Best Haunted Houses In Houston To Scare You

If you are a thrill seeker, you understand that Halloween is not a one-day affair on October 31st. Instead, it is a whole season packed with terrifying ghost stories, horror movies, fright-filled gala, creepy snacks, costume planning, and of course, no Houston Halloween will be complete without a visit to the best haunted houses in Houston.

Texas has some of the best haunted houses in the world, but some houses have better haunts than others. Therefore, we compiled a list of Houston’s top 8 haunted houses for the most chilling haunted experience. 

1. The Haunted Trails 

The Haunted Trails - best haunted houses in houston
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The Haunted Trails is one of the best haunted houses you can visit in Houston. First, the place is affordable, and you will only pay $28 for your ticket. If you want to skip the line to speed pass, you can add an extra $10. The Haunted Trails House is usually open from Friday to Sunday in October and the first weekend in November. 

They usually open from 8 pm to around midnight on Friday and Saturday and from 8 pm to 11 pm on Sundays. On hallowing night they are open from 7: 30 to 11 pm. It is important to note that since this outdoor attraction they do not operate in extreme conditions.

Location: 11500 Antoine Dr., Houston, TX 77066

2. Creepy Hollow

Creepy Hollow - best haunted houses in houston
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You can face your fears when night falls at the Creepy Hollow haunted house in Houston. This house is located a few minutes from Down Town Houston, and it features three haunted attractions, multiple shows, games, and amazing food. The amazing bit is that this house has been voted the best haunted house in Houston, Texas, by HAA or Haunted Attraction Association.

You will find three attractions in this place: walking through the 288 scare factory, pitch-black paths, and horrifying backwoods. This place remains open in September, October, and a few days in November. Usually, the tickets go for $40 and an extra $10 if you need a speed pass. Again they offer coupons for discounts on admission on their official sites.

Location: 12872 Valley Vista Drive, Rosharon, TX, 77583

3. Phobia Haunted House 

Phobia Haunted House - best haunted houses in houston
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If you are looking for a scary and creepy night in Houston, you can’t miss the Phobia Haunted House. This place usually has new special effects and attractions every year, making it one of the best haunted houses in Houston. The amazing bit is that there are multiple attractions you can choose from in this place, including the Clown Mania, Exile, Darke Institute, and Savage Ground. 

Being a fan favorite haunted house in Houston, you can be sure to get creeped out in this place. Their tickets usually cost $15 per person for one house and $13 per person for a house in a grouping of more than 20 people.  Phobia is open every weekend in October, the first weekend in November, and the whole week of Halloween.

Location: 5250 S. Sam Houston Pkwy, Houston, TX 77048

4. Red Rum Haunted House

Red Rum Haunted House - best haunted houses in houston
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The Red Rum Haunted House is another cool place you can visit in Houston if you are looking for a thrill. This place usually has four attractions, Twisted Circus 3D, Lazor Fury, Cinegore, and  Asylum. These places have had new twists, and major upgrades will scare the crap out of you. 

Their general admission is now $35 online and $40 at the door, and you can pay $55 online or $60 at the door for a speed freak. Red Rum is usually open through the first weekend in November, plus special dates near Halloween. The fantastic bit is that they sell souvenirs at their gift shop.

Location: 1800 E. Hwy 90 Alternate, Richmond, TX 77406

5. Boo On the Boardwalk

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Are you looking for the perfect family-friendly haunted house in Houston? Then the Kemah’s annual Boo on the Boardwalk is a great option. The house usually offers tricks and treats, live music, and different creepy creatures every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday in October. The amazing thing is that this place is also great for kids. Again their admissions are free, and you will only pay for rides. However, you should note that the tickets to the Dungeon of Doom will cost extra, but you could opt to buy an all-day ride, including the Haunted house rates.

Location: 215 Kipp Ave, Kemah, TX 77565

6. Houston Scream Fest

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The Houston Scream Fest is not only a haunted house but a haunted festival. This place usually has ten attractions, including a live band, zombie hunt, chainsaw maze, and Graveyard. They also show different horror movies on a big screen and have a dance floor with a DJ.

General admission is $40 per person, which includes free drinks, unlimited entrance to the haunted houses, carnival-style midway, admission to H-Town paintballs, and security patrolled parking. The place is usually open on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday for the entire month of October and the first two weekends in November. 

Location: 1500 Elton St, Houston, TX 77034

7. Haunted Houstonopoly

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Haunted Houstonolpoly has been very popular around Houston because of its new and unique ideas. The best part is that this place welcomes people of different ages and has life-size board games that will give you an exciting experience. In addition, they have daytime activities that include costume contests, pumpkin painting, spook surprises, and tricks and treating.

During the night, the Haunted Houstonopoly is transformed into an interactive fright fest for people above 16 years. The props and furniture are changed, and the horror rooms are opened. The daytime tickets cost $20 per person, and the nighttime tickets cost $35.

Location: 2501 Rice Boulevard, Houston, TX 77005

8. Houston Terror Dome

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To close our list of the best haunted houses in Houston, Houstonterror Dome is another amazing haunted house you can visit. It is one of the world’s most detailed and complex horror houses. It has ax throwing, Nightmare Alley Selfie Saloon, Cranium Catch, and one horror house. The unique and latest attraction is the sacrifice.

The amazing bit is that this place is a family-friendly haunted house. The tickets cost you around $15 to $25, depending on your package. To enter their fight your fears and paintball gallery, you will need to pay an extra $5. 

Location: 16030 East Freeway, Channelview, TX 77530

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