10 Best Elementary Schools in Houston

An elementary school is a school that offers basic formal education for the first six or eight grades. Houston’s best elementary schools are ranked according to performance, success, social status, and environment. These schools can either be private or public. Besides learning, Houston elementary school offers other co-curriculum activities such as yoga, dance, and proms. As a parent or guardian, you want your child to study in the best school for their educational needs. Below is a list of the 10 best elementary schools in Houston to meet your child’s education needs.

1. River Oaks Elementary School

River Oaks Elementary is a magnet school in a large city setup. It has a population of 616 students with a student-teacher ratio of 18:1. According to performance, 85% of students score proficient levels in mathematics and 84% in reading.

The school has 34 full-time tutors and a qualified counselor. River Oaks was ranked #47 in the Best Elementary School in Houston. This school’s ranking is higher compared with the district. The amazing thing about River Oaks is they enroll 12% of needy students.

Address: 2008 Kirby Dr, Houston, TX 77019

Best Elementary School in Houston - River Oaks Elementary School
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2. Bush Elementary School

This is one of the excellent public schools ranked as the best elementary school in Houston. Bush Elementary is situated in a large city in Houston. The total student population is 819 serving.

PK-5. The student-teacher ratio is 19:1 and ranked #73 in Texas Elementary School. Bush Elementary School has a maths proficiency of 87% and a reading level of 78%. The school has 44 full-time instructors contributing to its excellence. It was also ranked #5 in Houston Independent School District Elementary School.

Address: 13800 Westerloch Dr, Houston, TX 77077

Best Elementary School in Houston - Bush Elementary School
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3. St. Jerome Catholic School

As a parent, you want your child’s spiritual needs mentored apart from education alone. St. Jerome Catholic School incorporates Christ-centered education. It was founded in 1962 to nurture students’ spiritual needs. It has a population of 166 students and a student-teacher ratio of 11:1. Students also attend daily Mass, prayers, and Para-liturgical celebrations.

At St. Jerome Catholic School, Catholic doctrine and liturgy are trained daily. Students from different races, ethnic groups, and origins are enrolled in different educational programs.

Address: 8825 Kempwood Dr, Houston, TX 77080

St. Jerome Catholic School
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4. West University Elementary

West University is a public school that ranks among the best elementary schools in Houston (Have you tried Kenny & Ziggy’s West University menu? Pay a visit). With a student population of 1,141, it came first in Houston Independent School District Elementary School. This school is home to excellence, with 88% proficient level for math and 87% in reading. In addition, 48% of the student population is female and 52% male.

This school is ranked #17 in Texas Elementary Schools and #1 in Houston Independent School District Elementary Schools. There are 65 tutors and one counselor working on a full-time basis.

Address: 3756 University Blvd, Houston, TX 77005

Best Elementary School in Houston - West University Elementary
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5. Horn Elementary

Horn Elementary is situated in a large suburban setting in Texas. It has topped as the best public school in Houston with an amazing proficiency in maths. This school offers quality education producing the best performance results. Horn Elementary has a population of 754 students, and it serves PK-5.

The minority of student enrollment is 68%, consisting of an equal ratio of male and female students. Needy students are also enrolled in the school’s program and supported financially.

Address: 10734 Bissonnet St. Houston, TX 77099

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6. T.H Rogers Elementary School

As one of the best elementary schools in Houston, T.H Rogers is a magnet school. T.H Rogers has a high achievement of 90% performance in both maths and reading. This school has a population of 999 students and was ranked #5 in Texas Middle Schools. In addition, T.H Rogers elementary has a high metric in reading, producing students with high performance.

This excellent performance earned the school eligibility for U.S News Best Elementary School.

Address: 5840 San Felipe St, Houston, TX 77057

Best Elementary School in Houston
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7. Memorial Private School

Memorial Private is a Christian-based institution leading in education-based research. It is ranked the best private school in Houston and featured in Living Magazine Readers. Students get to do research in collaboration with top universities and companies.

Apart from learning, students engage in co-curriculum activities, including dance, proms, yoga, and trips. Students with mild anxiety and stress can also study at Memorial Private to cultivate their capabilities and mindset. The student population is 58, with a teacher ratio of 6:1.

Address: 14333 Fern Drive, Houston, TX 77079

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8. Mandarin Immersion Magnet School

Mandarin Immersion School was established in 2012 and was formerly known as Mandarin Chinese Language Immersion Magnet School. This is the first PreK-8 public school in Houston. Mandarin language arts, science, and maths are taught. In addition, Chengyu, a Chinese proverb, is integrated as part of learning.

Every student has an English teacher plus one native Mandarin teacher. Children’s Chinese Competency Certification (CCCC) monitors the school’s curriculum. Despite their rich Chinese culture, they admit students of other ethnicities, including African American, Asian and Hispanic

Address: 5445 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77056

Best Elementary School in Houston
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9. The Village School

The Village School is an international school with students from 60 different nations. It occupies 28 acres of land in Houston to accommodate the growing population of students. The school is accredited by the Texas Association of Accredited Private Schools (TAAPS) and the International Baccalaureate Organization (IBO)

If you wish your child to study international studies, you can get them enrolled in The Village School. This school has built a legacy of quality excellence with highly qualified tutors.

Address: 13051 Whittington Drive Houston, TX 77077

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10. Roberts Elementary School

To close our list of best elementary schools in Houston, Roberts school is worth mentioning. This is a public elementary school with a high success rate. The population of students is 689, with a student-teacher ratio of 17:1.

Over the years, they have maintained 86% level for maths and 80% in reading. In the list of Texas Elementary Schools, it was ranked #68. Roberts Elementary School has 41 full-time instructors.

Address: 6000 Greenbriar Dr, Houston, TX 77030

Best Elementary School in Houston
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