DO IT. It’s summer, and that means that families, couples, and solo adventurers are on the hunt for fun weekends and mini-trips. Creating great memories and experiencing new things is a top priority … Read more


With the conclusion of our segments on the Houston history of the first four wards, we now move into new territory as we take you through the Fifth and Sixth Wards. The original four wards were chartered in 1839, and they undeniably played a crucial role in the foundation of Houston history. While the later wards … Read more


Houston’s ward system has defined the city virtually from its inception and continues to be a crucial part of the identity of the town and the people who call it home. While Houston’s wards began as an early version of today’s district system and were used as a way to govern and provide representation for the residents, … Read more