10 Spots For The Best Cocktails in Houston

Houstonians have a particular attitude when gussied up. They love to have control over the choice of drink to take and how to drink it. A cocktail is never a bad idea, despite the mood you are in. It will lift your spirit as you head to your favorite cocktail bar to grab some of the classic and creative cocktails.

We have come up with a list of some cocktail bars in Houston that have unique ways of crafting their cocktail to wow your eyes and sense. So try some of these crafty cocktail joints the next time you feel you are in for some relaxation after a tiresome day, want to impress your date, or when partying with friends.

1. Lei Low

Address: 6412 N Main St Ste C, Houston, TX

Phone: 713-380-2968

Known for: craft cocktails, tiki, and lots of rum

Specialty: mai tai served in sea shell the size of a small child

best cocktails in Houston - Lei Low
Image credit: facebook.com/leilowhtx

This is Houston’s first tiki bar in this modern era. They treat even the silliest need to have a delightful effect. Right from the doorstep, this place is all decorated with tiki genre. It flows from tacky tiki, jungle to Middle America’s mid-century fevered escapism. They are wild on creativity, and you will enjoy your favorite drink in hollowed-out fruit vessels. Also, they give cocktails accompanied by a five-foot flame wildly garnished.

2. Eight Row Flint

Address: 1039 Yale St, Houston, TX

Phone: 713-880-8463

Known for: craft cocktails, whiskey, tacos, beer

Specialty:  weekend brunch for $4 mimosas with four juices to choose from.

best cocktails in Houston - Eight Row Flint
Image credit: facebook.com/eightrowflint

Have you ever combined tacos and cocktails? Crazy, right, Eight Row Flint has this and much more combos that will meet all your thirst and tummy needs. They have extensive bites and drink menu specializing in beer, whisky, and tacos.

3. Julep

Address: 1919 Washington Ave Ste A, Houston, TX

Phone: 832-831-2068

Known for: craft cocktails, lots of whiskeys, oysters, or raw bar

What to drink: cherry bounce sour

best cocktails in Houston - Julep
Image credit: julephouston.com

Julep is a vibe on its own. The place oozes with southern charm, and a step into this bar gives you a feeling of lace and sunshine. It is like walking into a back porch. This temple of whiskey is one of the projects of Bobby Heugel. However, the place is operated and managed by Alba Huerta.

4. Miss Carousel

Address: 1201 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: 832-582-7330

Known for: craft cocktails, spirits, wine galore, and elevated pub food

Specialty: birds & the bees featuring gin, italicus bergamot, honey, egg white, and yellow chartreuse

best cocktails in Houston - Miss Carousel
Image credit: facebook.com/MissCarouselHTX

This cocktail hangout spot has extensive lists of spirits and an adventurous plethora of house cocktails that will satisfy everybody’s needs. On Sundays from 4 pm, drop in for their extra fun night with trivia as you grab your beverage.

5. Anvil Bar & Refuge

Address: 1424 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX

Phone: 713-523-1622

Known for: craft cocktails, bar food, and mescal

Specialty: the brave Bobby Heugel’s stirred and stoic mix of mescal, tequila, amaro, orange liqueur, and bitters

best cocktails in Houston - Anvil Bar & Refuge
Image credit: instagram.com/anvilhouston

This bar was opened in 2009 by Bobby Heugel, who was very young by then and unaware of this type of business. They had a classic menu of 100 cocktails and their opening customers were awarded a t-shirt in memory of those old days to prove they were there. However, the menu changed recently, and it was updated with a new list of the 100 best modern styles cocktail earning this place a reputation for being one of the city’s best.

6. Grand Prize Bar

Address: 1010 Banks St, Houston, TX

Phone: 713-526-4566

Known for: craft cocktails, bar food, games, and jukebox

Specialty: whatever drink is available in the margarita machine every night and jukebox

Grand Prize Bar
Image credit: instagram.com/grandprizebar

It was opened in 2010, and since then, Montrose has enjoyed some of the best sharp cocktails. Grand prize bar is known to give zero-shits and serious cocktail haunts. Therefore, as you make new friends, you can be yourself at this place.

7. Double Trouble

Address: 3622 Main St, Houston, TX, United States

Phone: 713-874-0096

Known for: craft cocktails, tiki

Specialty: pink pineapple mai tai

Double Trouble
Image credit: doubletroublehouston.com

The feeling you get as you take your soft tiki is on another level at double trouble. They brew coffee from greenway coffee co, one of Houston’s best. You will walk out of this place with a huge smile after tasting some of the drinks they serve, from hot cups of coffee to tiki drinks.

8. Moving Sidewalk

Address: 306 Main St, Houston, TX, United States

Known for: craft cocktail

Specialty: little reed horses with pisco, cucumber, lime, sherry yogurt, bitter lemon soda, and celery seed.

Moving Sidewalk
Image credit: facebook.com/movingsidewalk

Alex Gregg is a bartender at this place, and he has some of the most unique evolutions of cocktail drinks that he developed from his experience in serving behind many bars. Here there is room for everything; any flavor you desire will be served at its best. For example, try their Avant grade cocktail that contains marigold shrub/ sherry and cheap beer.

9. The Pastry War   

Address: 310 Main ST, Houston, TX, United States

Phone: 713-225-3310

Known for: craft cocktails, bar food, tequila/ mezcal

Specialty: the mango daiquiri raspada, which is a combination of sweet chamoy topped up with spicy tajin seasoning

The Pastry War
Image credit: thepastrywar.com

This is the stop for traditionally made agave spirits. They have great offers on spirit agave pinas made from roasting in a stove or grounding using a stone wheel of tahona. Bobby Heugel is the owner of this bar, and he personally visits the distilleries that supply his bar with small-batch bottles. He pays keen interest in the preservation method of these beverages.

10. Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar And Spirit Lodge

Address: 308 Main St, Houston, TX 77002, United States

Phone: 719-266-2837

Known for: craft cocktails, historic, outdoor patio

Specialty: Their entire list on the chalkboard behind the bar boasts special, more so the genever cocktail and passion.

Captain Foxheart’s Bad News Bar And Spirit Lodge
Image credit: flickr.com

Don’t judge a book by its cover is a simple definition of this bar. Do not be fooled by the secret entrance, baroque name, chandeliers, and dark wood. However, everything changes the minute you get in, and it gets more comfortable. They have a basement bar and a special space to hang out with friends and have fun.

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