Best Plant Nursery In Houston: Top 10 Picks

Houston is home to many top-notch horticultural facilities. In addition, there are excellent plant nurseries in Houston, Texas – whether you want giant trailing plants, bushes, trees, or smaller house or patio plants. These plant nurseries cultivate plants that do well in the local climate.

We’ve compiled a list including the best plant nursery in Houston and other great choices for you to determine which one could have what you’re searching for.

1. Houston Garden Centers

Best Plant Nursery In Houston -  Houston Garden Centers
Image Source: Houston Garden Centers

Houston Garden Centers are easy to see thanks to their massive red and yellow canopies, so treat yourself and follow the beacon to this plant colossus. The garden centers, which are primarily concerned with outside plants, provide a wide variety of annuals, perennials, shrubs, trees, vines, ferns, and succulents. Bulk mulch or bedding mix can also be purchased here.

Use the “What to Plant Now” online guide to sort through a large range of shrubs, trees, perennials, and annuals to pick the finest ones for your outdoor garden. It includes photographs and care instructions.

Address:  Multiple locations

2. Another Place In Time

Best Plant Nursery In Houston - Another Place In Time
Image Source: Another Place In Time

This is worth a periodic visit if you’re looking for tropical plants or a rare plant that you can’t locate in other nurseries. They can provide detailed guidance for your new plants and are friendly and helpful.

Succulents, milkweed, pentas, petunias, herbs, gingers, and occasionally even more odd plants like staghorn ferns are available.

Although they don’t provide many more services, they are extremely informed and friendly.

APIT is active on social media with frequent updates on new shipments and announcements of sales and promotions. To get your favorites before they sell out, follow the pages of the nursery.

Address: 421 W 11th St Houston, TX 77008

Phone: 713.864.9717

3. RCW Nurseries Inc

Best Plant Nursery In Houston - RCW Nurseries Inc
Image Source: RCW Nurseries Inc

This gently rolling four-acre nursery is located at the crossroads of the Sam Houston Tollway and the intersection of 249. Visit the nursery’s website to look at rows and rows of RCW-grown trees and shrubs that have been adapted to the Gulf Coast. RCW carries hundreds of species of roses, making this a great place to buy them.

The nursery’s tree care recommendations and planting instructions are crucial if you’re buying a new outdoor tree. The collection contains comprehensive care manuals for various plants going back to 2010 and beyond.

Address:  15809 Texas 249 Access Road

Phone: (281) 440-5161

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4. Zone 9 Tropicals

Best Plant Nursery In Houston - Zone 9 Tropicals
Image Source: Zone 9 Tropicals

Zone 9 Tropicals is open only on weekends. It is a haven for plant collectors not far from Buchanan’s. On its website, where you can also make online purchases, the nursery lists plants and pricing and is frequently among the first to stock popular rare goods. Because the store specializes in tropical plants, most plants can only survive a Houston winter indoors; hence its target market is indoor gardeners.

Note: Parking for this Heights shop, which operates out of a cottage and yard on a residential street, might be challenging. Be prepared to walk a few blocks and put on some comfy shoes.

Address: 1015 Arlington Street, Houston, TX 77008

Phone: (713)863-0708

5. Joshua’s Native Plants and Garden

Best Plant Nursery In Houston - Joshua's Native Plants and Garden
Image Source: Joshua’s Native Plants and Garden

Joshua’s is an unanticipated plant refuge in the city, tucked into a corner lot in the energetic Heights neighborhood. Customers enter the store through winding but well-organized hallways that open to the back of the building, which is filled with succulents and indoor plants. There are a ton of pots, standing planters, statues, and sculptures inside the enormous warehouse.

The warehouse has anything from antiques to metal sculptures to fountains. In addition, you will find your most unusual garden furniture and outdoor decor here.

Address: 502 W. 18th Street, Houston, TX 77008

Phone: (713) 862-7444

6. JRN & JRN 2/Vuon Cay An Trai Houston

JRN & JRN 2/Vuon Cay An Trai Houston
Image Source: JRN & JRN 2/Vuon Cay An Trai Houston

The JRN nurseries in Houston have a wide variety of plants that will appeal to both indoor and outdoor gardeners. Even for in-vogue goods and the prices are fair. The nurseries provide difficult-to-find Southeast Asian fruit trees and stunning bonsais and have a strong Vietnamese influence. Finding affordable, unusual items by digging in the pot areas is guaranteed.

This is the place to find a spectacular centerpiece for those who love interior design. Spend money on a fancy, multi-tiered orchid arrangement, a great bonsai arrangement.

Address: 4809 Breen Drive & 11701 Alief Clodine Road, respectively.

7. Buchanan’s Native Plants

Buchanan's Native Plants
Image Source: Buchanan’s Native Plants

As the name suggests, this local nursery in the Heights is specialized in native species. Because so many options are available that suit the Houston climate, it is the ideal location for new gardeners.

Local nurseries frequently have the most devoted and informed personnel, and Buchanan’s is no exception – no wonder we have it in our list of the best plant nursery in Houston.

In addition, the nursery offers customers the chance to question staff members. For both experienced and novice Houston gardeners, Buchanan’s free monthly to-do list is a lifesaver. As it specifies when to plant popular kitchen garden items, you may also use it to influence your purchasing decisions.

Address: 611 East 11th Street, Houston, Texas 77008

Phone: 713-861-5702

8. Cornelius Nursery

Cornelius Nursery
Image Source: Cornelius Nursery

Cornelius on Voss, a Calloway’s Nursery Company branch, sells competitively priced interior and outdoor plants. In addition to a sizable greenhouse and an outside tree and shrub section, the shop also has a smaller indoor shop close to the entrance where you can buy pots, tools, fertilizer, insecticides, and even home decor.

For your next major plant buy, holidays are the ideal time because they’re frequently marked by special offers of 30% per item. Create a free loyalty account to receive regular discounts on larger totals.

Address: 2233 South Voss RoadMultiple locations

9. The Cactus King 

The Cactus King 
Image Source:The Cactus King 

The Cactus King nursery specializes in growing cacti and succulent species. According to its website, they are the star of the show at this diverse firm, which wants to give amateur gardeners the same access to succulents as experts. The stunning 15 greenhouses in the family-run nursery are loaded with a wide variety of cactus and succulent species, but that won’t be the only thing drawing attention; the nursery is also dotted with many funky sculptures.

Address: 7900 I-45N, Houston, TX, 77037

10. Tall Plants

Tall Plants
Image Source: Tall Plants

Although Tall Plants is hidden in a little lot just off the freeway, the nursery lives up to its name. The store is home to enormous palm trees, towering fiddle-leaf figs, massive climbing pothos with sheet-like leaves, and other large and tall plants. If you go inside, you can also find smaller indoor plants, such as full hanging baskets of trailing vines and succulents. Outside, you might discover hibiscus, palm trees, and even a staghorn fern so large that its steady rotation from a metal structure hanging overhead appears to defy gravity.

Address: 9191 Katy Fwy, Houston, TX 77024

Phone: (832) 844-5179


We hope this information has been useful to you in locating the top plant nurseries in Houston, Texas. Houston is home to a variety of stunning plants and trees, and local professionals can assist you in choosing the ones that will best suit your needs.

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