10 Best Companies To Work For In Houston

In Houston, construction industries are leading in employment, offering 7.1% job opportunities. They are closely followed by the manufacturing industries with 6.9% job opportunities and upstream energy offering 1.1% of total jobs.

There are over 175 companies to work for in Houston with conducive working environments and great salaries. However, in this article, we have researched and come up with a list of the best companies to work for in Houston for your next job hunt. So, read on to find a company where you will love to work.

1. Occidental Petroleum

Occidental Petroleum is an American-based company that deals with hydrocarbon exploration in the Middle East, Colombia, and the United States. They also manufacture petrochemicals in Canada and Chile.

This company has 36.4% women and 48.4% ethnic minorities as staff from diverse demographic backgrounds. However, despite the employees being diverse in other areas, they do not engage in political affairs. Occidental is well known for employee retention, with most staff members going for 4.7 years in the company.

In addition, Occidental Petroleum has over 11800 employees, earning an average of $81,778 annually. This is quite competitive for this type of industry, considering its location. This company has an annual revenue worth $16.3 B.

Industry: Chemical industry   Headquarters: Houston, Texas                                              

Revenue: $16.3B                     Website: www.oxy.com

Employees: 11800                   Founded in 1920                

Organization type: Public

2. Conoco Phillips

Conoco Phillips

Conoco Phillips is a Houston-based company that deals with the production of oil and natural gas with annual revenue of $18.7B. This company has a well-known reputation for putting safety, health, and environmental stewardship as top priorities in its operating tradition.

This company operates across 30 countries and has offered employment to about 17000 people. On average, an employee at Conoco Phillips earns about $104408 per year with employee retention of 5.7 years.

Industry: petroleum industry       Headquarters: Houston, TX

Revenue: $18.7B                          Employees: 10400

Organization type: public           Website: www.conocophillips.com

Founded in: 2002         

3. Bracewell

Bracewell LLP is a medium-sized international law firm founded in 1945 in Houston, Texas. 25.6% of employees from this established company are graduates of Houston University. However, the pay at Bracewell is slightly lower, with an employee earning an average salary of $84249 per year. It has about 998 employees and a revenue of $295 M.

Industry: law firm

Revenue: $295M             Headquarters: Houston, Texas

Employee: 998                Website: www.bracewell.com

Founded in: 1945            Organization type: Private

4. Cheniere Energy

Cheniere energy is the leading producer of liquefied natural gas in the US. This international company is located in Houston and is well known for producing clean, affordable, and secure energy worldwide. It is among the top 5 global providers of LNG. Through Cheniere’s operations, development, and construction, energy and economic development across the United States have been highly developed.

The company has 40.8% female staff and 52.8% ethnic minorities from diverse demographic backgrounds. Employees from Cheniere Company are more of the Republican Party than the democratic party. However, they co-exist very peacefully and happily despite their political differences.

The company has employee retention of 4.6 years with an average salary of $132952 per year. The net worth of this company is $9.4 B. They have 1519 total staff working for them.

Industry: oil and energy

Revenue: $9.4 B      Headquarters: Houston, TX

Employees: 1519     Website: www.cheniere.com

Founded in: 1983    Organization type: public

5. Baker Botts 

Bakers Botts is a leading full-service international law firm. It was founded in 1840 in Houston, Texas. This company’s popularity grew after it represented burgeoning industries of cotton merchants, brokers, and railroads.

Bakers Botts now has offices all over the globe and is well known for staying at the forefront of emerging technologies. They have solved their clients’ difficult legal challenges, and their excellence has grown significantly for more than 170 years.

Baker botts pay their employees an average of $81812 per year with a contract of up to 4.7 years. It has annual revenue of $280M and 1582 total employees.

Industry: law firm

Revenue: $280 M    Headquarters: Houston, TX

Employees: 1582     Website: www.bakerbotts.com

Founded in: 1840    Organization type: Private

6. Ascend Performance Materials Holdings Inc

Ascend performance materials Holdings Inc is a holding company that manufactures integrated nylon 6, related chemicals, and fiber. The company is based in Houston and was started in 2009. It operates in three segments: the engineered plastics segment, the polymer and fiber segment, and the chemical segment, which provides chemicals for internal and external use.

They are known to love hiring graduates from Pensacola state college, with 13.3% of their employees having attended this college. On average, an employee in this company makes $60576 yearly. The company has 3100 staff and revenue of $2.1 B per year.

Industry: Manufacturing

Revenue: $2.1B          Headquarters: Houston, TX

Employees: 3100       Website: www.ascendmaterials.com

Founded: 2009               Organization type: Private

7. Technip USA Corporation

Technip USA corporation is a large construction company that was founded in Houston in the year 1992. The company has annual revenue of $1.3B with over 2329 employees. Also, an average staff member gets a salary of $97529 per year. They have 29.9% female staff and 56.3% ethnic minorities.

Industry: Construction and Engineering

Revenue: $1.3 B        Headquarters: Houston, TX

Employees: 2329       founded in 1992

Organization type: Private

8. Vinson & Elkins

Vision & Elkins is a large professional company with 1700 staff. It is located in Houston and was founded in 1917. This company earns a yearly revenue of $250.0 M. An average staff earns about $86,927 per year. They are renowned for offering their clients excellent legal efficiency and deep market intelligence.

Industry: Law

Revenue: $250 M        Headquarters: Houston

Employees: 1700       Website: www.velaw.com

Founded in: 1917       Organization type: Private

9. Buckeye partners

Buckeye partner is a publicly traded master limited partnership formed by NYSE and BPL. This company provides mid-stream energy logistics services. They are known to operate one of the largest petroleum products in the nation by providing refiners, marketers, airlines, railway roads, wholesalers, and other commercial end users with refined petroleum products via the pipeline network carrier.

The company transports its product to the northeast and Midwest parts of the states and part of the gulf coast region. They have employee retention of 5.3 years, and the employee can make $61892 annually. It has over 1870 staff, with 37.3% and 38.7% female and ethnic minorities, respectively. The partnership earns revenue of $4.1B annually.

Industry: Petroleum

Revenue: $4.1B           Headquarters: Houston, TX

Employees: 1870        Website: www.buckeye.com

Founded in: 1886.       Organization type: public

10. Constellation Energy Partners

 This company has a great employee retention policy of a staff staying for 4.2 years with an average salary of$92689 per year. Constellation Energy Partners is a utility industry based in Houston and was founded in 2005. It earns revenue of $13.8 B yearly with 5000 employees.

Industry: Gas utilities

Revenue: $13.8B          Headquarters: Houston

Employees: 5000           Founded in: 2002

Organization type: public


Are you looking for companies to work for in Houston or want to change careers? Is there a company offering better opportunities than what you are currently getting? Fortunately, Houston has some of the best companies from which you can choose to work from. So, update your resume, and start sending it to different companies.

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