12 Things To Do In Atascocita, Houston, Texas

Atascocita is a census-designated place within the Houston metropolitan area. Atascocita was derived from the Spanish name to mean soft, water-laden, or boggy land, developed in 1757. As the Suburb of Houston, it has a population of over 81,860. Whether you are new to the city of Houston or local, we’ve got a lot of beautiful places you can visit. You can dine in popular restaurants, visit famous museums, and do a lot of sporting activities, including biking, Yoga, golf, and weight lifting. Below is a list of places you can discover in Atascocita and have endless fun.

1. Moody Mansion

things to do in Atascocita - Moody Mansion
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This Place is incredibly amazing with a historic residential building. Moody Mansion was established in 1895 and was previously known as Willi-Moody Mansion. It was named after famous entrepreneur and financier William Lewis Moody.

Moody Mansion has thirty-one exquisite rooms with a beautiful architectural layout. In addition, the mansion has a one-passenger elevator, dumbwaiter, heated drying racks in the laundry, rainwater cistern, speaking tubes in the pantry, and lighting fixtures.

If you wish to have a tour around the mansion, the staffs offer a tour. Moody Mansion is also rented for weddings, graduation parties, and other events.

2. Cypress Trails

Cypress Trails
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Looking for a way to spend your leisure time amazingly? Cypress Trails provides adventure in horseback riding, biking, and other activities. The beautiful thing about Cypress Trails is that they also offer pony rides for kids older than 8.

They offer trail rides for 4 hours, where the first ride leaves at 9:00a.m and the last at 4:30 p.m. Cypress Trails also provides private or horseback riding lessons, so there is no need to worry if you don’t know how to ride a horse.

Rides are available with all the great exploration, brunch, lunch, and picnic. You can make an online booking with Cypress Trails and start your adventure. They are available 24/7 for any inquiries.

3. Hermann Park

Hermann Park
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All your golfing activities are sorted in this park with green gardens in Atascocita. Hermann is an urban park with 445 acres of gardens for great vibes. The weather is conducive, with a light cool breeze providing great scenery for you. You can also play golf in the elegant gardens.

Hermann Park has picnic shelters and train rides for 20 minutes. You can also ride in the well-crafted boats and enjoy viewing ponds with ducks and geese. Suppose you are a nature lover; this is a great place. Create memories with family and friends during holiday seasons in the greenery park at an affordable price.

4. Downtown Aquarium

Downtown Aquarium
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Downtown Aquarium Houston displays unique aquatic ecosystems. This aquarium has lovely exhibitions of fish, sharks, and stingray reefs. The environment in Downtown Aquarium is neat, and the sharks are well taken care of.

This aquarium has a comprehensive spot for sea life and touch pools. This spectacular wall-to-wall aquarium has 500,000 gallons with multi-functional destinations, including a shark voyage, aquatic carousel, and white tiger exhibit.

5. Stella’s Place

things to do in Atascocita - Stella's Place
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Away from all adventures, you want to have something more refreshing (like a margarita?), filled with tranquility. Stella’s Place is a nice bar in Atascocita, providing an ambiance environment for customers. Karaoke nights, sporting programs like playing pool – it has six pool tables by the way – and live classical music create a peaceful atmosphere in the bar.

Stella’s Place is redesigned maturely, removing all dark corners and providing bright sight lines that make women feel safer. It is a crime-free zone with security to maintain order. Only adults of 20 years and above are allowed since no pop young music dance is allowed.

6. Crunch Fitness

Crunch Fitness
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Lose those extra kilograms at Crunch Fitness. The Crunch Fitness in Atascocita has certified personal trainers to help you feel your best. If you want to lift weights or are involved in any exercise, the trainers guide you with no judgment.

Crunch Fitness combines fun with exercise through cardio and top-notch equipment. In addition, you can join the amazing groups of fitness classes for lessons.

7. Lindsay/Lyons Park and Sports Complex

things to do in Atascocita - Lindsay/Lyons Park and Sports Complex
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You can experience all sorts of sporting activities at the famous Lyons Park. Lyons Park occupies 136-acre baseball, soccer, and playground fields, plus picnic spots. This park is well maintained, having a front playground for children.

When you consider a vacation, Lyons Park has 98 hostels some miles from the park for accommodation. In addition, you can go shopping at Humble Civic Centre inside Lyons Park and Sports Complex.

8. Mane Attraction Salon

Mane Attraction Salon
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Mane attraction offers urban services in a variety of hair and skincare services. When exploring Atascocita, Mane Attraction is a must-visit. They keep your hair in great shape with amazing haircuts.

Mane offers great stylists with leave-in conditioners and moisturizers, leaving your hair looking radiant. Experience elegant hairstyles anytime in this great beauty palace.

9. Turner Stadium

things to do in Atascocita - Turner Stadium
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Turner Stadium hosts high school athletic activities. It has stadium lighting, grandstands, and restroom facilities. The entrance plaza in Turner Stadium has ticket booths to offer you a chance to watch Junior Olympics. It has a population of 9,000, making it a great venue for football and other sporting activities.

10. Gotcha Paintball Field

Gotcha Paintball Field
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Change your normal routine and engage yourself in something new and fun. The Gotcha Paintball teaches every beginner how to play paintball. The field has three fields with buildings and obstacles to help participants test their skills.

Gotcha Paintball allows you to participate in challenging paintball experiences. In addition, you will enjoy snacks and drinks at the shaded picnic tables with reservations.

11. Megaton Brewery

things to do in Atascocita - Megaton Brewery
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This top brewery in Atascocita serves exclusive vintage recipes with great tastes. Being both a Brew House and a Taproom, it offers a selection of brews. In addition, megaton has meticulous décor creating home friendly environment for guests.

To minimize the heat of Houston, Summers treats you with local wineries and brews. Plus, you can carry extra supplies and enjoy them in the comfort of your home.

12. Houston Museum District

things to do in Atascocita - Houston Museum District
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To close our list of things to do in Atascocita, we must mention Houston Museum District. The museum has 19 galleries and cultural centers to promote arts. In addition, Houston Museum District has wide sidewalks where you can walk or ride your bike.

It offers education through the health museum, museum of fine arts, and museum of natural science. In addition, you can enjoy quality time exploring the galleries, fresh air, and amazing food.

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