Best School District in Houston: 10 Picks

Houston City has an accountability rate when it comes to education. Quality education is one of many desirable aspects for Houstonians. The Texas Independent School District index was formulated to compare academic excellence in school districts. This methodology compares different school districts according to their performance. As a parent, you want your children to study in the best schools that will equip them academically to follow their dreams. Choosing the best school requires a lot of research and consultation. In this article, we have simplified your job by discussing Houston’s top ten best school districts.

1. Katy Independent School District

best school districts in Houston - Katy Independent School District
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Graduating from school is a dream that comes true for everyone. Katy Independent School has high-ranking metrics and graduation rates. The graduation rate is 92%, ranked as the best school district in Houston.

Katy Independent School has 74 schools with a student-teacher ratio of 15:1. In addition to performance, the school was assigned an A from Texas Education Agency (TEA) for its accountability statistics. The school maintains the national average value by spending $14,084 per student each year.

Address: 6301 S Stadium Ln Katy, TX 77494-1057

2. Tomball Independent School District

Tomball Independent School District
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Tomball Independent School District is a top-rated school in Houston with over 22 campuses. The population of PK to K-12 is 18,294, with a student-teacher ratio of 17:1. Also, the school district has 19 full-time counselors.

The performance at Tomball School is excellent, with 72% scoring in Math and 67% proficient in reading. Tomball Independent School District has 96% of graduating students who acquire scholarships in different universities. Tomball ISD has highly rated teachers and was ranked #1 in Harris County.

Address: 310 S Cherry St Tomball, Texas, 77375

3. Friendswood Independent School District

best school districts in Houston - Friendswood Independent School District
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Having a school where your child is mentored academically, spiritually, and socially is rewarding. Friendswood was established in 1948 and founded its ethical values on religious beliefs. With these qualities up to date, students are still shaped in character.

Friendswood is an award-winning district school with excellent rates and accountability. Apart from studying, students engage in choir, clubs, dramas, service organization, and band. The extracurricular activities have made the school win consecutive state championships.

Address: 302 Laurel Dr. Friendswood, TX 77546-3923

4. Pearland Independent School District

best school districts in Houston - Pearland Independent School District
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Pearland is one of the smaller school systems in Houston but with high performance. This school district has a population of 17,115 students. The 21 schools have received exemplary recognition from the Texas Academically Acceptable School District rating system.

Pearland ISD’s mission is to produce students who perform at their highest potential and be responsible. Therefore, students who cannot study full-time can do the Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program (WCACP) in their own space.

Address: 1928 N Main Pearland, TX 77581-3306

5. Conroe Independent School District

Conroe Independent School District
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Conroe Independent school district is located in Houston metropolitan, bringing the community of individuals together for student success. The school has a student population of 64,563 with a student-teacher ratio of 16:1

The minority of student enrollment is 60% helping 28% of economically disadvantaged students. At Conroe Independent School District, equal education opportunities are offered despite race, religion, sex, or disability. As a result, 90% of students graduate and secure a place in top colleges and universities worldwide.

Address: 3205 W Davis Conroe, TX 77304

6. Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District

best school districts in Houston - Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District
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Apart from a brighter future, education aims to maximize each student’s potential. Therefore, Cypress-Fairbanks engages students in different educative learning experiences through unique community programs.

Cypress-Fairbanks invests in a well-rounded education system with a population of 117,000 and 92 campuses. Apart from academics, this is the highest-ranked school in Houston for athletes. At Cypress-Fairbanks, cultural diversity is established, with over 100 different languages spoken across the student population.

Address: 10300 Jones Rd Houston, TX 77065-4208

7. Houston Independent School District

Houston Independent School District
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Learning in a competitive and well-established environment helps students maintain focus. Houston Independent School District ranks as the best school in Houston, competing with prestigious schools.

It is the largest district school in Texas and the seventh largest in the United States. Houston ISD has a student population of 214,000 from different neighborhoods and maintains a student-teacher ratio of 18:1.

Address: 4400 W 18th St Houston, TX 77092-8501

8. Clear Creek Independent School District

best school districts in Houston - Clear Creek Independent School District
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Clear Creek District creates a home for explorers to nurture exploration and adventure among students. It is located along the NASA Johnson Space Centre and aeronautical industry. With the extensive science fairs, most students develop an interest in math and science, winning awards from the Annual Science Engineering Fair of Houston.

The student population is 42,388, with 38 schools. Clear Creek ISD test scores illustrate that 58% of students with proficient in math and 58% are proficient in reading. The student-teacher ratio is 17:1 from grades PK to K-12.

Address: 2425 E Main St League City, TX 77573-2799

9. Montgomery Independent School District

Montgomery Independent School District
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Montgomery ISD has 10 campuses with a student population of 8,920. The needy students are supported until they graduate. Within Montgomery Independent School, all teachers are licensed having more than three years of experience.

The school has 9 full-time counselors working to mold the students. In addition, students are eligible to participate in the reduced-price meal program. Despite the diversity in races, students are enrolled with no discrimination.

Address: 20774 Eva St Montgomery, TX 77356

10. Spring Branch Independent School District

best school districts in Houston - Spring Branch Independent School District
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This school has a population of 35,000 students in 47 schools serving the Spring Branch area and western Houston. The student-teacher ratio is 15:1 to enable every student to participate in academics.

Spring Branch has a motto called Spring Branch T-2-4 which states every graduate should attain military training, a technical certificate, or a four-year degree. The goal is to help students work extra smart. In addition, Spring Branch produced 31 seniors awarded National Merit Scholarship Program Semifinalist.

Address: 955 Campbell Rd Houston, TX 77024-2803


While looking for the best school, consider the performance rate and the location. Our article looked at the best top-rated schools with different extracurricular activities plus student-teacher ratio to guide you. Then, make sure to start admissions and enroll your child in the best school district based in Houston.

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