10 Best Breakfast Places In Houston, Texas

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. There are so many fantastic breakfast spots in Houston that you should try. From a quick pastry and espresso to a lavish, gourmet breakfast at a fine-dining bistro, Houston has some seriously delicious food waiting to be eaten.

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We’ve gathered the best Houston bakeries, long-standing local favorites, international restaurants, stylish coffee shops, delis, and modern eateries for you to enjoy in the morning.

1. Harry’s Restaurant

best breakfast places in Houston - Harry's Restaurant
Image credit: Harry’s Restaurant

Harry’s restaurant is in the Montrose district. It was established in the early 1900s by a Greek and Ecuadorian couple.

The menu is as creative and diverse as Houston itself. This neighborhood restaurant has brought unique dishes to the area, with an array of Southern, Latin, and European dishes. This pleasant breakfast spot serves popular breakfast items like Baklava French Toast, Salvadoran pupusas, Greek-style feta fries, pupusas stuffed with zucchini and queso, and the Larissa plate, which includes two eggs, seasoned potatoes, and tomatoes covered in feta and parsley.

Location: 318 Tuam St, Houston, TX 77006

Location: (713) 528-0198

2. The Breakfast Klub

best breakfast places in Houston - The Breakfast Klub
Image credit: The Breakfast Klub

The Breakfast Klub is Houston’s pride and joy neighborhood breakfast restaurant, having been named one of the best in the nation by Zagat, USA Today, Esquire, and Forbes.

They are a casual family-style restaurant in Houston’s Midtown, decorated with modern art, lush plants, and wood tables.

The Breakfast Klub is known for its Southern comfort food.

They are best known for their fried chicken and waffles, catfish and grits, and green eggs and ham, which are made with chives, spinach, and bell peppers. The Breakfast Klub also sells its pancake mixes, allowing true fans to replicate their dishes at home.

Location: 3711 Travis St, Houston, TX 77002

 Phone: 713-528-8561

3. Baby Barnaby’s

best breakfast places in Houston - Baby Barnaby's
Image credit: Baby Barnaby’s

Barnaby’s, named after the owner and founder’s beloved childhood dog, has eight popular lunch and dinner locations throughout Houston.

Baby Barnaby’s, located in the vibrant Montrose neighborhood, is a colorful, pet-friendly neighborhood café and the breakfast addition to a beloved Houston chain.

They’re well-known for their variety of American breakfast staples from every region, whether you want a bagel and lox or a breakfast burrito.

Their Migas, lox platter, pink and white scramble (ham chunks and white cheddar), and green eggs served with chicken apple sausage are all worth a try.

Location: 602 Fairview St, Houston, TX 77006

 Phone: 713-522-4229

4. Dish Society

best breakfast places in Houston - Dish Society
Image credit: Dish Society

Dish Society is a farm-to-table café with an open kitchen in Gables Tanglewood that serves American fare, craft beers, and more. It’s a fantastic option if you’re looking for hearty home-cooked meals with strong Texan flavors served in large portions.

Their nutrient-dense versions of classic American comfort foods truly demonstrate that nutrition can also be delicious. Dish Society infuses classic breakfast dishes with local flavors, such as fluffy pancakes, Nutella French toast, brisket and eggs, house beignets, and more. Start your day with a cup of coffee or tea, or turn breakfast into brunch with a fruity mimosa flight.

Location: 5740 San Felipe St #100, Houston, TX

Phone: (832) 538-1060

5. Tiny Boxwood’s

best breakfast places in Houston - Tiny Boxwood's
Image credit: Tiny Boxwood’s

Tiny Boxwoods is an upscale-casual cafe with a beautiful outdoor patio that serves classic breakfast and lunch dishes. It is surrounded by a nursery full of its namesake Boxwood trees.

Tiny Boxwood’s owners, Baron Doke, Gregg Thompson, and Lance Thompson, take pride in providing an elegant and welcoming environment to enjoy high-quality meals made from scratch.

They serve brunch on weekends, with delectable multi-course meals and a variety of freshly squeezed juices and brunch beverages.

Their menu includes Freddies Carnitas breakfast taco with red salsa and Granola No.5 with currants, raisins, cranberries, and almonds served with milk.

Location: 3614 W Alabama St, Houston, TX 77027

 Phone: 713-622-4224

6. The Buffalo Grille

best breakfast places in Houston - The Buffalo Grille
Image credit: The Buffalo Grille

The Buffalo Grille in Weslayan Plaza is a cozy eatery that serves hearty comfort food such as enormous pancakes and thick-cut bacon. It was founded in 1984 in Bellaire. Buffalo Grille’s menu features everything from eggs to build-your-own omelets, pecan-smoked sausage, hot cakes, French toast, and more.

They also serve traditional Texas fare like grits, biscuits, and chicken fried steak, as well as delectable Mexican fares like breakfast burritos, huevos rancheros, and Migas.

On weekends, there’s usually a line out the door for this restaurant, which is a local favorite for family meals and celebrations.

Location: 4080 Bissonnet St, Houston, TX 77005

 Phone: 713-661-3663

7. Blacksmith

Image credit: Blacksmith

Blacksmith is an industrial coffeehouse that opened in 2013 and serves gourmet, barista-made drinks, home-baked goods, and light meals. It is an edgy, contemporary neighborhood café in Montrose.

For a tasty yet perfectly balanced breakfast, try the Smoked Salmon Dill Scramble, which includes two scrambled eggs, smoked salmon, dill, pesto, and pickled red onion.

The Vietnamese steak and eggs with house paté, chilaquiles with black beans and queso fresco, and crème fraîche croissants are also recommended.

Location: 1018 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

 Phone: 832-360-7470

8. Koffeteria

Image credit: Koffeteria

Koffeteria serves some of the best coffee in town and some of the most creative sweet, and savory pastries.

From aromatic beef pho kolaches to pumpkin spice muffin tops, there are a variety of sweet and savory breakfast and dessert options.

One of the best brunch options is a fried chicken sandwich on focaccia with honey butter mayonnaise, togarashi pickles, and arugula.

Finish with the Double Chocolate Chip Cookie with dark chocolate, and caramelized white chocolate sprinkled with sea salt for a well-rounded meal.

Location: 1110 Hutchins St, Suite 102, Houston, TX 77003

9. La Guadalupana Cafe and Bakery

La Guadalupana Cafe and Bakery
Image credit: La Guadalupana Cafe and Bakery

La Guadalupana Cafe and Bakery opened in 1945. It is a family-run business that serves sweet and savory baked goods as well as Mexican breakfasts in a relaxed, no-frills atmosphere.

 It has a lovely outside patio and a casual, family-friendly ambiance. They serve a fantastic breakfast menu that includes authentic Mexican pastries, breakfasts, seafood, and tacos, as well as traditional coffee and café de holla, a Mexican coffee.

Fresh-squeezed juices, spiced coffees, artfully made almond croissants, and Mexican breakfast staples like migas and tortas filled with eggs, chorizo, potatoes, beans, onions, and peppers are available.

Location: 2109 Dunlavy St, Houston, TX

Phone: (713) 522-2301

10. Empire Cafe

Empire Cafe
Image credit: Empire Cafe

For over 20 years, Empire Café has been a Montrose institution for sophisticated streetside hangouts and study sessions with its European-style café, coffee house, and wine bar.

The lovely outdoor patio is encircled by blooming bougainvillea, and the Italian-inspired menu and coffee are among the best in town.

You can enjoy an espresso and an Italian breakfast every day and then stay for a glass of wine in the evening.

They also have a full bakery, so you can start with croissants or scones. The Roma, two eggs any style on focaccia bread with basil pesto, tomatoes, and mozzarella cheese served with cheddar hash browns and fresh fruit, is my favorite breakfast dish at Empire.

Location: 1732 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77098

 Phone: 713-528-5282

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