Top 10 Best Electric Companies in Houston

In Houston, electricity providers compete for customers. But, unlike in other states, residents in Houston have a choice when selecting their retail electric company. For over a decade now, people have been comparing power as they search for the lowest electricity rates that work best for them.

Read on to find a list of the top ten Houston electric companies with the lowest rates and suitable energy plans. Our list guide will help you find an electric plan suitable for you, whether you just moved to Houston recently or are planning to switch energy companies for your business or home.

How to Choose the Best Electricity Providers in Houston

Nothing is as frustrating as realizing you settled for a deal without considering other great offers on the table. Before deciding which electric company to settle with, you must know how much energy you consume in your home or business. This way, you will be better positioned to determine the best rates to choose from.

Compare different energy plans and electricity rates based on your usage until you find the best. You can end up saving some thousands of dollars in the process. In most cases, energy companies advertise their rates based on monthly consumption, that is, price per kWh. Therefore, note down your monthly energy usage for six months or a year and get the average.

However, the advertised price can differ in some households due to the different amount of energy used and distance. Each company offers different plans and will use a different formula to calculate your monthly electric bill.

Best Electric Companies in Houston

1. 4change energy

4change energy is an electricity service provider founded in Texas to give back to the community. This company has very low electricity rates and offers its customers great plans. They give easy access to online tools where you can choose month-to-month or fixed-term electricity plans. Apart from the down-to-earth rates, their customer services are very friendly.

4change Energy Company has partnered with local organizations to help Texas residents in need by donating up to 4% of their annual profit to charity. They support charity organizations like feeding Texas, heroes for children, the American cancer society, and the American Red Cross.

Why Choose 4change Energy?

  • Cheap electricity rates while helping your community
  • They have a reliable and secure service
  • Friendly customer services
  • 4friends referrals

4change Energy customer services and bill payment

For any query or assistance, you can contact 4change Energy customer service via:

Customer services toll-free telephone contacts: (866)604-3044

Email: [email protected]

For payment, log in to your 4change energy account and pay your bill online anytime using your credit card.

2. Acacia Energy

Acacia Energy is a choice for you if you are looking for an electricity provider with a budget. This company is based in Sugar Land, Texas. It was started in 2010 to offer prepaid electric plans contrary to other companies that used traditional postpaid plans.

Acacia Energy Customer Services and Bill Payment

Telephone contact for Acacia Energy customer service representatives: 1-877-997-2946 every Monday to Saturday during working hours.

Customer care email: [email protected].

Suppose you are satisfied and pleased with Acacia Energy rates and want to settle for this company as your retail electricity provider. In that case, you can refill your account using the payment methods below:

  • Online payments: you can visit the Acacia Energy website and use your account number and street address to settle the bills.
  • Mail payments: send your cheque to the following address: Acacia Energy LLC, P.O. Box 721440, Houston, TX 77272.
  • Phone payments: call 1-877-997-2946 to pay by credit or debit card.
  • Pay in person: visit MoneyGram or fidelity express in any location to pay in person.

3. Accent Energy

Accent Energy Company is an IGS Energy subsidiary located in Ohio, Texas. This company was established in 2002 to serve households and business customers.

Accent Energy customer service and bill payment

You can contact the accent energy customer service desk anytime between Monday and Saturday at 1-888-995-0992.

The company allows online payment of bills through its account management system. However, all payment is made by debit or credit card.

4. Alliance power

Alliance power is based in Wichita Falls and offers sufficient electric energy to businesses and residential customers. This company began in 2002 to enjoy the state’s deregulated energy market.

Alliance power customer service and bill payment

Customer service contact number: (940) 692-8760.

Email: [email protected]

For bill payment, alliance power allows the following methods:

  • Online payments: you can use debit or credit cards to pay through your online accounts.
  • Phone payments: 1-877-777-2017 is their toll-free automated payment system.
  • Mail payments: use the following address to send cheques or money orders: Alliance Power Company, 811 6th street, suite205, Wichita Falls, TX76301.

5. Ambit energy

Ambit Energy is an electric service provider that also deals with natural gas provision. It is a well-known distributor of energy in the U.S.; Texas, New York, and Virginia, among others. This company was founded in 2006 by the telecommunication industry. The founders were veteran Jere Thompson and Chris Chambless of Texas. Their goal was to lower energy bills for their customers and add value to their direct sales consultants through incentives from a multi-level marketing plan (MLM).

Ambit Energy customer service and bill payment

Customer service contact: 877-282-6248

The customer service desk is available from Monday to Friday from 8 am to 6 pm. On the weekend, they serve from 10 am to 5 pm.

Below are several methods to pay ambit energy bills:

  • Phone payments: with your credit or debit card, you can reach them at 877-282-6248
  • Mail payments: you can send your cheques to the following address: Ambit Energy, P.O. Box 660462, Dallas, TX 75266-0462
  • Online payments: log in to your online account and use quick pay to make payments or set up automatic payments
  • Pay in person: you can pay your bill in person by visiting fidelity express or western union

6. American Light and Power

This company was founded in 2007 to serve different customers throughout Houston. American light and power electricity providers based in Houston render retail electric energy to residential and commercial customers.

American Light and Power Customer Service and Bill Payment

Customer service contact: (832) 804-7500

Email: [email protected]

American light and power company offers the payment method below:

  • Online payments: the company has an online account that allows customers to pay by credit or debit card.
  • Phone payments: This Company is available 24 hours at 855-580-8909
  • Mail payments: use the following address to send a copy of your mail: American Light and Power, P.O. Box 660846, Dallas, TX 75266
  • Pay in person: pay in person at any ace cash express store branch

7. Ameripower energy

It was founded in 2003 for commercial customers in Texas. Ameripower is located in Huston and serves under ERCOT (electric reliability council of Texas)

Ameripower energy customer service and bill payment

The company’s customer service contacts are always active from Monday through Friday at (281)240-0405.

Email: [email protected].

For payment:

  • Phone payments: make credit or debit card payment at 1-877-960-5050
  • Mail payments: address your cheque to AmeriPower LLC, P.O. Box 4977, Houston, TX77210-4977
  • Online payments: An online account includes a bill payment option in the tools section.

8. Amigo Energy

Many people in Texas enjoy electric services from Amigo Energy Company. It has service areas in Houston, Dallas, and Corpus Christi.

Amigo Energy customer service and bill payments

Customer care contact: 1-888-469-2644 from Monday through Saturday

Payments via:

  • Phone call: call 1-888-997-1899 for credit and debit cards. It is a 24-hour service call.
  • Online payment: sign in to the amigo energy website to pay or log in as a guest.
  • By mail: for money orders and cheques, send the copies to Amigo Energy, P.O Box30410, Dallas, TX 75303-1410
  • In-person: ace cash express or MoneyGram

9. APG & E energy

APG&E is an electric company in Houston founded in 2004 in Texas. This company also serves five other states for commercial and residential electric supply.

APG&E customer service and bill payment

Available Monday to Saturday through 1-877-544-4857

Email: [email protected].


  • Auto pay: you can make arrangements for an automatic deduction from your bank account to pay the bill
  • Pay by mail: send payment to APG&E P.O. Box 660038, Dallas, TX 75266-0038

10. Agera Energy

This New York-based company was founded in 2014. It serves Texas and 14 other states, including Washington, DC.

Agera Energy customer service and bill payment

Phone; 844-692-4372

Email: [email protected]

They allow questions outside working hours. This company has also provided the customers with a service line and online account system to pay their bills.


Before you sign up for any of the listed electric energy providers, you should explore their rates extensively to ensure you have settled for the best rates possible. Unfortunately, some companies have not displayed their rates online. However, you can visit their premises for further inquiries or their specific websites for more information.

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