Top 10 Best Plastic Surgeons in Houston

Plastic surgeons restore and reconstruct alteration of the human body involving the skin, bone, and other tissues. They also do reconstructive surgery on the hands. Plastic surgery aims to restore the function and appearance of tissues to normal. Selecting a plastic surgeon can be stressful since you need someone qualified, experienced, certified, and with vast knowledge.

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This article shares Houston’s best qualified plastic surgeons to meet your needs. They are qualified and recognized with high reviews and ratings from previous customers.

1. Dr. Christopher K. Patronella

Dr. Christopher is a board-certified plastic surgeon in Houston who holds great recognition in patient care. Over the last 20 years, he has gained plastic surgery skills that have enabled him to provide patient satisfaction.

He works best to provide body contouring surgeries that restore different body proportions. Dr. Christopher uses modern techniques by incorporating transition sculpting to blend appearance making the results more natural. The consultation fee is $150, applicable to surgical procedures.

Address: 12727 Kimberley Ln Suite 300, Houston, Texas 77024

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8a.m to 5p.m

Phone: +1 713-575-1996

best plastic surgeons in Houston
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2. Dr. German Newall

He is a highly celebrated surgeon with sharp artistic eyes for plastic surgery. Dr. Newall believes plastic surgery is a profession and a passion requiring commitment. He has majored in transformative body contouring, rebuilding patients’ confidence.

Whatever part of your body needs normality, Dr. Newall will give you satisfaction and improve its appearance. So make sure to book an appointment with him for amazing outcomes.

Address: 4400 Post Oak Pkwy #300, Houston, Texas 77027

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8:30a.m to 5p.m

Phone: +1 713-936-6971

best plastic surgeons in Houston
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3. Dr. Paul Fortes

Dr. Fortes is a surgeon recognized for his tremendous work in reconstructive surgeries. He was first certified in 1991, and since then, he has done a lot of plastic surgeries, including gynecomastia in males.

Dr. Fortes combines the art of beauty with modern technological advancement to deliver quality results to patients. He is a talented surgeon with great communication skills to drive away the fear in his patients.

Address: 12727 Kimberley Ln #300, Houston, Texas 77024

Opening Hours:

Monday 8:30a.m to 5a.m

Tuesday-Friday 8:30am-5p.m

Phone: +1 713-799-9999

best plastic surgeons in Houston
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4. Dr. Kristi Hustak

Dr. Hustak is an award-winning plastic surgeon in Houston featured in different programs globally. She performs her surgeries under local anesthesia, excelling in most skin restoration procedures.

Dr. Hustak also performs skin rejuvenation and has completed the most integrated competitive plastic surgeries globally. In addition, she is the first board-certified plastic surgeon at Aesthetic Center for Plastic Surgery in Houston.

Address: 12727 Kimberley Ln #300, Houston, Texas 77024

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9a.m-5p.m

best plastic surgeons in Houston
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5. Dr. Clayton Moliver

Some hospitals might not be able to handle certain surgeries due to a lack of specific facilities. With Dr. Clayton, all these are sorted since he accepts referrals from other clinics, including from patients who have undergone surgeries elsewhere. Either you had surgery with errors; he corrects the mistakes with outstanding technology.

Dr. Clayton is a board-certified plastic surgeon based in Houston with 38 years of experience. He has devoted his profession to performing reconstructive surgeries around Texas and nearby cities.

Address: 575 E Medical Center Blvd, Webster, Texas 77598

Phone: +1 281-282-9555

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6. Dr. John LoMonaco

Experiencing burns and traumas is traumatizing. Body organs become distorted and cannot function properly. Dr. LoMonaco is a rated surgeon with 32 years of experience who deals mostly with burnt patients. He performs easy graft placement on burn patients.

Dr. LoMonaco is an expert in these procedures and emphasizes supporting the patient physically and emotionally.

Address: 17226 Mercury Dr, Houston, Texas 77058

Opening Hours:

Monday-Thursday 9a.m-5p.m

Friday 9a.m-3p.m

Phone: +1 713-526-5550

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7. Dr. Carlos Murillo

Dr. Murillo is affiliated with medical facilities such as HCA Houston Healthcare Medical Centre. Being a trained, experienced health care provider, he established Murillo Plastic Surgery to reach out to patients. In addition, he performs general plastic surgery also to include hand surgeries.

Dr. Murillo will walk with you throughout the surgery and make informed decisions about your care. His office accepts new patients; you can contact him and ask questions about your aesthetic desires.

Address: 6704 Ferris St, Bellaire, Texas 77401

Opening Hours: 9a.m-5p.m Monday-Friday

Phone: +1 832-582-8114

8. Dr. Alfonso Barrera

As a president of the Texas Society of Plastic Surgeons, Dr. Alfonso has extensive experience and admiration from his peers. He has been in private practice since 1985, meeting the highest standards of surgeries among different clients.

He has worked diligently, devoting his time to prioritizing patients’ desires and making their dreams come true. In addition, Dr. Alfonso works smartly to ensure you feel comfortable and confident in your skin.

Address: 915 Gessner Rd #825, Houston, Texas 77024

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8a.m-4p.m

Phone: +1 713-468-5200

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9. Dr. Rolando Morales

When undergoing plastic surgery, you need someone who understands your aesthetic goals. Dr. Morales is a surgeon loved by patients because of his calm demeanor and impressive attention to detail.

He uses meticulous surgical techniques and understands each surgical plan is different. Dr. Morales is board certified plastic surgeon in Houston utilizing the latest techniques in surgery. The consultation fee is $100.

Address: 4400 Post Oak Pkwy Suite 300, Houston, Texas 77027

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 9a.m-5p.m

Phone: +1 713-799-9999

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10. Dr. Patrick Hsu

Your surgery should make you feel hopeful and encouraged. Dr. Patrick has been an awesome doctor working with all age groups helping guide them through surgeries. He has diversity in plastic surgeries with experience of 17 years.

He established Memorial Plastic Surgery in 2013 to balance surgical precision and artisanal care. Memorial Plastic Surgery provides state-of-the-art procedures with advanced technologies. Dr. Patrick is a renowned specialist in plastic surgery serving Houston and multiple hospitals around.

Address: 8731 Katy Fwy #500, Houston, Texas 77024

Opening Hours: Monday-Friday 8a.m-5pm

Phone: +1 713-633-4411

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Final thoughts

Plastic Surgeons are highly trained with a lot of experience. However, when nobody is truly perfect, we have come up with the best plastic surgeon in Houston to perform your medical procedures with great care. Booking an appointment or consultation with them will help you land in the best hands and start your journey. Whether your skin is damaged or needs some fixing, these surgeons will restore its functions to give you the best of life.

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