Best Food Trucks in Houston: 12 Options

Houston is an established city in Texas with amazing cuisines to fulfill your culinary journey. Although Houston has vibrant restaurants, sometimes you may not have actual time to dine in a restaurant. The best eats are not limited to classy restaurants but can also be found at Food Trucks. You can grab some delicious meals in this beautiful neighborhood from the popular food truck that satisfies your appetite. The mobile eateries provide every dish, from fried chicken to pizzas to notch tacos. In addition, they offer you a platform to explore the city and the chef’s creativity in their recipes. This article has compiled a guide to Houston’s best Food Trucks.

1. Brunch Bus

food trucks in Houston
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Experience hearty dishes in this food truck. Brunch Bus serves you delicious chicken waffles, grits, plus honey biscuits. To top it up, they have Bayou, fried chicken topped with caramel syrup, and sweet glaze for an amazing taste. Brunch Bus also serves fried catfish and crawfish toffee, known as Bourbon.

Address: 1011 Mcgowen Houston, Tx 77007

2. Buns Food Truck

BunSlut Food Truck
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Buns serves you the best burgers around Houston. This place is perfect for you when you want to enjoy tasty burgers or takeaways. The burgers are made with homemade sauce with cheese and grilled onions. Apart from burgers, this food truck sells milkshakes, patty melts, and fruit pebbles. The milkshakes come in different flavors to satisfy your taste, including strawberry, vanilla, and cinnamon toast crunch.

Address: 2829 Chimney Rock Rd, Houston, TX 77056

3. Houstons Pink Box

Houstons Pink Box
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Have you ever had pink-hued meals? Well, Houston’s Pink Box provides everything on the menu as pink. So whether you order chicken tacos or beef quesadillas, they are presented to you as pink. Likewise, this food truck is famous for Mexican Cheesesteak, which compiles nacho cheese topped with pico de gallo and pink cream.

Address: 4910 Apple Springs Dr, Pearland, TX

4. Screwstons Kitchen

Screwstons Kitchen
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This food truck was founded in memory of the popular Houston Dj Screw. Screwstons Kitchen serves you a swangin chicken sandwich, sizzurp gaze, and screw sauce. Their dishes are unique, giving you a memorable adventure around Houston. In addition, you can have a taste of their fries that are combined with purple ranch.

Address: 11241 Timber Tech Ave, Tomball, TX 77375

5. Pardi’s

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If you want to experience Louisiana-style cuisine, Pardi’s is the place for you. Pardi’s food truck satisfies your culinary experience by serving po’boys, fried shrimp, and catfish. With the latest classic menus, they sell handcrafted burgers served with bayou cheese and applewood bacon. The food truck’s delight is to serve customers amazing bites at a fair price.

Address: 1205 Almeda Genoa Rd, Houston, TX 77047

6. Waffle O’licious

food trucks in Houston - Waffle O'licious
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Technically waffles are known to be enjoyed as a breakfast meal. However, at Waffle O’licious, they change your favorite breakfast dish into a tasty meal to be enjoyed at any time. The food truck uses creativity to turn Belgian Waffles into any meal.

You will enjoy the’O’ Pollo Nachos and “O’ Basic Chick waffles covered with jalapenos, sriracha, chicken, and cheese.

Address: 10902 Katy Fwy. Houston, TX 77043

7. Coreanos

food trucks in Houston - Coreanos
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You can enjoy your favorite Korean and Mexican cuisines at Coreanos. The mouthwatering Korean barbeque burrito is blended with Mexican flavors of cilantro and bulgogi. At Coreanos, kimchi fries are made with Korean tofu meat and drizzled with El Sorcha, a Mexican sauce. This food truck in Houston stood out as the best and earned a place in the Food Network publications such as Daily Meal.

Address: 4016 Cullen Blvd, Houston, TX 77004

8. Mingo’s Latin Kitchen

food trucks in Houston - Mingo's Latin Kitchen
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Mingo’s place serves you most Latin Cuisines. This is a signature Tex-Mex food truck in Houston with fresh and quality food. Grab a bite of tacos, Havana sandwiches, chicken pork salad, and empanadas.

Mingo’s Latin Kitchen uses the traditional Cubano Latin way to prepare famous dishes. You can also treat yourself to great fries served with cilantro, cotija, and queso.

Address: 3320 East Broadway Street, Pearland, TX

9. Soul Behind Tha Stove

Soul Behind Tha Stove
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This food truck is always in the business of keeping your belly full. Soul Behind Tha Stove is a heart for Houstonians offering traditional and modern food. It has a variety of bites, including truffle cheese fries, spicy fried crab cakes, burgers, and sandwiches.

Refresh your dish with green apple lemonade and an incredible peach cobbler. No matter the day or time, Soul Behind Tha Stove will have goodies to satisfy your cravings.

Address: 1731 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

10. Houston Sauce Pit

Houston Sauce Pit
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Houston Sauce Pit is a vegan barbeque food truck. You can kill your curiosity with great vegan choices if you are a barbeque lover. Barbeques come in a variety to match your taste. They include brisket mac and cheese topped with vegan brisket, smoked barbeque loaded with mashed potatoes, and baked beans barbeques. Enjoy delicious vegan sausages, wings and Sammiches served with sauce and green onions.

Address: 4906 Almeda Rd, Houston, TX 77004

11. Tasty Arepa

food trucks in Houston - Tasty Arepa
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Tasty Arepa provides an authentic classical menu of Venezuelan and Colombian Cuisine. This food truck serves you delicious cachapas, tequenos, and empanadas. Try the Columbian hotdog blended with raspberry sauce, potato sticks, and cheese. Tasty Arepa is notable with cornmeal cakes in the native South American style.

Address: 5002 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007

12. Foreign Policy

food trucks in Houston - Foreign Policy
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All your favorite cuisines from different places worldwide are found here. Foreign Policy food truck celebrates different cultures by serving Greek, American, Korean and Mexican dishes. Their menu includes Mexican fries, Greek salad, chicken tender basket, gyro, American burger, Greek burger, and Korean pita. Whatever dish you order from a diversity of these cuisines is available.

Address: 6200 East Sam Houston Pkwy N, TX


Food trucks are mobile eateries serving delicious meals any day. So you can order your favorite dish and curb hunger if you are on a night out or rushing somewhere urgently. Houston is known for providing food trucks with different cultural cuisines that serve you the best. So don’t wait to treat yourself to luxurious eateries; place your order at any of your best food trucks and enjoy.

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