Best Interior Designers And Home Stagers In Houston

The interior design industry covers a wide scope of both residential and corporate services. Ranging from redecorating, home staging, and reorganizing, it can sometimes be hard to know exactly the right fit for your needs. We’ve pulled together an inventory of great local businesses and designers that are ready to help whatever the mission may be, but first, let’s explore what some of these services involve.

The term “interior design” is commonly thought of as the design or re-design of interior space, whether a home or office space. This can often entail drastic remodeling—like structural renovations, new appliances, and fresh furniture and decor—or it can reuse many existing elements in inventive ways. While this is a large part of interior design, other services can include home staging and organization.

Home staging can make a huge difference when it comes to selling your home. Almost any realtor will tell you when done correctly; having furniture in a home makes it feel more welcoming and helps potential buyers imagine their own life there. However, too much furniture or decor that is too stylized can have the opposite effect. This is when a skilled interior designer can be a great asset.

For others, the organization, or lack thereof, in their current home may be their biggest issue. In cities where apartment living is often the norm, getting the most out of a smaller space can be challenging. On the other hand, large houses tend to fill up over the years, often leaving homeowners with unnecessary items. A home organizer can help redesign storage spaces to create a more functional space and help alleviate clutter.

1. Just Organised by Taya 

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Home staging and home organizing services are Taya’s specialty, and she offers various organizing packages spanning anywhere from 4 to 30 hours. She can help with any room in the house, including garages, home offices, and playrooms. Other notable services include collectibles and memorabilia, estate organization, and time management. In addition to organization, she also provides both vacant and occupied home staging. Vacant staging entails a detailed consultation, staging layout, and action plan for each room. The occupied staging focuses on clutter elimination and how to best use existing furniture and decorations to create a more inviting environment for potential buyers.

 2. Laura Umansky

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Laura Umansky is a well-known interior designing firm in Houston. This company is dedicated to creating holistic spaces. The company focuses on understanding the clients’ requirements and delivering the most comfortable, functional, and pleasing to the eye designs.

The team at Laura Umansky takes their designing roles very seriously and is well versed in all sorts of design projects. The amazing bit is that they can work on construction, renovation, or even just curating finishes. Basically, the firm is dedicated to creating beautiful residential spaces that reflect its clients’ visions.

  3.  Estrada Design

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Carol Estrada specializes in renovating and furnishing residential spaces, with over 15 years of experience working in the Houston market. After relocating permanently to Houston around 5 years ago, her local portfolio has only grown. She incorporates her fashion and interior design background to add her own artistic touches to her designs. She often utilizes existing pieces in her remodeling, opting to have certain pieces reupholstered or painted to give them new life. In addition, Estrada’s network of local vendors means access to custom-made art and accessories right here in Houston.

4.  Pamela Hope 

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Pamela Hope began her own design company in 1999, and since then, her projects have covered the greater Houston area and sites across Texas and the continental U.S. Her method of design has been greatly influenced by her time spent abroad in countries like Italy and France, where she learned to appreciate architecture and decor of every style from a young age. Her services include remodeling and new construction, decor, color palettes, window treatments, and fabrics. She was recently nominated for a community improvement award for her work on a historic remodeling in the Heights.

5. Eklektik Interiors

Image source: Eklektik Interiors

Eklektik Interiors, owned by Kathy Anderson, features a dynamic team of interior designers and architects. Kathy places a high value on communication and ensuring her clients understand what is going on throughout the design process. The team works on new construction specifications for commercial and residential spaces, remodeling, custom cabinets, lighting, flooring, and furnishings. Eklektik’s designs can cater to a wide variety of styles, including Victorian, Tuscan, Mediterranean, and Moroccan, just to name a few.

6. William Stubbs & Associates

Image credit: William Stubbs & Associates

William W. Stubbs is another influential interior designer in Houston. The founder William Stubbs, can communicate well with his client, which has helped his company’s growth. In addition, Stubbs has a creative team that shares the same passion that he has for design.

The amazing thing is that every space the company designs is carefully crafted to meet the demands of its clients. Stubbs and his team have mastered and created most styles over the years, including historic charm, city chic, and a modern classic. 

 7.  Marie Flanigan Interiors

Image credit: Marie Flanigan Interiors

Marie Flanigan is an award-winning interior designer in Houston. The designer believes that we are the best versions of ourselves in spaces that impress us the most. For that reason, this company focuses on creating functional, aesthetic, and ergonomic spaces.

The Marie Flanigan combines architecture, structure, and interiors to deliver their top-notch jobs. The fantastic bit is that most of their jobs are featured in publications like Elle Decor. So you can be assured that they are a great place to contact for your interior decor projects.

 8. Contour Interior Design

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Contour Interior Design was founded by Nina Magon and has won numerous awards in interior designs over the past couple of years. Renowned for its signature refined modern, the company is known for its unique designs emphasizing skillfully executed, flawless detail.

Nina and her team are well versed in creative designing and share the same passion for crafting. They have created many outstanding projects, including spas, hotels, exclusive residences, and other special events. This company’s triumph is built by integrating construction expertise and design innovation.

The amazing bit is that Contour’s designers are well informed and updated with the latest trends, products, and technologies. This ensures that they create unique designs to their client’s expectations.  

9. ShelterStyle

Image credit: ShelterStyle

At Shelterstyle, owner and designer Joetta Moulden’s primary objective is reusing what you already own to revitalize your home. Implementing her “redesign” philosophy, she focuses on taking existing pieces and decor and rethinking them to reinvigorate the space. New features are added in as needed, but her priority to upcycle is especially useful for those seeking a new look on a budget. Having been in interior design for over 30 years, she can work well with almost any style, including traditional, country, and contemporary.

 10. Berkeley Holley 

Image credit: Berkeley Holley

Berkeley is a designing company that has been creating luxury residential interiors for over 15 years. The firm has worked on projects ranging from luxury hotels, restaurants, bars, and high-end residents in Houston.

Seeing and hearing her clients commend her for her nice job motivates Berkeley to create unique projects. The firm mostly works on modern designs but also on other styles.

11. Pearl Design Interior

Image credit: Pearl Design Interior

Pearl Design interior is another great interior design firm in Houston, Texas, that offers individually customized design services. This firm covers you if you want traditional, modern, eclectic, or contemporary. Their main goal is to craft a stunning space that exceeds the clients’ expectations while still maximizing the value without compromising on the quality. 

They are experts at creating unique residential and commercial interior designs. The team at Pearl Design has created several projects for celebrity shoots, which has made them well known. The fantastic bit about this firm is that they design knowledgeably. 

12. Dodson Interiors 

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Dodson Interiors is a Houston-based interior designer that will turn your dreams into reality. Founded by Julie Dodson, the firm has, over the years, grown tremendously and become well known all over Houston. The company specializes in residential and commercial interiors.

The best bit is that Julie Dodson has a background in interior design and fashion, giving her the honor of working with some of Houston’s top design firms. So, you can be assured that you will get a well-done job.

  13. Michael J. Siller Interior

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 Michael J. Siller Interior is among the best interior designers in Houston. The principal designer creates interiors with a sense of formality, maintaining a comfortable elegance. Michael will fulfill your aesthetic and functional needs as one of the best designers in Houston.

Michael and his professional team have, over time, created different luxury interior designs that are spectacular. They have discerned themselves via their keen eye for details.

14. WenDT Design Group

Image credit: WenDT Design Group

WenDT Design Group is a full firm known for working on projects like estates, commercial, residential, small homes, restaurants, offices, buildings, and hotels. Although this firm is based in Houston, it has worked internationally on large and small projects. 

This company has vast experience in all interior design styles, including transitional, classic modern, and contemporary designs. The professional team from the firm works with you every step to ensure that you get a unique style and a functional and encompassing design to meet your lifestyle and budget. In addition, they will help you execute the type of aesthetic you are looking for.

  15. Ginger Barber Interior Design

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Ginger Barber Interior Design is another great firm that will help bring your dreams to reality. Ginger Barbers’ motto is to keep things simple yet elegant. Her commitment to an uncomplicated look combined with natural materials delivers the foundation of her spectacular designs.

Ginger tackles design with a neutral palette and prefers solid white, beige, or subtle repetitive patterns to deliver her unique designs. She will unquestionably help you achieve the most beautiful space.

We wish you the best of luck reimagining your space and know you’ll find the perfect Houston designer who is up for the task.

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