20 Unique Date Ideas In Houston To Wow Your Date

Dinner and a movie are dating staples, and while the traditional is always nice, it can also be fun to stray off the beaten path and find date ideas in Houston with a more novel way to spend time together. 

Whether you’ve been together for years or are trying to woo a new romantic interest, we hope this list will help you add some new options to your dating repertoire. 

Plus, while many of these date ideas won’t tax your wallet, they will certainly win you major points in creativity.

1. First Saturday Arts Market

Image Credit: thebuzzmagazines.com

As the name suggests, the First Saturday Arts Market takes place on the first Saturday of every month. This will be their thirteenth year putting on this amazing event, and it keeps getting better. 

It’s a great place to spend a day exploring, checking out great artwork from various mediums, listening to live music, shopping for the good stuff, and enjoying tasty food. The hours change with the seasons, so visit the event’s website before making plans. 

2. Water Adventure

Going outdoors and exploring can be a great way to spend the day together. Rent a kayak, canoe, or paddle board and get out on the water. 

You can rent them directly on Buffalo Bayou Park or Discovery Green from Bayou City Adventures. Make a day of it, pack a picnic lunch, and take a break on the shores before heading back.

3. Experience the Houston Axe Throwing

Image Credit: agirlfromtx.com

Looking to blow your date with an unforgettable experience? Houston Axe Throwing is an adventurous sports facility that was the first throwing range in the city. 

Even as a newbie, you don’t have to worry as there are trained experts who guide visitors on the proper form and safe handling. The rush of hitting your first bullseye will ensure that every date will be unforgettable. 

4. Aces of Taste

Image Credit: acesoftaste.com

This unique platform offers a fresh take on dining, providing what they call “An Interactive Dinner Series.” Approximately once a month, they bring in a different established or up-and-coming local chef to create an evening of culinary adventure. The kicker? 

Each time it is in a different location to be divulged within 48 hours of the event. Tickets vary and include a multiple-course meal (brunch or dinner) and cocktails. 

At the end of the meal, there is even a chance for open discussion with the chef. Check their Facebook page or website to see what events are coming up next.

5. Get Competitive at Joystix Classic Games

Image Credit: jacksonville.com

One of the greatest selections of new and used video games available for rental in the city is offered by Joystix. You can play everything from Guitar Hero to Whack-a-Mole right here.

Play on a vintage pinball machine, engage in a friendly competition on the arm wrestling machine, and participate in a casual skeeball game. You two will undoubtedly have a blast playing whichever game you choose.

6. Experience Indoor Skydiving

Image Credit: lastminute.com

Is your date exciting and fun? If so, then having a date at iFly Houston for indoor skydiving is a terrific idea.

One of the best date ideas in Houston is to go skydiving in a safe and regulated setting. The whole experience will be magical, and you don’t have to worry about the parachute not opening.

So, indoor skydiving is at the top of the list if you’re looking for fun and unique date ideas in Houston.

7. The Waterfall Wall

Image Credit: 365thingsinhouston.com

One of the best free spots to go on a date in Houston is The Wall, which is close to the Galleria.

This magnificent Water Wall creates a fantastic photo backdrop and a laid-back, romantic environment for the date. Set up a picnic in front of it with the food you can get from a neighboring food truck.

So, if you’re looking for affordable date suggestions in Houston, organizing a picnic next to “The Wall” would be excellent.

8. Go Rock Climbing Together

Image Credit: sendedition.com

If the two of you enjoy being outside and being active, consider spending the afternoon rock climbing at The Rock Gym in Houston. 

There is plenty of space, excellent rock climbing, and bouldering opportunities, and you won’t have to wait long to use the ropes. 

It is a perfect idea if you both play professional sports in Houston or enjoy sports in general.

9. Beer tasting at Saint Arnold Brewing Co

Image Credit: visithouston.com

Saint Arnold Brewing Company, which takes its name from the patron saint of breweries, provides a few mouthwatering selections of beers you can sample while on tour.

A memento glass and four 8-ounce samples are included with each entry.

Bring some picnic supplies like a blanket, some food, and games! It’s quite unique, especially its restaurant and beer hall.

10. Visit the Menil Collection

Image Credit: tiqets.com

This is a perfect choice if you are looking for an affordable date idea and are an art fan. The Menil Collection is an award-wining must-visit museum for all art lovers. 

It has a permanent collection of important art collections from the Paleolithic era to date. The Menil Collection has tribal art, the famous Cy Twombly Gallery, Byzantine and medieval works, and the renowned Rothko Chapel. 

11. Visit The Downtown Aquarium

Image Credit: viator.com

The Aquarium is a fantastic date plan since it has a ton of exhibits, and you can still chat and connect with your date while taking in the sights.

A full-day adventure pass is available that includes access to all the popular locations.

12. Try a Houston Food Tour

Image Credit: bestbiteshouston.com

A cuisine tour is an excellent way to discover Houston, whether you’re a local couple out for the day or a first-time tourist looking for a date plan. 

You need to taste everything; the best way to do so is with a food tour. It is pointless to just stop at one place.

13. Dairy Ashford Roller Rink

Image Credit: skatedairyashford.com

An interesting bonding session with your date full of laughs would be the inline skating rink and to-notch roller at this energetic family-owned establishment. 

Dairy Ashford Roller Rink has the best vibes, from the right amounts of pizzas to flashy neon-saturated decors. The setup is not only a perfect date spot but a superb venue for casual recreation and birthday parties. 

14. Explore the Space Center

Image Credit: spacecenter.org

Do you and your spouse enjoy learning about space? If so, you two can travel to Space Center Houston together.

This is a great science center dedicated to the space business, and it’s a great place for both you and your spouse to learn.

In addition, you can see many fascinating things here, like numerous rockets and spacecraft.

15. Take Your Date Sailing

Image Credit: sailtime.com

Sailing aboard a rented sailboat is one of the most romantic things to do in Houston for nature lovers.

Both half-day and full-day sailing packages are available close to Houston and Galveston. Take your date sailing, and don’t forget to bring some tasty food and swimwear.

This will be a unique yet memorable date for the two of you, whether you swim in the sea, enjoy water sports, or just relax on the deck.

16. Overlook Houston in a Hot Air Balloon

Image Credit: thrillist.com

Saint Arnold Brewing Company, which takes its name from the patron saint of breweries, provides a few mouthwatering selections of beers you can sample while on tour.

A memento glass and four 8-ounce samples are included with each entry.

Bring some picnic supplies like a blanket, some food, and games! It’s quite unique, especially its restaurant and beer hall.

17. Rent a Bike to Explore Houston Together

Bike sharing is offered in Houston, and it’s fantastic.

Thanks to the bike share program, you and your spouse may cycle throughout the city between stations.

Furthermore, rather than merely visiting a city after arriving, you can experience it while traveling.

18. Enjoy Golf at Cypresswood Golf Club

Image Credit: cypresslandinggolf.com

If you both enjoy golf, one of the greatest date ideas in Houston is to go golfing together.

Cypresswood Golf Club, one of the top golf facilities in the city, and its 18-hole golf course are stunning and ideal for a round of golf.

The fact that you and your spouse can take golf instruction here is also excellent. Therefore, you can learn the sport here if you so choose. 

19. Cheese Tasting at Houston Dairymaids

Image Credit: thrillist.com

Going on a cheese tasting is among Houston’s most romantic date suggestions for anyone who loves cheese.

Couples can sample several kinds of cheese while enjoying a glass of wine at one of Houston’s many restaurants, wine bars, or cheese shops.

The majority of people in Houston would genuinely enjoy a date like this. What’s not to love about this date with cheese and wine?

20. Go on a Coffee Date

Going to ThroughGood Coffee is one of Houston’s most relaxing date ideas if you and your date are coffee lovers.

What’s even better is that this store offers a variety of coffee. You can get it here, no matter what kind of coffee you prefer—cold brew, pour-over, or anything else.

We hope you enjoy exploring Houston with your special someone or impressing a new love interest with your local knowledge and fun unique date ideas!

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