10 Artisanal Tattoo Shops In Houston

Tattoos are pieces of art that tell the world stories of our past, loved ones, memories you want to keep, places you have visited, and an artist’s signature on your skin. The fine lines speak so much; in most cases, people like making them as unique and original as possible.

Therefore it will be nice if you fall into the hands of an artist who knows their way around this work since you will need the work to be amazing. As such, the best thing to do is find a tattoo shop that is in your neighborhood but is known for its quality work.

We have shortlisted some of the best tattoo shops in Houston, where you can consider visiting and getting a distinctive piece of art in your body at an affordable price.

1. 3rd Generation Ink

Address: 126 Heights Blvd, Houston, Texas 77007

Contacts: 713-485-5062

Image credits: 3rd Generation Ink

3rd generation ink is one of the oldest tattoo places in America. Bob Shaw‘s family owned this place in 1994. However, Bob took over fully in 2014. Bob learned his tattoo techniques from working with Bert Grimm, from where he later took over the studio and owned it as his.

The best thing about Bob is that he puts the client’s safety first. They offer services like traditional tattoos, Japanese ideas, illustrative tattoos, neo-traditional, blackwork designs, and new school tattoo designs. The price varies with the design and artist who did it. Therefore, it is safe to discuss the charges before considering your desired piece.

2. Flying Squid Tattoo

Address: 1507 N Durham Drive, Houston

Contacts: 346- 444- 6606

Image credits: Flying Squid Tattoo

Flying squid tattoo place is a real definition of pure art. It is fully parked with all functions of an art gallery. This tattoo shop is located in Houston Heights, and a group of experts owns it.

Each tattoo artist has their signature style. They all have their rooms in the beautiful gallery. Therefore the client is assured of total intimacy in discussing the details. The place is very neat and comfortable. They offer services like; an art gallery, piercing jewelry, and custom design tattoos.

3. Scorpion Studios Tattoo

Address: 1401 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Contacts: 713- 306- 7376

Image credits: Scorpion Studios Tattoo

Every tattoo lover in Houston should visit this place. They offer an outstanding experience to their clients. Those professional artists are highly trained and can execute any concept or style you wish to have. In addition, they are the best-licensed tattoo artist in the area.

Scorpion studios use the latest equipment, so the clean-up and sterilization should not worry you. Also, they have a collection of designs from which you can choose. In addition, they offer different services like; tattoo services, design, and redesign, consultation, and traditional/ gothic/ modern/ Asian tattoos.

4. Texas Body Art

Address: 12537 Jones Road, Houston

Contacts: 281-894-02282

Best tattoo shops in Houston
Image credits: Texas Body Art

Johnny Jackson is the icon of Texas body art. He fully manages and runs the studio by himself. He has recruited all his employees to gain the skills of using ink lines to create unique body art.

The place is well equipped with the finest artwork surfaces and needles to ensure you get the best satisfying results. In addition, they offer services like modifying designs, wedding tattoos, matching tattoos, and classic/ traditional/ spider/ Asian/ Mandala tattoo designs.

5. The Redhawk Studio

Address: 3420 Rusk St 10, Houston, TX 77003

Contacts: 832-314-5555

Image credits: The Redhawk Studio

This tattoo shop has been running for over 20 years. The studio is located in the East Downtown area. The artist mainly specializes in blackwork and fine-line tattoos. They use black ink to incorporate any artistic vision of their client.

However, this place does not allow customers who require walk-ins to maintain focus on their tattoos. For you to be served, you have to book an appointment earlier.

6. Imperial Tattoo Company

Address: 403 Hwy 6 A, Sugar land, TX 77478

Contacts: 281-0302-052224

Best tattoo shops in Houston
Image credits: Imperial Tattoo Company

Imperial Tattoo Company is known for nurturing talent. This place has brought some of the best educated, trained, and talented tattoo artists to the market. They come from diverse backgrounds with different ranges of experience in this industry.

It was established in 2011 and operated by a family of artists with 50 years of experience. They offer tattooing services like ombre powder brows and micro blading.

7. Noble Street Tattoo Parlor

Address:  26515 Preston Avenue spring, TX 77373, old town spring

Contacts: 832-248-5880

Image credits: Noble Street Tattoo Parlor

Regarding body art, Noble Street is up to the task and won’t disappoint you. This place itself describes an old-school tattoo shop and art gallery. Therefore, they are well-equipped and experienced in this domain of body art.

You can be sure they will produce an excellent result since they combine globally top-tested methods. In addition, they are known to print the exact assignment given to them. The design will be on point, whether an image, drawing or just a beautiful moment representation. They do Japanese, bio-mechanical, black and gray, portraits, realism, and American traditional and Neo-traditional tattoos.

8. Rampage Tattoo

Address: 12637 Westheimer Road, Houston, TX 77006

Contacts: 281-809-3582

Best tattoo shops in Houston
Image credits: Rampage Tattoo

Since 2011 rampage tattoo has been doing custom tattoos. There, you will find five tattoo artists led by Ram Perez, who is very experience in this sector. They specialize in personalized tattoos and can handle any unique style.

They do services like portraits, realism tattoos, black and grey tattoos, and bio-mechanical tattoo designs.

9. Virtue Tattoo

Address: 11611 W Airport Blvd, Meadows Place, Texas 77477

Contacts: 281- 240-0632                                                                         

Best tattoo shops in Houston
Image credits: Virtue Tattoo

The virtue tattoo studio is known to offer tattooing and body piercing. It was founded in 2010 and has since gained fame for having the best services with professional skills. Over the years, they have received several awards for being the best tattoo shop in Houston. The shop is under Tim Gooding, who is much talented in what he does. He has been doing this work for over ten years.

10. Prison break tattoos

Address: 5306 Washington Ave, Houston, TX 77007, United States

Phone: 713- 465- 3387

Best tattoo shops in Houston
Image credits: Prison break tattoos

As the name suggests, this place is known for customizing “prison break” themed tattoos for their customers. They also do piercing and cover-ups. Their tattoos are always decorated with prison decor where they may have bars, electric chairs, or inmates. The owner of Prison Break, BK, has been in the law enforcement sector for 23 years.


It is very exciting to have a new tattoo. Therefore, before getting one is important to know a good studio that will guarantee your health, privacy and design are well catered for. Remember, a tattoo is permanent and once done poorly, you will live with it forever. With so many options to look at, it is important to vary the price before making a decision. Check out as many shops as possible until you settle for the right one.

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