Small Wedding Venues in Houston to Match Every Style

Have you just said YES and need a specific wedding venue? First, Congratulations! Many couples tell you that planning the perfect wedding starts with finding the perfect venue. Fortunately, finding your dream wedding venue doesn’t have to be overwhelming! 

Not everyone wants a big wedding, and some people prefer an intimate wedding full of heart, laughter and vibes from close people. So whether you are scouting for a small venue surrounded by nature or a space in the heart of Houston, below you will find your ideal venue.

Some of the venues have on-site catering, event staff and other built-in services. 

What Is Considered a Small Wedding? 

When it comes to a wedding guest list, there is no one-size-fits-all, and a different number of people will feel right to different people. This will depend on culture, family makeup, friend groups or religion. 

Most brides consider 75 to 150 guests an average wedding, and anything over 150 guests is considered a large wedding. 

For weddings under 75 guests, there can be three categories:

  • Intimate Wedding- Between 50 and 75 guests
  • Small Wedding- Less than 50 guests, a number that can fit comfortably in a backyard with six or so tables
  • Tiny Wedding- 15 people or less. It might also be referred to as a micro wedding or a minimony.

1. Bisong Art Gallery

Bisong Art Gallery small wedding venue in houston
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The art gallery is located in downtown Houston in a historic and eclectic Warehouse District. It is a 1200-square-foot loft space with exposed frosted brick and mosaic glass windows.

This space is considered one of the best small wedding venues in Houston because it offers a great atmosphere for intimate events like weddings. It also has hosted cocktail parties, political events, reception and team-building painting parties. 

Bisong Art Gallery showcases all the talented artists outside the larger galleries and the Houston community. The 1300sq-ft loft has a maximum capacity of 60 people seated and 80 when standing cocktail style using indoor and patio. 

2. The Willow- The Oak Atelier

The willow small wedding venue in houston
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Second on our list of amazing small wedding venues in Houston is The Oak Atelier. This venue features four different spaces available for intimate events, and each has its own set of characteristics making this location unique. This will make a perfect venue if you are looking for an ultra-romantic intimate vintage-inspired aesthetic with a capacity of 60 people seated and standing. 

A glasshouse set against a whimsical forest background lit up by sunlight filters through the trees outside to give it an airy, light, and minimalist antique feel. Also, the gorgeous chandelier and other chosen pieces inside combined with your bridal gown and beautiful bouquet will give you a Vogue feature-worthy wedding. 

3. 1111 Studewood – Downtown

1111 Studewood small wedding venue in houston
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1111 Studewood is what you are looking for if you want both an outdoor and indoor space. It gives you a breathtaking view of downtown Houston. This venue’s outdoor rooftop balcony will give you that. Additionally, the indoor area can comfortably hold about 80 wedding guests, and the space is lit thanks to the large windows. 

When you make your booking, you get complimentary valet parking so your guests will be able to pull up at the entrance and will have everything taken care of. Who doesn’t want such a bonus for their wedding day?

4. The Courthouse Wedding Chapel

The courthouse small wedding venue in houston
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Are you and your partner interested in a simple yet sweet venue that commemorates your love and has various packages that cater to 4 to 50 people? The wedding in the Main Chapel will include music, decorated space, artificial bouquet, officiant, filing of the marriage license, decorated space and a keepsake certificate. 

Notably, the small wedding venue also supports LGBTQIIA+ wedding ceremonies at an affordable price, allowing you to honor your love in a charming setting. The normal capacity of guests is 50, but it is limited to 20 guests due to the pandemic. It is another one of the top small wedding venues in Houston that you can consider.

5. Tiny Boxwoods

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Are you looking for a micro wedding venue in a beautiful garden space? This is it! Tiny Boxwoods is an eatery that qualifies for a charming yet intimate wedding thanks to the landscape of the restaurant’s garden, grand gazebo setting and immaculate lawns setting the scene. 

Wedding on the lawn, followed by a reception, this scenery and the whimsical setting are unlike anything else you will find in Houston. Since it is a micro wedding venue, the capacity allows 20 seating and standing guests. 

6. StarHill Farms

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Starhill farms are ideal for a couple looking to make their wedding a graceful and grounding experience thanks to the relaxed attitude making it a unique place to gather. In addition, the venue has panoramic views that will help you save on decorations. 

It is a wedding venue, but it also has horse stables, farms, hiking trails, and cabins to enliven your loved ones. So, if you want to get an intimate farm wedding, there is no better deal than this. It can accommodate up to 50 guests, but more guests are possible with tent rental.

7. Hotel ZaZa Museum District

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To experience the most breathtaking Houston views, you should consider having your small wedding on this newly renovated 11th floor. The Grapevine Ballroom has an elegant backdrop for any event, and it qualifies as a perfect choice for intimate events, including small weddings.  

The unique choice boasts suites and guestrooms, including concept suites, pool villas and The Magnificent Seven Suites. It can accommodate 80 guests while standing and sitting and provides free on-site parking. This makes it one of the best small wedding venues in Houston.

What are the Benefits of a Small Wedding?

  • With a small guest list, you get access to many wedding venues, and you are not limited to small party rooms. 
  • It saves you money since intimate weddings cost less, but this depends on your choices.
  • An intimate wedding takes less planning, meaning it will be less stressful. 
  • You get more room in your budget to offer an exorbitant menu for a luxury wedding on a small scale.
  • A small may allow you to have more money to devote to your post-wedding house purchase or your honeymoon.
  • More flexibility and control

What are the Disadvantages of a Small Wedding?

  • When doing a small wedding, your guest list will naturally include fewer people, which can cause drama and friction with family members and friends. 
  • A venue might be charging a minimum price for renting it even when you are not inviting many people.

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