Best Japanese Restaurant In Houston: Top 10

You don’t have to leave Houston to find steaming traditional and modern Japanese cuisine bowls. However, with so many options available around Houston, you might need help to know which is the best.

Take a breather, for we have prepared a list of the ten best restaurants serving Japanese dishes in Houston.

1. Izakaya-Wa

Best Japanese Restaurant In Houston - Izakaya-Wa
Image Source: Izakaya-Wa

Izakaya-Wa is a Japanese phrase that means “welcome” in English. This is a typical way to welcome consumers. It is the only izakaya run by a Japanese proprietor in Houston. Izakaya Wa in Houston sticks to tradition by serving shared small meals, skewers, sushi, and drinks in a casual setting for affordable prices. After a long day at work, clients typically frequent the location. They can relax here while savoring the delicious Japanese food alternatives.

In a relaxed atmosphere, they also serve takoyaki (deep-fried octopus balls), hiyayakko ( a classic Japanese dish of chilled tofu with ginger and onion), and a pleasantly savory bowl of udon.

Address: 12665 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77024

 Phone: (713) 461-0155

2. Uchi

Best Japanese Restaurant In Houston - Uchi
Image Source: Uchi

In Houston, Uchi continues to be the pinnacle of Japanese food. Uchi, an import from Austin, combines its modern interpretation of traditional Japanese delicacies like foie nigiri and pork belly tataki. Enjoy the ten-course omakase meal for a special occasion, produced with crazily fresh ingredients and seasonal dishes.

You should also try the cooked dishes and daily specialties here, including pork ribs with house fish sauce, Thai chili, and green papaya.

Address: 904 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77006

Phone: (713) 522-4808

3. Benihana

Best Japanese Restaurant In Houston - Benihana
Image Source: Behihana

Hiroaki’s knowledge and his father’s distinctive business practices have been combined to create Benihana. In 1964, he opened a restaurant on West 56th Street. He carries the recollection of how his parents, particularly his father, built a successful firm.

His parents were willing to ride their bikes more than 20 miles to find the best supplies since they were committed to their business enterprise. As a result, the first Japanese Teppanyaki restaurant in the vicinity is credited to Benihana. It offers authentic Japanese cuisine while the guest observes the entire process. The customers and a renowned culinary critic were fascinated by their talented chefs’ great knife skills.

Address: 9707 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042

 Phone: (713) 789-4962

4. Nippon Japanese Restaurant

Best Japanese Restaurant In Houston - Nippon Japanese Restaurant
Image Source: Nippon Montrose Restaurant

Nippon is a Montrose institution serving excellent food regularly to its customers for years. A tapestry of Japanese techniques and flavors is expertly woven into every mouthful of the bustling restaurant’s dishes, including the overflowing Katsu Curry (served only on Wednesdays and Thursdays), traditional ramen made with pork belly, boiled egg, seaweed, and Katsu Ju, a panko-breaded pork cutlet with sweet soy sauce.

Address: 4464 Montrose Blvd, Houston, TX 77006

Location: (713) 523-3939

5. Yokushi Robata

Best Japanese Restaurant In Houston - Yokushi Robata
Image Source: Yokushi Robata

They specialize in Japanese-style grilled chicken or yakitori. Yokushi Robata wants Houston residents to sample Tokyo cuisine. Yakitori, prepared in the Tokyo style, are renowned for their meticulousness and discipline. The chicken is cooked using regional techniques at the restaurant before being carefully assembled on bamboo skewers. In contrast to preparation, grilling combines traditional and contemporary techniques. 

Yokushi Robata uses a Robata grill that emits strong heat into the charcoal, which then transmits infrared to cook the meat perfectly. With the aid of contemporary technology, the meat’s exterior is perfectly cooked while the interior remains moist and delicate.

Address: 3837 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77027

 Phone: (832) 933-6888

6. Oishii

Best Japanese Restaurant In Houston - Oishii
Image Source: Oishii

Near the Greenway Plaza in Houston, Texas, is where you’ll find Oishii. Sushi and sashimi, among other authentic Japanese specialties, are served at this family-run establishment. The chef manually selects the freshest ingredients for the sushi and sashimi. This guarantees the meat’s quality and the flavor it will impart. I

In Oishii, sanitation and hygiene regulations are strictly followed when making this uncooked delicacy. The core of their cooked foods, including teriyaki, tempura, and noodles, is found in the batter, sauce, and broth. The broth is regarded as the clincher for the noodles.

Address: 3764 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77046

 Phone: (713) 621-8628

7. Teppay Japanese Restaurant

Teppay Japanese Restaurant
Image Source: Teppay Japanese Restaurant

A bowl of heated tonkatsu ramen (egg noodles in a broth based on pork) at the traditional Teppay Japanese Restaurant can warm you up no matter how cold it is outside. At Teppay, which serves classics like ramen, udon or soba soup, and shabu shabu (thinly sliced beef and vegetables cooked in a broth), authenticity is the name of the game.

8. Roka Akor

Roka Akor
Image Source: Roka Akor

The Roka Akor location is near the Loop Boarding Upper Kirby in the Houston River Oak District. Though the cuisine at the restaurant is entirely Japanese in style, modern techniques are included. Most of the wood features in its interior give the space a natural, earthy feel. Any occasion or function held in the restaurant will benefit from this environment.

Also, guests have a counter seat and an open kitchen where they can converse freely with the chefs. They produce precisely cooked meat selections on their robata grill. Those looking for a fine dining experience can sample the delicious wagyu meat from the treasured Japanese cow.

Address: 2929 Weslayan St, Houston, TX 77027

 Phone: (713) 622-1777

9. Shun Japanese Kitchen

Shun Japanese Kitchen
Image Source: Shun Japanese Kitchen

Naoki Yoshida, chef and owner of the self-proclaimed “second generation” Japanese restaurant Shun Japanese Kitchen, first acquired his culinary skills at his family’s Nippon Restaurant in Montrose.

Currently, Chef Yoshida painstakingly creates his unique dishes, such as Anko wings (made with red bean sauce, mint, fried garlic, and honey nuts), pozole duck ramen (duck confit, pozole verde, charred corn, and egg), and a 40-day-aged pork chop with miso and sweet potato puree.

Address: 2802 S Shepherd Dr, Houston, TX 77098

Phone: (832) 409-5888

10. Miyako

Image Source: Miyako

Miyako Japanese Restaurant is a local restaurant that is so wonderful they had to create another location. They serve sushi and other Japanese dishes in a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. They serve bento boxes that include Chilean miso sea bass or Miyako beef roll, chicken teriyaki supper, rock sugar salmon, hot noodle or rice bowls, and pan-fried gyozo nibbles are all excellent lunch alternatives.

Address: 6347 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77057

Phone: (713) 781-6300

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