10 Best Dive Bars in Houston, Tx

Nothing can beat Houston’s bar scene. They have it all, from crafted cocktail spots and elegant wine bars with bartenders dressed like CEOs to cheap beer from the dive bars. Unlike before, dive bars have become more familiar and accepted in the community.

Houston is stocked with some of the best dive bars that have risen to bring society together by creating a space where they can comfortably hang out in a cool environment as they take some cheap, strong drinks.

We have selected the best dive bars where you can drop all your pretenses and enjoy good company in a public place with people from all backgrounds.

1. Sassafras

Address: 5022 pinemount Dr, Houston, TX 77091

Phone: 832-804-9079

Hours: daily 4 pm to 2 am

Best Dive Bars in Houston - Sassafras
Image Credit: facebook.com/sassafrashouston

Sassafras could take the crown if there were such a thing as a new evolution dive bar. This oak forest hole is a perfect definition of a cool and successful hangout where you get a good company, decent drinks, and a cool environment. Imagine getting fancy but cheap beer selection, above-average liquor, and wine.

It has you covered in all aspects, from having a beautiful outdoor patio, a warm indoor area with pool tables, arcade and jukebox games, and a full bar, to welcoming staff and food vendors.

2. La Carafe

Address: 813 Congress St, Houston, TX 77002 

Phone: 713-229-9399

Hours: every day 2 pm – 2 am

Best Dive Bars in Houston - La Carafe
Image Credit: facebook.com/profile.php

This bar will make you feel as if you went back in time. It is based in a very old commercial building constructed with worn-out bricks in 1847. This haunted neighborhood dive bar has an interior decoration of antiques and conversation-starting art.

You will be welcomed with an intimate and ambient atmosphere with wax crystallizing candles, a cute chandelier, good wine, a jukebox game, and an enchanting view of the downtown from the balcony.

3. Sunny’s

Address: 902 Capitol St, Houston, TX

Phone: 713-224-3200

Hours: Monday 4 pm – 12 am, Tuesday-Saturday 2 pm – 2 am, closed on Sunday

Best Dive Bars in Houston - Sunny’s
Image Credit: thrillist.com

Remember the phrase don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, do not be fooled by the small downtown storefront with harsh lighting. On the contrary, you get to have a good time, drink a uniquely crafted fancy cocktail, play some games in their back game room and watch some sports with friends from their huge screens.

4. Lola’s Depot

Address: 2327 Grant Street, Houston, TX

Phone: 713-528-8342

Hours: every day, 4 pm – 2 am

Lola’s Depot
Image Credit: besthoustonspecial.com

Lola’s report can be described as a premiere drive bar in Montrose. It has no windows, glassware, or sign. Instead, they have a sedimentary floor that leads to a crusty bathroom, cheap beer, and games like a jukebox.

Locating this bar can be difficult at first since it has no sign, and the exterior looks like an old abandoned purple house. Being a newcomer at this bar may be frightening, especially because of the darkness inside the bar. But, with a few shots and socializing with new friends, you will loosen up very fast, like the regulars.

5. D&W Lounge

Address: 911 Milby St, Houston, TX 77023

Phone: 713-226-8777

hours: Tuesday – Thursday 1 pm – 2 am, Monday 3 pm – 2 am, weekend 12 noon – 2 am

Best Dive Bars in Houston - D&W Lounge
Image Credit: houstonpress

From as early as 7 am, D&W Lounge is open to serve. This is the only bar that opens very early in Houston. Most clients at this bar come from the neighboring coffee plant, where they like to relax after getting off the late shift.

You will appreciate their interior décor and the atmosphere of the place. The place has an eclectic look, from lava lamps, Marilyn Monroe painting, and stuffed animal head on the wall to a big Buddha. Check out this place for its amazing cheap beer and open patio for smokers.

6. Poison Girl

Address: 1641 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX

Phone: 713-527-9929

Hours: daily 4 pm – 2 am

Best Dive Bars in Houston - Poison Girl
Image Credit: poisongirlbar.com

Who said dive bars could not match the top-quality drinks from other classic bars? If you have been to poison girl bar, you will clearly testify to their impressive collection of top-shelf spirits and American whiskey. In addition, this funky and fun dive bar is filled with vintage pinball machines, a cool chilling space on the patio, masterpiece artwork, and affordable, high-quality drinks.

7. Lil’ Danny Speedo’s Go Fly a Kite Lounge

Address: 823 Dumble St, Houston, TX 77023

Hours: daily 4 pm – 2 am

Lil’ Danny Speedo’s Go Fly a Kite Lounge
Image Credit: visithouston.com

This is one of the recently opened dive bars in Houston. It is known for cheap beer, a full liquor selection, shandies, and a nice outside patio. In addition, they allow your four-legged pal to tag along since it has a dog-friendly patio. For food, you can order some from their food trucks.

8. Blue Lagoon

Address: 1248 Witte Rd, Houston, TX 77055, United States

Phone: 713-827-7085

Hours: daily 10 am – 2 am

Blue Lagoon
Image Credit: houston press

You will meet a huge signpost above the bar reading, “no pissy attitude.” Meaning once you are in, the first person to meet and greet is the bartender before you place your order. The smile guarantees a warm welcome with an approving nod as you get some shot and beer. Also, the place has interesting games like the jukebox and pool tables to keep you entertained.

This paradise has enough space to dance, especially during karaoke nights on Fridays. The best part is that, at times, the bar offers free food like pizza to their customers.

9. Notsuoh

Address: 314 Main St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Phone: 713-321-0824

Hours: Monday – Thursday 7 pm – 2 am, Friday – Sunday 2 pm – 2 am

Image Credit: facebook.com/notsuoh314

This is the most exciting and unique place to have fun and relax as you drink some cold iced beer. The name defines it all, weirdly as it is; when you spell it backward, it stands for Houston. Each visit is marked with a new experience; you can never predict anything from this bar.

Jim Pirtle, the owner, describes this iconic bar as a music and art performance venue. The bar is in a building that was constructed over 100 years ago. However, they have decorated it with a collection of thrift store junkies and art created from locally available items.

10. Lone Star Saloon

Address: 1900 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Phone: 713-757-1616

Hours: daily 3 pm – 2 am

Lone Star Saloon
Image Credit: facebook.com/Lone-Star-Saloon

This legendary dive bar is located adjacent to greyhound station on the street across the metro bus terminal. Its location highly favors the place since it attracts people from all walks of life. At first sight, you will be drawn in by the iconic Texas-shaped sign above the bar.

The cheap drinks will make you stay as soon as you get in. However, this place has a small selection of craft beer or martinis. It is the type of place where you have to stick to domestic beer or whiskey, and you will be fine for the night.

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