Top 20 Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston, Tx

Houston is considered home to one of the best Vietnamese Food restaurants. This city has honored Vietnamese restaurants from Downtown, Montrose, Bayou to Asiatown. They’ve got it all from noodle bowls of rice, and pho, to banh mi. Whether you are craving traditional Vietnamese food, iced coffee, well-built cocktails, or Viet-Cajun cooking, the restaurants have it all. In addition, Vietnamese food restaurants in Houston are run by well-recognized chefs who are passionate about this particular cuisine.

1. Les Ba’get

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Les Ba’get is considered one of the best spots, if you are craving some delicious Vietnamese food. This best Vietnamese food restaurants in Houston, has a food truck in the Garden Oaks neighborhood featuring a variety of Vietnamese dishes.

There is plenty to explore on the regular menu such as rieu omelet, vegan bowl pho, and hearty egg dish made with lump crab. In addition, the dishes are slow-cooked and topped with fried shallots, spices, tofu, and tomatoes.

Address: 1717 W 34th St Suite 800, Houston, TX 77018

Phone: (832) 548-1080

2. Xin Chao

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Xin Chao is a classic eatery serving the best Vietnamese food in Houston. The chief chef Christine Ha, is dedicated to serving locals Vietnamese dishes prepared with traditional ingredients from scratch. Popular dishes here include five fungi congee and post oak smoked Texas beef rib meat.

Order the vegan flat rice noodle for a fulfilling taste. In addition, Xin Chao Restaurant serves traditional cocktails such as Hanoi Old Fashioned prepared with tamarind, bourbon, and black walnut bitters.

Address: 2310 Decatur St, Houston, TX 77007

Phone: (832) 740-4888

3. Kau Ba

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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While looking for a fine dining area, make sure it’s worth your cash. Kau Ba is the best Vietnamese food restaurants in Houston, located in the heart of Montrose. It is amidst busy bars and restaurants, but its authentic delicious Vietnamese dish keeps attracting customers.

You will explore plenty of Viet-Cajun cuisines prepared by head chefs Nikki Tran. The menu features banh cuon rolled with wagyu, mussels, smoked brisket pho, prawns, corns, and viet-cajun sauce. Other highlights include Vietnamese pizza, truffle-tinged noodle rice, pho broth, and Pho Loma cocktails.

Address: 2502 Dunlavy St Suite B, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: (713) 497-5300

4. Hunyh Restaurant

Hunyh Restaurant

Hunyh is an award-winning family eatery that has been Houstonians with the best Vietnamese food for decades now. This restaurant offers popular dishes such as pho ap chao pan-fried noodles, goi vit duck salad, bonh uot rice noodles, and bun bo hue spicy beef noodle soup.

Whether you are craving something simple or classic, they have it all. Huynh Restaurant has a BYOB policy. Treat yourself to the Vietnamese iced coffee, pulled duck salad with ginger sauce with some dessert.

Address: 912 St Emanuel St, Houston, TX 77003

Phone: (713) 224-8964

5. Thien Sandwiches

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Enjoy yourself by eating something simple but tasty. Thien An Sandwiches is a casual restaurant offering simple sandwiches fused with Vietnamese food. You can’t decide what to order? Go for the simple sandwich mixed with lemongrass chicken or try the Vietnamese pork meatballs.

Everything on the menu is affordable and goes for as low as $5. Thien An Sandwiches serves solid fresh Vietnamese food. Other specialties on the menu include golden banh xeo, tender roast duck, and a wok-sized crepe stuffed with pork and fish sauce for dunking.

Address: 2611 San Jacinto St, Houston, TX 77004

Phone: (713) 522-7007

6. Dakao Restaurant and Bar

Dakao Restaurant and Bar
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Dakao is one of the best Vietnamese food restaurants in Houston with its lengthy intense menu. The restaurant gives you a welcoming atmosphere with the blue sky cloud ceiling tiles, woven pendant lamps, and fake topiaries.

Apart from the incredible décor, the food is also amazing. Enjoy the expanded menu of chicken pho, chao tom grilled sugarcane shrimp, and vermicelli noodle bowls. In addition, there are family-style entrees such as caramelized catfish in a clay pot, noodle soups, and crispy banh xeo savory. Dakao Restaurant is open Sunday to Wednesday 9 am to 10 pm, Thursday to Saturday from 9 am to 11 pm.

Address: 11778 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072

Phone: (770) 072-2452

7. Dinette

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Dining at Dinette is fulfilling and enjoyable with an extensive list of the favorite Vietnamese foods. The aroma of lobster fried rice welcomes you to the restaurant wanting to explore more. Order the crispy Vietnamese rice paper pizza pile with spicy sate mayo, pineapples, and cheese.

Invite your date in this restaurant or a group of friends and enjoy their meals. Additionally, Dinette Restaurant offers an extensive wine menu to complete your meal. The tiki cocktails are served in incredible glassware with retro colors.

Address: 1018 N Shepherd Dr Houston, TX 770088

Phone: (713) 393-7134

8. Le Colonial

 Le Colonial
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If you are looking for a modern pairing of cuisines, visit this restaurant. Le Colonial is the best Vietnamese food restaurants in Houston, is offering you a French-Vietnamese dining experience. Established in the early 1990s, this serves deliciously inspired dishes.

Le Colonial has an incredible interior design creating a chic ambiance. Treat yourself to the extensive menu of goi bo spicy beef carpaccio, bao buns, ca chien crispy red snapper, and Vit quay roasted duck. Also, the restaurant has a late-night lounge with a full bar to continue enjoying your food alongside curated drinks.

Address: 4444 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77027

Phone: (713) 629-4444

9. Saigon Hustle

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Owned by renowned chefs Cassie Ghaffar and Sandy Tran, this restaurant offers a fast-casual Vietnamese flare. It’s a drive-through modern restaurant serving a curated menu of healthy Vietnamese eats. Saigon Hustle has a shaded patio to enjoy café sua da iced Vietnamese coffee and other drinks.

Treat yourself to options like spring rolls stuffed with salmon, vegan lemongrass tofu vermicelli bowl, grilled chicken salad, and grilled pork banh mi.

Address: 3323 Ella Blvd, Houston, TX 77018

Phone: (713) 565-1414

10. Kim Son

Kim Son
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Head over to Chinatown for the best dishes of Vietnamese cuisine. Kim Son, it’s an all-you-can-eat buffet that is worth the wait. The vast buffet serves plenty of Vietnamese dishes from appetizers to multi-course meals. Treat yourself to plates of banh cuon, banh xeo, and grilled nem nuong.

Kim Son also has a hot buffet station, a dessert bar, and expanded seafood options. On weekends the lunch buffet features grilled oysters, Vietnamese noodle soups, and bun rieu crab rice. Enjoy delicious treats of central-style turmeric noodles with pork and shrimp, rice vermicelli, and grilled snails at an affordable price.

Address: 10603 Bellaire Blvd, Houston, TX 77072

Phone: (281) 598-1777

11. Mai’s

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Mai’s is the oldest operating Vietnamese restaurant in Houston. Opened in 1978, this restaurant continues to serve signature dishes of bo luc lac garlic beef, hue-style beef noodle, and bun bo hue. Mai Nguyen the owner works in the kitchen most nights to serve locals delicious Vietnamese food.

Try the goi ngo sen tom shit a famous dish made with shrimp, pork, lotus root salad, and pho. Additionally, there are other varieties of fried egg rolls, banh mi, meat-filled rice plates, tofu, vermicelli, and vegetarian-friendly choices.

Address: 3403 Milam St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: (713) 520-5300

12. The Blind Goat

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Are you looking for traditional Vietnamese dishes? The Blind Goat is a renowned Vietnamese food restaurant in Houston run by Master Chef Christine Ha. This full-service restaurant serves delicious Vietnamese street eats such as skewers, noodles, wings, and egg rolls.

The Blind Goat Restaurant also serves Houstonian’s favorite Texas BBQ brisket fried rice at an affordable price. Enjoy the signature goat curry, sugarcane shrimp, lemongrass, apple pie, and fish sauce caramel with lingering umami.

Address: 8145 Long Point Rd, Houston, TX 77055

Phone: (346) 298-1660

13. Moon Rabbit

Moon Rabbit
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For some delicious Vietnamese food, head to Moon Rabbit. This newbie restaurant in the Heights has impressive Vietnamese dishes fused with classic cocktails. You can never go wrong with their shaken beef served with vermicelli bowls, pho, and banh mi at $24.

Address: 605 W 19th St, Houston, TX 77008

Phone: (713) 684-3991

14. Roostar Vietnamese Grill

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Rooster is a casual Vietnamese restaurant with three locations in Galleria Uptown, Spring Branch, and East End. The restaurant offers fresh and tasty Vietnamese food to kick starts your day. For the last two years, Roostar Vietnamese Grill has earned a spot in the top 100 restaurants by Yelp.

Oder the house favorite’s red-rimmed pork belly with addictive garlic mayo, egg rolls, beef alphabet soup, banh mi, and Vietnamese salad. Everything here is made from scratch with customizable boxes, where you can customize the protein and base sauce.

Address: 1411 Gessner Dr. Suite Houston, TX 77080

Phone: (832) 649-8955

15. Crawfish and Noodles

Crawfish and Noodles
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Apart from major dishes, try delicious Vietnamese appetizers in this restaurant. Crawfish and Noodles is a popular spot known for serving a variety of dishes. It is the best Vietnamese food restaurant with hand-selected jumbo crawfish.

Chef Nguyen prepares all his meals in the Vietnamese cultural way. Appetizers served here include bo tai chanh, nuoc mam fish sauce wings, and beef salad. In addition, you can try their favorites of Cajun-style turkey neck, banh mi loaves, tamarind Dungeness crab with butter garlic sauce, and Vietnamese salt.

Address: 11360 Bellaire Blvd #990, Houston, TX 77072

Phone: (281) 988-8098

16. Nam Giao

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Owned by Chef David Chang, Nam Giao is the place to go for central Vietnamese cuisine. Nam Giao serves tasty Vietnamese food such as savory rice cakes, banh quai vac, spicy beef noodle soup, pork hocks, and lemongrass.

Other highlights to enjoy on the menu include banh beo Chen (steamed rice cakes in sauces), banh nam, and mi Quang turmeric noodles with scant pork and shrimp broth.

Address: 6938 Wilcrest Dr. Ste C, Houston, TX 77072

Phone: (291) 568-4888

17. Pho Saigon

Pho Saigon
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Located in Midtown, Pho Saigon is one of the longstanding Vietnamese restaurants. The restaurant has occupied the same strip mall location on Milam for the last three decades. Pho Saigon restaurant is owned by Phuong Tran and his wife Rosie dedicated to serving the best of Vietnamese cuisines.

Stop by the restaurant and treat yourself to the best pho tai beef noodle soup, meat and bone-based broth, and café sua da Vietnamese iced coffee.

Address: 2808 Milam St, Suite D Houston, TX 77006

Phone: (713) 524-3734

18. My Baguettes

My Baguettes
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Located in Asiatown, My Baguettes restaurant is known stellar for being the best Vietnamese food restaurant in Houston. Over the years, the restaurant has gained popularity in serving bo ne Vietnamese steak and eggs. Their core banh mi menu features traditional cold cuts to bo luc lac shaking beef made from scratch.

In addition, My Baguettes has dined-in or takeout options. Delicious dishes of grilled pork rice, lemongrass-marinated grilled pork, and a small side salad are also available. Order their house-made corn milk drink, noodle soup, and Vietnamese kebabs as appetizers.

Address: 10613 Bellaire Blvd Suite a-125, Houston, TX 77072

Phone: (832) 888-9269

19. Viva Restaurant

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Viva is a family-owned restaurant in Cypress serving the best Vietnamese cuisine. Friday evenings are for family get together in this restaurant. The menu is vast with multiple options of family foods. Treat your family to the best Vietnamese foods such as banh bot chien (fried rice cakes), goi ngo sen Vietnamese salad, and shrimp.

Viva Restaurants’ other options include family-style entrees of catfish, beef rice, sweet and sour fish soup, bo luc lac, and delicious pho.

Address: 10541 FM 1960, Houston, TX 77070

Phone: (281) 970-2800

20. Tay Do

Best Vietnamese Food Restaurants In Houston
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Tay Do is the best Vietnamese Food restaurant and has been serving the Houston Westside area for decades. It is a favorite place for weddings and banquets with plenty of seating and multi-course meals. The restaurant offers a vast of Vietnamese food such as cha gio egg rolls, bo luc lac shaking beef and muc rang muoi.

You can also choose their favorite Vietnamese family-style dishes that are authentic and delicious. The dishes include ca kho to caramelized catfish, stir-fries, goi sua tom thit shrimp and jellyfish salad, and sour fish soup.

Address: 2529 S Texas 6, Houston, TX 77082

Phone: (281) 584-0097

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