15 Spots For The Best Views in Houston Skyline (Daytime and Night)

Discovering a scenic location in Houston that captures the ideal perspective of the Houston Skyline day and night can be tricky, especially for visitors. Fortunately, we have 15 spots to observe the best views in Houston’s skyline.

1. Marriott Marquis Pool Deck

best views in Houston - Marriott Marquis Pool Deck
Image Credits: Marriott.com

One of the most breathtaking views of the downtown skyline can be seen atop the Marriott Marquis pool deck on the 6th floor. The spacious deck is the ideal setting for hanging out outside with friends, enjoying some appetizers, and enjoying a drink on a warm day.

The El Paso section of the Texas-themed river, perched 110 feet above the ground with a view of the parking below through an underwater glass, seems to disappear off the edge of the building.

2. Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge

Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge
Image Credits: Wikimedia Commons

The Rosemont Pedestrian Bridge is one of the best-kept secrets for the skyline hero shot. The bridge was built to link nearby communities like Montrose, provide access to Buffalo Bayou’s 200-acre park, and create a new tree-top vantage point of Buffalo Bayou and Houston’s downtown skyscrapers. In addition, you may easily access Spotts Park, Cleveland Park, Memorial Drive, and the Buffalo Bayou trail systems from the bridge.

3. Jamail Skate Park / Sabine St. Bridge

best views in Houston - Jamail Skate Park / Sabine St. Bridge
Image Credits: Romtec inc.

Even though the skate park has not yet reopened, you can get a fantastic picture view here without sneaking past the construction fencing. Instead, simply stand at the entranceway and then turn to face the skyline as it explodes over the legendary Sabine St. bridge. Alternatively, you can attempt to take a picture from the bridge itself, but to get the entire skyline in the frame, you’ll need a wide-angle lens.

4. Hilton – Americas Houston’s Roof Top Terrace

Hilton - Americas Houston's Roof Top Terrace
Image credits: Flickr

The Rooftop Terrace at the Hilton-America Houston, located on the 23rd floor, provides a stunning view of the Houston skyline. In addition, visitors can stop by the luxury hotel’s rooftop spa, which features a top-notch full-service hair and nail salon and 24-hour access to their health club while making use of the comfortable sitting and indoor pool.

5. Eleanor Tinsley Park

best views in Houston - Eleanor Tinsley Park
Image Credits: HTX Travelers

This park, one of Houston’s most well-liked outdoor entertainment areas, is named in memory of the late city councilwoman and civic leader Eleanor Tinsley.

This spot provides a picture-perfect postcard image over the park’s well-kept lawn as it gently dips towards Buffalo Bayou.  

6. Truck Yard

Truck Yard
Image Credit: WPAB

Visit Truck Yard for a good time both during the day and at night! So grab your friends and head over to enjoy some refreshments, food, and a Ferris wheel! Additionally, you may enjoy live music while viewing the cityscape from the top of the Ferris wheel. The Truck Yard is open and waiting for your arrival.

7. JPMorgan Chase Tower

JPMorgan Chase Tower
Image Credit: Pei Cobb Freds & Partners

The magnificent tower is situated in the downtown area and is among the tallest buildings in Texas. It is an astounding 75 stories high and the world’s tallest 5-sided structure.

Discover public artwork such as Personage and Birds, a magnificent bronze sculpture by Joan Miró during your visit. And perhaps admire the architecture’s subtle composition and fine detail. Thanks to its height, you may enjoy some of the city’s most breathtaking views and the stars, which is a wonder to behold.

8. Wells Fargo Plaza

best views in Houston - Wells Fargo Plaza
Image Credit: Flickr

This impressive structure is the second tallest in Texas, found downtown. Additionally, it is the tallest Wells Fargo Building in the entire world. The building is very tall, at 71 stories. It provides a fantastic vantage point from which to get incredible photos and views of the city.

The renowned underground tunnel network is accessible through Wells Fargo and may be reached from the basement area. In addition, the general consulate of the UK is situated there.

9. Hogg Park

Hogg Park
Image Credit: Flickr

Follow the White Oak Bayou Greenway Trail south past this park near the Heights until you cross Hogan Street. At this point, White Oak Bayou’s concrete channeling ends, and the natural, wild banks tumble in the direction of the city and eventually meet Buffalo Bayou. The famous Boooooogie On graffiti can be seen in the foreground of a photograph of the city skyline taken from the north if the angle is just precise.

10. Center for Bank of America

best views in Houston - Center for Bank of America
Image Credit: The Bussiness Journals

Another frequently visited rest area for seeing the beautiful Houston Skyline is this spectacular building. The building is situated in the heart of the city. Its design contrasts sharply with the many existing structures that line it. When you enter the bank, you’ll see that even the wood in the elevators has been decorated with elaborate decorations.

The renowned underground tunnel network is accessible through Wells Fargo and may be reached from the basement area. In addition, the general consulate of the UK is situated there.

11. POST Houston

POST Houston
Image Credit: Houstonia Magazine

POST Houston is a brand-new marketplace and neighborhood that is a must-visit for eating, shopping, and taking pictures. In addition, POST Houston features a lovely rooftop garden and area with a DJ where you can relax and take in the stunning cityscape. POST is a terrific place to go out with your friends or your significant other for the day or the evening.

12. Houston Police Officers’ Memorial

best views in Houston - Houston Police Officers' Memorial
Image Credits: Pixels

You can always climb to the top of the 12-foot-tall memorial. I prefer to take a picture of the skyline from this area of Buffalo Bayou Park that captures both the stepped ziggurat and the buildings beyond it.

13. Sunset Rooftop Lounge

Sunset Rooftop Lounge
Image Credits: The Rooftop Guide

This location is stunning, and the drinks and views are unmatched. While enjoying your preferred beverage, live music is being played. Open seven days a week, and stop by to listen to a different style of music every evening!

14. Z on 23 Rooftop Bar

best views in Houston - Z on 23 Rooftop Bar
Image credits: Z On 23 Rooftop Bar

Plan a drink at Z on 23 for a sophisticated evening with breathtaking views of the Houston skyline. Additionally, this is Houston’s highest outdoor bar. The rooftop bar is open to the public without reservations! Additionally, there are Sunday salsa classes and a DJ.

16. Raven Tower

best views in Houston - Raven Tower
Image Credits: Gin Design Group

Finally, Raven Tower is a fantastic location to see the Houston skyline. It’s a fantastic location constructed in the 1970s and transformed into a local hangout. There are 24 beers on tap, numerous others in bottles, spirits, and an enormous wine selection.


We hope you’ve identified your next spot to see the stunning Houston skyline. After a long day, viewing the city skyline is a great way to relax.

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