6 Fun Things About Houston’s First Ward

Houston’s first ward is a neighborhood in Houston, Texas, enriched with beautiful natural sceneries, parks, and diverse populations, meaning different interesting cultures and museums to help you travel back to the place’s history. Besides, the neighborhood hosts beautiful architectural buildings. In this article is a list of things you need to know about this place. Read on! 

What Is Houston’s First Ward?

It is one of the city’s old neighborhoods, founded in 1840. Initially, there were groceries, shops, warehouses, and industries run by European immigrants. And it served as a residential area for laborers, grocers, and railway workers. 

It is situated strategically at the intersection of the Buffalo bayou and white oak Bayou just near Allen’s building area. It sits on an area of about nine square miles on the city’s northeast side. It initially elected only white men councillors to serve them without any salary. Not until the reconstruction period was the ward represented by two black Americans.

Interesting Things About Houston’s First Ward

1. Art gallery

Sawyer yards is a thriving creative community in the heart of Houston’s first ward. It is bounded by an active rail yard where more than twenty trains change the landscape. The warehouses have been transformed into built-in studios, home to the country’s largest artist community. The art community has been brought to life by creative businesses, public galleries, and perfectly scheduled events. They also open the buildings to the public to come and view these eye-catching artworks.

houston first ward - graffiti
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You can visit the artist alley, which has 800 feet of art murals worked on by local and international artists, making it a great spot to have your photoshoots.

Art District Houston is located in the Washington Avenue corridor and is home to more than three hundred studios for artists, designers, and makers where you can pay a visit to get to experience the firsthand sight of how artwork is made.

Another place to visit is the orange show center for visionary arts, dedicated to art exhibitions pushing traditional boundaries. It has activities like storytelling, workshops, music, and live performances. Besides, each art house hosts regular art exhibition occasions where artists showcase their artworks.

2. Parks

Houston first ward has plenty of parks you can visit when you need some tranquility, to release steam, a picnic with your loved ones, or alone time. Sam Houston park is one of the oldest parks in the ward. It usually offers several activities like jogging trails, camping, tennis courts, and a playground. Therefore, you can visit the place, especially for team-building activities with your colleagues at work or even friends.

houston first ward with parks
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Another popular park is the tranquility park which has a waterfall, pond, and garden. It is located in downtown Houston. This is a great spot when you want to relieve your mind from pressures from work, have a breath of fresh air, go for a couple’s date, or enjoy some serenity.

3. Restaurants 

Houston’s first ward has an endless list of restaurants serving numerous delicacies, from your favorite seafood to exquisite drinks to Belgium specialities. Here are a few of the restaurants you can visit and let your taste buds enjoy different flavors;

i). BB Lemon

houston first ward BB Lemon restaurant
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BB Lemon is an elevated eatery and bar within a cozy neighborhood. It usually serves a mix of Houston’s and New York’s specialties. First, they serve you specialties like steak tartare to awaken your taste buds. Then you can move to a more holder flavor like a loaded chili dog, then complete your meal with a glass of wine or a cocktail like BB Manhattan.

ii). Cafe Brussels 

Cafe Brussels
Image Source: 365thingsinhouston.com

The cafe is located at 1718 Houston Avenue and will serve you dishes like mussels in garlic butter sauce, chicken cordon Bleu, and Croque monsieur. You will also enjoy Belgian delicacies without booking a plane ticket. Besides, it has the best Belgian beers and flavors in Houston. 

iii). Loft18 Houston 

Loft18 Houston 
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While playing great indoor games, you can enjoy delicacies like tacos, delicious flatbread, and big mouth-watering burgers. But, of course, you will also have a great time with your friends or for that desired date night.

 iv). Spring Street Beer, Wine, and Garden

Spring street beer, wine, and garden
Image Source: visithoustontexas.com

Located in Houston’s first ward, Historic District, the restaurant serves you good vibes on its enormous outdoor patio. Here you will sip on your cocktails like the coffee-inspired Nitro Martini. Its interior design is at the point, making it the best hangout place after a long stressful day, and you want to release some steam or cool your head down as you sip on your favorite beer.

4. Museum

A place like Houston’s first ward has got very rich in history, making it a home of great museums. One of the best museums is the Buffalo soldier museum which holds the history and legacy of all-black regiments created by the US army during the nineteenth century. The soldiers played a huge role in American history, therefore a reason for their stories to be preserved. 

houston first ward museum
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The museum is open Tuesdays to Saturdays from 10 am to 5 am, while on Thursdays between 1 pm to 5 pm, the admissions are free.

 5. Beautiful scenery

The ward is endowed with beautiful picturesque sceneries like the Buffalo Bayou river that flows through its heart. It is an excellent place to go and relax your mind. Another spectacular feature is the sixty-four feet tall waterfall which is consoling to watch. 

Beautiful scenery
Image Source: 365thingsinhouston.com

Many skyscrapers have great architecture, which one enjoys looking at. You can also engage in activities like biking in the parks or maybe through the Bayou bridge.

The woodland heights is also a nice spot to visit as it has stunning sights like the Victoria homes, local shops, and bike trails along the white oak Bayou.

6. Welcoming community

Residents in this neighborhood form a tight close community, and when you move here, you blend in more quickly than expected. This is because the area’s civil council organizes regular community clean-up events.

Houston first ward community
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If you plan to own a home in this neighborhood, you will have a variety of designs to choose from. In addition, the fact that this Houston first ward neighborhood has access to any amenities you require, from parks, schools, and entertainment centers, makes it more friendly for a family with kids to live in.

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