10 Fun Things To Do in Clear Lake, Houston

Clear Lake is a busy city with a lot of different activities. This area allows you to explore, get wet feet, enjoy nature preserves, golf, get some tattoos, and visit prominent museums. Clear Lake has a couple of places to visit and make unforgettable memories. Whether it is an outdoor attraction, a space museum, or a nature park, Clear Lake in Houston has something for everyone. Thankfully, this article summarizes beautiful things to do in Clear Lake to enjoy your weekend, holiday, or family vacation.

1. Space Center Houston

Space Center Houston is a renowned popular attraction in Clear Lake. It is a museum for the Johnson Space Centre, the command center for human space flight for NASA. Space Centre Houston has a variety of exciting educational shows for different age groups.

The place has a variety of simulators, a planetarium, and interactive exhibits showcasing the history of astronauts. In addition, they offer a tour to see retired spacecraft or meet a real astronaut, plus astronauts’ training facilities.

things to do in Clear Lake, Houston - Space Center Houston
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2. Exploration Green

If you are a lover of nature and need a place to relax, Exploration Green is ideal for you. This place is a testament to the beauty and wonders of nature. With 200 acres, Exploration Green has a massive golf course filled with walking trails.

Exploration Green offers you a place to bike, bird watch, and observes aquatic life in the beautiful ponds. In addition, you can take a hike or stroll in this nature reserve, enjoying the over 1,000 species of native plants. The atmosphere is cool because of the greenery gardens and trees. Exploration Green also allows tourists to take photos while exploring the area.

things to do in Clear Lake, Houston - Exploration Green
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3. Bay Oaks Country Club

Bay Oaks Country Club is a premier destination for golfing. Whether you are a golf lover or want to perfect your golfing skills, Bay Oaks creates incredible opportunities for golfers. It was established in 1963, creating 18-hole par 72 courses for all golf players.

Their golf course has moss-draped oaks with natural woodlands giving it a unique golf setting. The place also hosts regular golf tournaments and events. Bay Oaks creates a challenging and enjoyable experience for golf players at their skill levels. You can also take a break and enjoy swimming and table tennis at their famous tennis courts.

things to do in Clear Lake, Houston - Bay Oaks Country Club
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4. LaCroix Art Studio

LaCroix Art Studio offers striking lifelike sculptures capturing the emotional depth of human experience. The owner Janie LaCroix skillfully masterpieces to create amazing sculptures attracting private collectors and worldwide museums.

This studio in clear lake offers classes and workshops for you to try sculpting using unique processes and techniques. Enjoy the perfect scene with most of the unique sculptures in the world and learn more about the history of sculptures.

things to do in Clear Lake, Houston - LaCroix Art Studio
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5. Baybrook Mall

Baybrook Mall is the largest mall in Clear Lake. It is 1.4 million square feet with over 204 stores and restaurants for any retail therapy. You can purchase a new outfit, souvenirs, or gifts. Baybrook Mall welcomes everyone doing shopping, window shopping, or some thrift shopping.

The famous stores in this mall include Macy’s, Dillard’s, JCPenney, Dave and Buster’s, and the Star Cinema Grill. You can also buy local Texas products in these stores. Restaurants in Baybrook Mall are well set up for lunch or some romantic dinner with your special person. You can enjoy the delicious menus and some refreshing cocktails and wines.

6. Bayou Nature Center

Most of the world’s indigenous plants and animals have been discovered in Clear Lake. In addition, Bayou Nature Center is home to various rare animal and plant species. The center occupies 2,500 acres providing reserves for natural resources.

It is also a nice venue for outdoor activities and learning about habitat preserves of plants and animals. Bayou Nature Centre has hiking trails, a butterfly garden, and canoe trails to offer you the best excitement.

Bayou Nature Center
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7. Mabry Mill

Mabry Mill is a perfect place to sample the country life of centuries ago. The mill was founded in 1905 and started milling corn, wheat, and lumber which has taken modernized change. Experience the sights and sounds of the countryside here.

Mabry Mill has a variety of gristmills, sawmills, and blacksmith shops. If you are new to Clear Lake, spend your time exploring the old machinery and history of milling. The place is popular and a perfect tourist destination for its uniquely beautiful, historic setting.

Mabry Mill
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8. Bay Area Museum

Bay Area Museum is an educational place to learn about the history of Clear Lake. The museum was established in 1893 and built in an old schoolhouse converted design. It displays various artifacts and exhibits that tell more about Bay Area.

During your visit to the museum, you will learn about Native American Heritage, the founding city of Pasadena, and its involvement in World War II.

Bay Area Museum
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9. Northfork Community Pool

A sunny day can’t be special without some swimming. So escape the scorching Texas summer at this Olympic-sized pool. Northfork Community Pool is one of the best places in Clear Lake to spend summer holidays and vacations.

The community pool is open to everyone and offers sunbathing swimming, and picnicking. In addition, Northfork Community Pool has waterslides, a kid’s pool, and a diving board, making it an amazing place for families.

Northfork Community Pool
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10. Clear Creek Community Theatre

Are you looking for a place with relaxing night culture entertainment? Clear Creek Community Theatre has over 50 years of staging productions and excellent historical shows. In addition, the theatre promotes theatrical tradition in Clear Lake by hosting various performances, including musicals, operas, plays, and ballets.

Being a member of the American Association of Community Theatre, it is dedicated to offering nights filled with cultural entertainment. So you can book your seat any day and enjoy nightlife filled with great hits, dance, and extensive drinks.

Clear Creek Community Theatre
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Final Thoughts

Are you looking for a fine day to chill and enjoy life? Clear Lake has incredible places to visit. This place is a great destination for locals and visitors, from its famous malls and museums to its golfing parks.

You can engage yourself in educational activities, bike, hike, shop, or dine in their accommodative restaurants. Select the best way to spend your weekend or holiday and visit the famous Clear Lake neighborhood for endless fun.

Extra tip: Add The Woodlands, Texas, to your visit too.

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