10 Eateries that Serve Mouthwatering Dim Sum

Dim Sum is a traditional Chinese meal of small plates of dumplings and other snacks, mostly accompanied by a cup of tea. It is translated in English to mean “touch the heart.” Most Dim Sum eateries originated from Canton hence the formation of “yum cha,” meaning “to drink tea.” The restaurants were famous in Hong Kong and Guangzhou, but with culinary exports, they have spread across the world. Houston is known for major Dim Sum restaurants that reflect historic Chinatowns.

These restaurants have adopted the pan-Asian behavior of serving the dish with Cantonese-style tea. You don’t have to travel to Hon Kong to enjoy this amazing Chinese cuisine since it is available in Houston’s best Dim Sum restaurants.

Below is a list of the Best Dim Sum restaurants in Houston, Texas, that are creating a Cantonese culinary tradition for you.

1. E-Tao

E-Tao restaurant serves the best dim sum in Houston accompanied with fried rice, wonton soup, and carbs. Although it has few selections, they have solid Chinese dumplings, including har gow, Xiao long bao, Szechwan, and shu mai. This Asian restaurant is famous for its low-cost dumplings in Houston.

Address: 5135W Alabama St Suite 7295, Houston, Texas 77056

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2. Kim Son

This restaurant is known for its traditional push cart dim sum rules, mostly on weekends. Kim Son was founded by Mama La, who was passionate about Chinese culinary traditions. She had made over 250 different recipes before opening Kim Son, which got a lot of customers. Their presentation is of the highest manner.

Kim Son has gained a reputation and confidence from customers for serving standard shu mai, har gow, pork stuffed taro puffs, and pork spare ribs. Apart from the famous Chinese cuisine, you can treat yourself to some Vietnamese cuisine at a fair price.

Address: 10603 Bellaire Blvd Houston, Texas 77072

Kim Son
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3. Ocean Palace

This is a two-story restaurant where dim sum is served daily. Ocean Palace is the largest Dim Sum restaurant in Houston. It resembles the Chinatowns of Hong Kong City Mall, presenting traditional Chinese cuisine. A huge banquet hall upstairs is usually opened on weekends to accommodate many people flooding in. Ocean Palace is famous for gai Ian, Chinese broccoli, and crispy shrimp balls. They also serve inexpensive seafood with great choices.

Address: 11215 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, Texas 77072

Ocean Palace
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4. Dim Sum King

If you want to enjoy dim sum all day, this restaurant is for you. Dim Sum King opens at 9:30 in the morning and closes at 9p.m to satisfy your dumpling cravings. This restaurant has the most amazing, authentic, and delicious Chinese cuisine.

Despite being a tiny restaurant, they have an incredible way of how diners order the dish. You browse a picture menu and mark all the orders you want before the dish is prepared. If you visit this place in large groups, there are larger table parties for you.

Address: 9160 Bellaire Blvd # B, Houston, Texas 77036

best dim sum in Houston
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5. Golden Dim Sum

Golden Dim Sum serves you over 100 different dish selections. This restaurant is always packed to capacity; hence, they have no push carts. However, that should not scare you away because everything you need is on the menu at affordable prices. They also add pepper chicken wings to your order.

They have a large picture menu displayed which makes it easier for you to order. In addition, the restaurant has ample seating and accommodates even large parties.

Address: 10600 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, Texas 77072

best dim sum in Houston - Golden Dim Sum
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6. Hong Kong Dim Sum

This restaurant is popularly known as HK Dim Sum in Houston. People line up every day to buy steamed dumplings and Chinese dishes. It is one of the busiest places in Houston, serving this dish all day.

The seating is always tight, and you will probably share a table with others. Because of tight seating, you order your dim meal directly from the menu, not the push carts. Hong Kong Dim Sum restaurant also serves quality stuffed crab claws.

Address: 9889 Bellaire Blvd STE 110, Houston, Texas 77036

best dim sum in Houston - Hong Kong Dim Sum
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7. Yauatcha

This restaurant has served thousands of customers over decades. It has an extensive collection of loose-leaf tea and a cocktail bar. Yauatcha dining experience is adorable, with a techno music playlist in the background creating a stylish atmosphere. This is a signature Chinese teahouse restaurant serving tasty delicacies around Houston.

Address: 5045 Westheimer Rd, Houston, Texas 77056

best dim sum in Houston - Yauatcha
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8. Regal Seafood House and Lounge

High standard dumplings ranging from plump har gow, crisp taro puffs, and ginseng broth are served daily at Regal Seafood House. The unique thing about this restaurant is if you make your order three days ahead, tasty dessert dumplings shaped like pears, pumpkins, or piglets are made for you.

This Chinese Seafood restaurant serves the best dim sum with a Peking duck on the side. You can also enjoy a drink from its space-refined full bar.

Address: 1531 Hwy 6, Sugar Land, Texas 77478

best dim sum in Houston - Regal Seafood House and Lounge
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9. Wanna Bao

Wanna Bao is a great dumpling and dim sum restaurant in Houston to close our list. They cook and prepare the dumplings in the traditional Chinese manner to give you the best culinary experience. Wanna Bao serves you sumptuous food in a traditional Chinese technique. The classic dishes are served with shrimp crispy bottom bao, shrimp Xiao Long bao, and crispy spicy chicken popcorn.

Address: 2708 Bagby St, Houston, Texas 77006

best dim sum in Houston
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10. Fung’s Kitchen

Dim Sum in this restaurant is served in the Hong Kong style of daily push cart. Carts loaded with steam baskets containing fried shrimp balls and crabs are stationed at the eatery area. Fung’s Kitchen serves over 1,000 people, especially on weekends. This restaurant is owned by master chef Hoi Fung who provides an incredible selection of Best Dim Sum. The dumplings are delicious, and you can order seafood dishes straight from the aquarium during the dim sum service.

Address: 7320 Southwest Fwy APT 115, Houston, Texas 77074

best dim sum in Houston
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Most Houston Restaurants serve dim sum dishes in traditional Chinese ways. These eateries provide you with the Cantonese style to create Asian cuisine. You can visit Kim Son restaurant not only for Chinese cuisine but also for Vietnamese cuisines to enjoy.

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