8 Best Used Car Dealerships in Houston

It is indisputable that used car dealerships are great places to buy a car. However, it can be difficult to find a reputable dealership that you can trust to help you find a used vehicle that is reliable.

Fortunately, based on ratings from reviews, history, cost, and general excellence, we have shortlisted some of the best-used car dealerships in Houston that will guarantee your satisfaction.

1. Motors on Wheels

Address: 3909 Waldo St, 77063

Phone: (713)660-8666

Specialty: Chevrolet, Nissan, Toyota

Best Used Car Dealerships in Houston- Motors on Wheels
Image credit: motorsonwheels.com

All the cars at Motor on Wheels have a carfax report to back them up. If this is your first time with rides, the salespeople at this place will take you through the maintenance and care lessons and teach you more about the engine.

In addition, if you are selling a car, their prices are highly competitive, and they pay instantly with a check. Motors on the wheel have the aim of changing the market. Therefore, they exist as an independent dealership for selling cars.

2. AutoNation USA

Address:  8526 North Fwy, Houston, TX 77037, USA

Phone: 281-766-8699


AutoNation USA
Image credit: autonation.com/dealers

AutoNation should be your next stop if you are looking for high-quality pre-owned cars. They offer some of Houston’s finest cars. This place has been running for years, and they have a large inventory of pre-owned trucks, cars, SUVs, and minibusses.

The best thing with AutoNation is that they give refunds for 250 miles or a five-day deal that has yet to please their customers.

3. DriveTime Used Cars

Address: 9645 North Fwy, Houston, Tx 77037

Phone: 281-848-1555

Specialty:  Nissan, GMC, Lexus

DriveTime Used Cars
Image credit: drivetime.com

Drive time used cars are famous in Houston for focusing solely on used cars. They have sealed over 126 dealerships across the country. They have a team of reliable and competent finance experts ready to work and serve customers.

Also, they have financed more than 4 million people in the country. They have stocked over 14258 vehicles having a 30 days warranty and insurance (protection plan). If you want to sell your car, drive time will ensure you get the best price. They do not entertain a stressful negotiation process.

4. Houston Auto Sales Inc

Address; 5801 Schumacher Ln, 77057

Phone: 713-533-8189

Specialty: all makes and models

Best Used Car Dealerships in Houston - Houston Auto Sales Inc
Image credit: facebook.com/houstonautosalesinc

At this place, the time you spend here as you select a car is highly valued. Their sales representatives are very knowledgeable, professional, and capable of guiding their clients. They will provide detailed information on what they bring to the table. Furthermore, they have been doing this work for years; hence, their top-notch experience in this area.

The Houston auto sales Inc products have good financial options presenting their customers with great prices. Transparency in this place is highly upheld, and every process is laid out in the open.

5. Houston Direct Auto

Address: 4011 Jeanetta St, Houston, TX 77063

Phone: 832-252-1400

Specialty: used car dealer, land rover, Lincoln, Chevrolet

Best Used Car Dealerships in Houston - Houston Direct Auto
Image credit: houstondirectauto.com

Houston direct auto has a large selection of used vehicles with highly competitive pricing. Their inventory has over 450 cars which they have stocked ready for resale. You can handle the pricing since they have dozens of financial options.

Before selling any vehicle, they make sure it is well inspected at 120 points to verify its quality. Then, they offer a variety of car models to meet their customer’s needs. Payment is instant since they make approvals at a highly competitive low interest in just a minute. Also, payment can be made online.

6. Liberty Auto Sales, Inc

Address: 209 W Little York Rd, Houston, TX 77076

Phone: 713-691-3480

Specialty: used car dealer, Nissan, Chevrolet, jeep

Liberty Auto Sales, Inc

Liberty Auto Sales has been running for over 38 years. This has earned them a great experience in dealing with pre-owned vehicles. Their personnel is known to offer fantastic customer service to their clients.

When it comes to planning, their inventory is well organized and updated with information on all vehicle make and models they have in stock. Before beginning any dealership, they ensure their technician has thoroughly examined the car and fixed any possible problem. If there is a problem with the care, they will give full attention when fixing, repairing, and maintaining it.

7. Shawn’s Motor Credit

Address: 1504 N Durham Dr, 77008

Phone: 713-880-1559

Specialty: lower-cost family vehicles

Best Used Car Dealerships in Houston - Shawn’s Motor Credit
Image credit: flickr.com

Apart from offering used cars, Shawn’s motor credit also sells a brand new cars. This is a family-owned and operated business. They deal with vehicles like coupes, minivans, trucks, sedans, and SUVs. The cars on sale are showcased in a virtual showroom where customers can view them before settling on their pick. You are not limited to any specific model; you can search for a vehicle based on your choice of make, year, and model.

8. Mario’s Used Car

Address: 411 Spencer Hwy, 77587, or 11201 Gulf Fwy, 77034

Phone: 832-385-7574

Specialty: high-mileage vehicles

Best Used Car Dealerships in Houston - Mario’s Used Car
Image credit: mariosusedcars.com

Mario used car is a family-owned business that has existed since 1995. Their main purpose is to help people to improve their ability to pick a vehicle that meets their needs. Mario’s used car has two locations in Houston for you to pop in and drive out with your engine.

There you will meet very professional salespeople who listen to your needs and get you what you are looking for without much struggle. All you have to do is schedule an appointment that works for you, and they will be ready to serve you.


As much as car dealerships are great places to purchase vehicles, not all of them are created equally. Therefore, there are some qualities you need to look for first before signing the deal.

Friendly and welcoming atmosphere: some car salespeople can be pushy and aggressive while negotiating. Go for warm, friendly, and helpful dealers to ensure you feel settled and comfortable as you make your decision.

Knowledgeable: The salesperson should know what they are dealing with in that field. This way, they can easily, accurately, and confidently respond to your inquiries.

Competitive pricing: good dealers should refrain from taking advantage of you by overpricing. Check in your area and see if their prices range. Also, go for dealers with special offers that will favor you.

Vehicle services: any maintenance or repair you will require afterwards, a good dealer should be capable of handling it.

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