20 Dog Trainers In Houston To Train Your Dog Better

Ten years ago, I went to a training class in the parking lot of a city park, and almost every dog was wearing a choke chain. The focus was on obedience, and the instruction was militantly delivered. Yet, if asked to describe the experience, the word “fun” would not enter my mind. The dogs responded, but no one had fun. 

The focus now is on positive training and the relationship between the dog and owner. It is a misconception that if training is fun, it isn’t effective. So now I tell the students in my classes that training should be fun. 

Today, there are enjoyable classes that also provide benefits such as exercise, coordination, and building a stronger bond between you and your dog. Of course, basic obedience is the cornerstone, but it is just the beginning. 

Once you have mastered the basics, you can continue with various classes that will help strengthen all those skills. We’ve got you if you are looking for the best dog trainers in Houston! Read on.

What are the Types of Classes to Try with Your Dog? 

• Agility 

• Rally 

• Tracking/Scent discrimination 

• Tricks classes 

• AKC Canine Good Citizen 

• Dock Diving 

• Conformation 

• Canine Freestyle 

• Flyball 

• Treibball or herding sports 

1. Peace Love Dogs 

Address: 9619 Yupondale Dr, Houston, TX 77080 

Phone: (713) 467-1177 

Peace, Love, and Dogs aim to make every training moment a learning opportunity for you and your dog. It is a training-first facility to strengthen the bond between family pets and their pack through education-based programs, true teamwork, and a few well-deserved treats. 

Peace Love Dogs has five professional and certified trainers who will help you train your dog, the best-in-class outdoor areas for running and socializing, and an indoor area built for group classes. In addition, their private training classes can be done at your home or in a living room at their dog training facility. 

2. Houston Dog Ranch 

Address: 9602 Dalecrest Dr, Houston, TX 77080 

Phone: (713) 489-9409 

Houston Dog Ranch is a campus dedicated to the welfare of dogs and offers Houston dog owners the best possible care. They provide high-end services like boarding, training, daycare, and grooming to guarantee the highest standards of safety and enrichment. 

Their team comprises the Texas Dogfather’s behavioral specialists, who have teamed up to offer the best behavioral dog training in Houston. 

The trainers focus on training needs, from fundamental obedience to behavioral problems like separation anxiety and socialization. 

3. Puptown Houston Dog Training 

Address: 1723 Campbell Rd, Houston, TX 77080 

Phone: (832) 930-0073 

Puptown Houston Dog Training in Houston is professional at creating a tailored program for each furry friend that steps through their door. According to their training philosophies, every dog is different and should be trained to meet its demands. 

Puptown Houston’s take on board and training is “Lodge & Learn Training.” They’ll let your dog stay at their resort, like a standard board and train. However, they will go on regular hikes and swims with Puptown. 

Even “vacations” to various parks and shops are common for them. This is because they want to introduce your dog to real-world situations. Whether you’re training your pet or a police dog to sniff out drugs, this holds.  

4. Beyond the Dog 

Address: 2990 Richmond Ave suite 620, Houston, TX 77098 

Phone: (714) 416-6102 

Beyond The Dog Training offers skilled training services to the dogs and cats of the Houston area. A team of behavioral specialists at Beyond The Dog has devoted their careers to assisting your dog in becoming a well-behaved part of the family. 

Beyond The Dog provides individualized instruction, board, training services, and, if necessary, even video training sessions. In addition, they can provide online consultation to better understand your dog’s needs, after which they can choose the ideal program. 

5. Stephanie Bennett’s Believe In DOG Training 

Address: 1029 W 26th Street, Houston, TX 77008, USA 

Phone: +17133644439 

Stephanie Bennet’s Believe in Dog Training coin themselves as Houston’s most unique dog training and enrichment center, where creating constant, lifelong learning opportunities for you and your dog is their main priority. 

At Believe in DOG Training, they practice positive, science-based methods (with feelings!) emphasizing communication, mutual respect, consistency, and real-life training. 

They think dominance-based approaches, punishments, and painful tools are ineffective, often counterproductive, and never required.

6. Sit Means Sit Houston 

Address: 4506 Yale St, Houston, TX 77018, USA 

Phone: +12819123647 

Sit Means Sit Dog is part of one of the country’s most well-known dog training chains. It has experienced dog trainers dedicated to more than new tricks but investing in the most well-behaved dog, you have ever seen. 

Their trainers share their ideas about the loving and enduring relationship between a dog and its owner. The team works with all ages, sizes, breeds, and temperaments and teaches around “real world” distractions. Sit Means Sit also offers free canine obedience classes for all BARC adopters. 

7. Houston DogWorks 

Address: 3110 Yale St, Houston, TX 77018, USA 

Phone: +18322671188 

Houston DogWorks is a full-scale dog training facility founded by Josh Wiggins in 2019. Their goal is to assist dogs and their owners in developing a mutually satisfying relationship while having some fun along the way. 

Their methodical, tested training development is founded on quantifiable obedience and self-control criteria. In addition, their instruction is based on open communication and ownership between the person and the dog. 

8. Love For Dogs 

Address: 5701 Irvington Blvd, Houston, TX 77009, USA 

Phone: +17136374979 

Through dog obedience training and behavior modification programs, they teach your dog to listen consistently, regardless of external distractions. 

They have the expertise and experience to accurately pinpoint any problems or requirements your dog may have and give you the resources you need to interact with your pet effectively. 

There will be a temperament test for your dog. It will improve the trainers’ understanding of your dog. 

9. Longoriahaus Dog Training 

Address: 4411 Kingwood Dr, Kingwood, TX 77339, United States 

Phone: (281) 978-6956 

Longoriahaus teaches human and dog training and knows the difficulties of owning a dog. So, they provide answers. For not much longer, your dog can stop being a little troublemaker. 

They can be made into polite, well-mannered dogs by Longoriahaus. Longoriahaus even provides free consultations because they are so sure of their programs. 

10. Off Leash K9 Training 

Address: 2627 Hanco Center Dr. Houston, TX, US 77498 

Phone: +1 979-282-1411 

Off Leash K9 Training is one of Houston’s highest-rated dog training companies, founded by Nick White, the head trainer at Off-Leash K9 Training. 

Off Leash Training is known for its skills in canine obedience and uses its expertise to help your dog become the well-behaved pup of your dreams. The team specializes in private classes, behavior consultations, and teaching dog owners to understand why their dogs do what they do. 

11. Dogwood Dog Training 

Address: 8425 W Rd. Houston, TX 77064 

Phone: 713-849-9115 

Dogwood Dog Training provides instruction in all facets of canine obedience. Thanks to their knowledgeable staff of canine behavior experts, they have everything your dog needs to succeed. 

Dogwood provides training for agility, canine obedience, puppy training, and even nose work. Even individuals unable to visit their facilities can take advantage of their programs online, thanks to them. 

Once you schedule your first consultation (online or in person), the dog trainers will help you figure out the ideal program for your furry friend. 

12. Houston Obedience Training 

Address: 2400 Campbell Rd, Unit H Houston, TX  77080  

Phone: 713-694-7446 

Houston Obedience has been helping the dogs and owners of the area since 1964 and offers training classes for puppies up to skilled adults. They can target your growing puppies, teach them the basics, and even help mold them into athletes. 

Seminars, workshops, and clinics in obedience, rally, and tracking are offered to help prepare club members and students to compete with their dogs. 

13. Michael’s Dogs 

Address: Houston, TX 77043, United States 

Phone: +1 713-934-9922 

Like no other training school, Michael’s Dogs in Houston, Texas, wants to assist you with dog training. They put effort into giving you the best training experience possible and concentrate on acting as a support system for humans and dogs. 

The staff at Michael’s Dogs is aware of busy schedules, and they provide you with as many options as possible so your dog can continue to receive the necessary training. They even offer video and phone consultations on puppy training, obedience training, and newborn preparation.

14. Bark Busters Home Dog Training 

Address:  Various Locations, including Houston

Phone: (877) 500-2275 

The Smiths of Bark Busters Home Dog Training are dedicated to assisting as many pets as possible in the area and have years of experience to share. 

Their dog trainers aim to foster open communication between dog owners and their canine companions by employing straightforward, efficient, and all-natural training techniques that speak to the psychology of dogs. 

Also, you can get a well-trained dog without ever leaving your house

15. Club Canine 

Address: 4703 Rose St, Houston, TX 77007, United States 

Phone: +1 281-380-8175 

Dog training at Club Canine is referred to as The Thinking Dog System. The Thinking Dog System will instruct your dog to think for itself, and your entire family will participate in the training program. 

Therefore, Club Canine is the trainer to visit if you want your entire family to participate. 

16. The Houston Dog Trainer 

Address: 12620 FM 1960 Rd W, Houston, TX 77065 

Phone:  +1 832-845-4680 

The Houston Dog Trainer takes pride in being one of the area’s most efficient and reasonably priced dog trainers. The Houston Dog Trainer has more than 30 years of experience, and thousands of dogs and their owners have benefited. 

They can evaluate your dog without obligation and decide on a course of action by providing free evaluations. 

17. Suburban K9 Dog Training 

Address: Different locations across the country 

Phone: +1 713-984-4688 

Suburban K9 has one of the best-rated training programs in the US, and a lengthy list of reputable clients recommends them. Since they launched, they have been covered by numerous media outlets, and their head trainer appeared on Animal Planet. 

They employ a training strategy that works for everyone where they offer in-home training, behavioral counseling, and training for dogs living on estates. 

18. Houston K9 Academy 

Address: 6321 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77074, United States 

Phone: +1 281-841-3579 

Houston K9 Academy is a veteran-owned, operated, first-in-class canine training/provider facility. In 2014, K9s4Cops and K9 Officers chose Houston K9 Academy as their preferred kennel, and the academy quickly gained popularity. 

These groups match deserving law enforcement personnel with professionally trained dogs. Their K9 Guardian program strives to support dogs from when they are puppies to adults in their quest to become the finest possible family protectors. Anyone who wants to improve their dog’s obedience will love this program. 

19. Smart Dog Training Center 

Address: 910 Curtin St, Houston, TX 77018, United States 

Phone: +1 713-263-7339 

The Houston, Texas-based Smart Dog Training Center offers expert instruction in all facets of canine behavior. In addition, they entertain dog experts of all stripes in their indoor, air-conditioned venues and provide weekly classes for canines and their owners. 

Their staff of dog trainers offers puppy instruction, fundamental obedience, group playtimes, and even agility courses for Houston-area puppies with more advanced skills. 

The Smart Dog Training Center has excellent indoor and outdoor facilities that provide the perfect setup for their training programs.  

20. Venture Dog Training 

Address: 1919 Taylor St STE F, Houston, TX 77007, United States 

Phone: +1 281-971-4836 

For dogs, the urban sprawl’s activity and noise can be difficult. As a result, the Cityside Obedience program emphasizes preparing your dog for urban living. 

Train for the Trails is another option. This allows your dog to experience urban nature. Again, this setting and experience will stimulate them physically and cognitively. 

Of course, the foundations of obedience and training are part of every one of these innovative programs.

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