10 Richest Neighborhoods In Houston, Texas

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live in one of Houston’s most affluent neighborhoods? How much money do you need to live in a fashionable neighborhood? Or where exactly are these neighborhoods? 

The expensiveness of a neighborhood is determined by location, natural features of the area, and the size and style of homes. 

 Property in the highest price ranges is out of reach for those with an average or lower income, and only those with large salaries can live in the most exclusive and desirable neighborhoods. As a result, many of Houston’s most expensive neighborhoods have historically been among the best performers in terms of real estate appreciation. Also, rich neighborhoods are sectioned into either Houston’s top suburbs or the best neighborhoods in the inner loop. Scroll down to find the 10 richest neighborhoods in Houston.

1. River Oaks

richest neighborhoods in Houston - River Oaks
Image Source: Bussiness Journal

River Oaks is a large enough neighborhood with multiple zip codes. Median home prices and household incomes vary. The median house price in the neighborhood’s 77027 zip code is $892,077, while the median household income is $80,000. The more expensive zip code area is 77019, where the median home value of River Oaks homes is $980,008, and residents have healthy bank balances because the median household income is around $82,000.  

River Oak is also the best neighborhood in Houston to live in because of its low crime rate and proximity to downtown. River Oaks ranks first among Houston neighborhoods regarding home price growth over the last three years.

2. Piney Point Village

richest neighborhoods in Houston - Piney Point Village
Image Source: Har.com

Piney Point Village has a median house price of $1,784,461. Unsurprisingly, the median annual household income is also high, at around $108,000. The population of Piney Point Village is 3,425 people. Although city amenities and attractions are easily accessible, Piney Village Point has a rural feel, which makes it such a desirable location. The lots in this neighborhood are much larger than in other Houston communities. As a result, green lawns and sprawling backyards are commonplace.

3. University Place

University Place
Image Source: Trulia

University Place is located in the 77030 zip code, and the median home price in this neighborhood is $980,008, with many properties exceeding the million-dollar mark. As one of Houston’s best neighborhoods, this area has a high cost of living. It is especially appealing to young professionals who appreciate the urban-suburban mix, employment opportunities, and variety of activities. There are also good transportation links and a diverse community.

In terms of transportation, University Place ranks very high. The majority of errands can be completed on foot.

4. Memorial

richest neighborhoods in Houston - Memorial
Image Source: Papercity Magazine

Memorial is one of Houston’s most expensive neighborhoods, with an average home price of $1,260,000 and a median household income of $104,395.

It is close to downtown and home to many of the city’s best schools, making it a desirable place to live for many business professionals.

Despite its high cost of living, Memorial has a high crime rate. It has the highest rates of violent crime in the city, and residents have been victims of robberies, carjacking, and bulgararies.

5. Southside Place

Southside Place
Image Source: Houston Properties

The annual per capita income in Southside Place is $122,414, and the poverty rate is 4.5 percent. It is a city in West Central Harris Country with a population of 1,596 people. This great neighborhood is located just north of Bellaire Boulevard, where several businesses have taken off over the years.

The large, beautiful houses on the spectacular tree-lined streets have a median value of $1,324,200 for owner-occupied units.

The housing in the neighborhood is built in an upscale vintage style with luxuries. The residents of this community are friendly and enjoy hosting family gatherings and events at the Fire Truck Park, which spans 6,300 square feet. Overall, Southside Place is extremely upscale, with numerous luxuries.

6. Galleria-Uptown

Image Source: Flickr

The median household income in the Galleria-Uptown neighborhood is $87,000, and the median home price is $1,370,342. Galleria-Uptown is a neighborhood that draws attention to those who enjoy an urban lifestyle in a vibrant area with many recreational opportunities. It is the most expensive area within the city as opposed to the outskirts. However, the area has many appealing features that offer city dwellers an incredible lifestyle.

7. West University Place

richest neighborhoods in Houston - West University Place
Iamge Source: Houston Properties

 This town is in the southwestern part of Harris County, within the Houston woodland Sugarland metropolitan area. The annual per capita income in the neighborhood is $123,665, and the poverty rate is 1.7 percent, with a total population of 15,619.

West University Place, also known as “West U,” is known as Neighborhood City because it serves as a bedroom community for upper-class residents.

Owner-occupied units have a median value of $1,550,000. The schools in this area are rated “A” by TEA. It is a safe neighborhood for affluent households because the schools are above average, and there are numerous family-friendly activities to enjoy.

8. Boulevard Oaks

richest neighborhoods in Houston - Boulevard Oaks
Image Source: Great Runs

The median home value in Boulevard Oaks is $853,327. To pay such high property prices, a significant income is required, and it is no coincidence that those who live there earn an average of $69,000 per year. Because the neighborhood was built in the 1920s and 1930s, many properties have character and period features. It is also listed on the National Register of Historic Places.

9. Hunter’s Creek Village

Hunter's Creek Village
Image Source: Belmont Village Senior Living

Hunter’s Creek Village is located on the western outskirts of Houston, TX, south of Interstate 10 and Highway 90, making it accessible to the West Chase business district and the energy corridor.

The annual per capita income in the neighborhood is $141, 802 with a poverty rate of 0.5 percent.

Hunter’s Creek Village is a town in Harris County, Texas, with a population of 4,814. It is part of the Memorial Villages, a collection of upscale residential communities in Western Houston.

Hunter’s Creek Village’s median value of owner-occupied units is $1,675,800. In addition, it is surrounded by several TEA “A” rated schools, which means that families who live there have access to advanced educational opportunities.

Overall, Hunter’s Creek Village is fully urbanized, with large shopping malls and plazas in the town center.

10. Woodlake

richest neighborhoods in Houston - Woodlake
Image Source: Apartment Guide

Woodlake has a median home value of $863,480. Even though the properties are more expensive than in Boulevard Oaks, the residents have a lower median household income of $54,000. As a result, many Woodlake residents may be stretching their budget to live in a desirable location.

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