Crispiest Chicken Fried Steak Places In Houston

Chicken fried steak, also known as CSF, is a Favorite Southern cuisine. It is a cutlet dish prepared like traditional chicken but coated with seasoned flour. The gravy cream served on the side comes in different colors, spices, and flavors to match your preference. It is a historic dish believed to have originated in Texas. Houston restaurants are known for Chicken Fried Steak blended with different spices and seasonings. If you live in Houston or looking forward to visiting this place, below are restaurants you can visit. They are worth the money with the amazing cuisine they serve.

1.  Hickory Hollow Restaurant and Catering

This is one a kind of restaurant serving delicious steak at your comfort. It is known for the best chicken fried steak. Hickory Hollow Restaurant was featured on the Food Network and Travel Channel. It was established 42 years ago to offer catering and hospitality services. This delicious dish comes in sizes small costing $10.99, medium, $13.59, and large, $15.99. The Chicken Fried Steak is packed with jalapeno and served with fried okras or green beans. Their unique recipes have won them thousands of customers and honors over the years.

Location: 8038 Fallbrook Dr, Houston, Texas 77064

Phone: +1 281- 469-5323

Hickory Hollow Restaurant and Catering
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2.  Barbecue Inn

Barbecue Inn is the place for you if you want to experience the best cuisine filled with nostalgia. Founded in 1946 by Louis and their perfect catering passed over to four generations. It started with simple barbecue recipes. Later, other kinds of dishes were added to the menu. As a result, this family-owned business has a perfect mark in Houston serving tasty delicacies and traditional hospitality. Alongside the famous Chicken Fried Steak that costs $22.05, you can treat yourself to catfish, fried oysters, and stuffed crab.

Location: 116 West Crosstimbers Road Houston, Texas 77018

Phone: +1 713-695-8112

Barbecue Inn
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3.  Franks Americana Revival

Michael Shine purchased this restaurant six years ago and gave it a fancier name. He wanted to represent his idea of offering more classic dishes. With modern catering, Franks Americana Revival offers classic cuisine in Houston. The Chicken Fried Steak is covered with black pepper cream, giving it a modernized food style. This comes with a side plate of mashed potatoes and roasted vegetables. They are purchased at $19 for lunch and $25 for dinner. The experience here is excellent, giving a variety of Modern American dishes across the country.

Location: 3736 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texas 77027

Phone: +1 713-572-8600

Franks Americana Revival - best chicken fried steak in houston
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4.  Cleburne Cafeteria

This restaurant was established 80 years ago and named after Cleburne Street in Houston. It has a classic design of Cleburne family photos painted in black and white providing a cozy environment. According to your preference, chicken fried steak or rows of baked chicken are served. These offer you a profound culinary journey. At Cleburne, the poultry is natural, with no sources of hormones or additives. The choice of sourced meat is trimmed and grounded by the restaurant’s butcher.

Location: 3606 Bissonnet St, Houston, Texas 77005

Phone: +1 713-667-2386

Cleburne Cafeteria
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5.  Lankford Grocery and Market

You might want a different taste from the modern lifestyle to remember the old ways. Lankford Grocery and Market is an old-fashioned restaurant serving you iconic delicacies. This place is amazingly unique, with a lunch spot plus a grocery store to cover all your needs. Apart from its fame in burgers, its chicken fried steak is huge and delicious. It is prepared with fried chicken mixed with lettuce, shredded cabbage, and cucumbers to give a unique taste.

Location: 88 Dennis St, Houston, Texas 77006

Phone: + 1 713-522-9555

Lankford Grocery and Market
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6.  Ouisies Table

Over the years, Ouisies Table has offered extravagant wedding venues. The good news is you can have one of your best chickens in this restaurant. It is crispy and covered with custardy corn served with creamy gravy on the side. They offer Chicken Fried Steak only on Tuesdays when the Southern Fried Specialist is available.

Location: 3939 San Felipe St, Houston, Texas 77027

Phone: + 1 713-528-2264

Ouisies Table - best chicken fried steak in houston
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7.  Jax Grill

One incredible thing about Jax Grill is their Chicken Fried Steak recipe that has been used since 1993. The steak is five ounces with white gravy, creamy added butter, black pepper, garlic, white onions, and seasoned chicken. These give you a flavorful experience with chicken steak costing $10.95.

Location: 1613 Shepherd Dr, Houston, Texas 77007

Phone: +1 713-861-5529

Jax Grill - best chicken fried steak in houston
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8.  Mel’s Country Café

Mel’s country café offers 16 ounces of steak at lunch and 8 ounces at dinner. They give you an amazing experience with chicken fried steak since it is served with yeast rolls or cornbread. One unique service is the choice of gravy ranging from black pepper cream or brown. They will serve you what you love according to your taste and preference. Their prices range from $11.75 to $17.99.

Location: 24814 Stanolind, Tomball Texas 77375

Phone: + 1 281-255-6357

Mel's Country Café - best chicken fried steak in houston
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9.  Liberty Kitchen and Oysterette

This restaurant’s recipe originated from BRC Gastropub. It contains five ounces of steak with different gravy. The white one comprises bay leaf, buttercream, and thyme. The brown gravy is a combination of roasted mushrooms and beef broth. They also serve sour mashed potatoes and green peas that are buttered as substitutes. Their price is $19.75 during dinner. Their catering presents more traditional recipes with great combinations.

Location: 4224 San Felipe St, Houston, Texas 77027

Phone: +1 713-622-1010

Liberty Kitchen and Oysterette - best chicken fried steak in houston
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10. Killen’s Barbecue

Although this restaurant is known for its mastery of barbecue, chicken fried steak has also become popular. The owner Ronnie Killen and a chef get their meat from Snake River Farms and cut it in different sizes.

The gravy cream is covered with bacon fat and black pepper to give it a thick presentation. You can also enjoy Chicken Fried Steak Bites on weekdays during happy hours on Mondays and Tuesdays from 3:30 to 6:30.

These will cost you only $12 to eat the flavored appetizer.

Location: 3613 E Broadway St, Pearland, Texas 77581

Phone: + 1 281-485-2272

Killen's Barbecue - best chicken fried steak in houston
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In summary, Houston has the best restaurants serving Chicken Fried Steak at a fair price. Hickory Hollow Restaurant and catering gives you an amazing culinary experience. It is recognized in the Houston Business Journal and also featured in Oprah Magazine.

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