10 Best Hibachi Spots in Houston, Texas

Unlike before, when only studious Japanese chefs knew how to use this traditional grill for cooking meat and vegetables, hibachi has been embraced in many teppanyaki-style restaurants in Houston.

Hibachi is a style used to grill up food with entertainment. The chef comes out to the table and cooks your desired meal in front of your eyes. Most of these hibachi restaurants, better known as teppanyaki restaurants, make this activity communal, with each customer grilling their meat, fish, or veggies on a personal flat iron top at the center of their dining table.

We have compiled a list of the best hibachi restaurants in Houston for you to enjoy and participate in this ancient Japanese cooking tradition with a touch of modernity.

1. Roka Akor

Address: 2929 Weslayan St, Ste 100 Houston, TX 77027

Phone: 713-622-1777

Type: Japanese, sushi bar, steakhouse

Roka Akor
Image Credit: rokaakor.com

This restaurant has been serving in Houston since 2009. They have a tradition of maintaining and attracting more customers by having high standards of quality presentation of Japanese cuisine. This is the place for every sushi, meat, or seafood lover. You should try their Korean spiced lamb chops and Japanese grade A5 Kobe beef.

2. Kata Robata

Address: 3600 Kirby Dr, Ste Houston, TX 77098

Phone: 713-526-8858

Type:  sushi bar, Japanese – Asian fusion

Best hibachi in Houston - Kata Robata
Image Credit: katarobata.com

Kata Robata is under Chef Manabu Horiuchi, who makes the best Japanese cuisine. Some of his specialties are miso-crusted bone marrow, hibachi, foie gras, and duck chawanmushi. Drop in for their happy hour over the weekday from 5 am to 6:30 pm and every Sunday from noon to 5 pm.

3. Hibachi Grill and Buffet

Address: 12183 Katy Fwy Ste H Houston, TX 77079

Phone: 281-293-8818

Type: buffets, Chinese and sushi bar

Best hibachi in Houston - Hibachi Grill and Buffet
Image Credit: facebook.com/hibachihouston

You must catch the tasty hibachi grill where you choose what you want, and they grill it for you. This buffet-style spot combines American, Chinese, and Japanese food with a cooked-to-order grill station. They have over 200 buffet dishes, like garlic shrimp, authentic sushi, fresh salads, irresistible desserts, and chicken Tso’s.

4. Osaka Japanese Steakhouse

Address: 15242 Wallisville Rd, Ste M Houston, TX 77049

Phone: 713-451-5085

Type: Japanese, Asian fusion, sushi bar

Osaka Japanese Steakhouse
Image Credit: osakasteakhousemi.com

The combination of a live show and hibachi for dinner is another level of crazy. Plus, they have offers every lunchtime on the hibachi specials. It features a sushi bar but also serves Japanese cuisine. The restaurant has a casual ambiance favorable for kids. Apart from the food, they also serve beer and wine.

5. Samurai Japanese Steak & Sushi

Address: 5317 Bissonnet St, Bellaire, TX 77401

Phone: 713-432-1858

Type: sushi bar, teppanyaki

Best hibachi in Houston - Samurai Japanese Steak & Sushi
Image Credit: samuraisteakandsushi

With a taste of their filet mignon hibachi, you will definitely be coming for more, and soon this will be your regular spot for some delicious hibachi. The Japanese samurai restaurant is a family-friendly spot where kids will enjoy using a chopstick.

Often this place is stocked with families from Bellaire and Meyer land, especially during cold weather since they can huddle around the hot hibachi. The place is well decorated with the Japanese version of F.P Chang.

6. Benihana

Address: 9707 Westheimer Rd, Houston, TX 77042 and 1318 Louisiana St, Houston, TX 77002

Phone: 713-789-4962

Type: sushi bar, teppanyaki

Image Credit: benihana.com

The first thing that will capture your eyes is the perfect setting of the communal hibachi grill tables. Once seated in groups, the day’s chef presents the ancient art of teppanyaki. The watch of him slicing and dicing the meal will leave your mouth watering.

You can choose to eat succulent seafood or tender chicken steak. Either way, there is also sushi and sashimi, another great option prepared by the talented, award-winning sushi chef.

7. Ichiban Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar

Address: 23523 Katy Fwy Ste 111 Katy, TX 77494

Phone: 281-712-7775

Type: sushi bar, steakhouse, teppanyaki

Best hibachi in Houston - Ichiban Hibachi Steakhouse & Sushi Bar
Image Credit: ichibanhibachisteakhouse.com

This restaurant has a great selection of sushi, tempura, and hibachi-style dishes. It is a perfect amalgam of Japanese tradition and innovative European culinary art. You will have the best time dining in this unique Asian restaurant in Katy.

If you are looking for exceptional dining flavors, Ichiban should be your destination for a sensational adventure in fine food and drinks.

8. Kuu Restaurant

Address: 947 Gessner Rd, Ste A 180 Houston, TX 77024

Phone: 713-461-1688

Type: Japanese, sushi bar, lounges

Kuu Restaurant
Image Credit: kuurestaurant.com

KUU, in layman’s language, can be translated to “the art of eating.” Chef Addison Lee of Nobu London fame has done a brilliant job with KUU’s mantra by decorating the place and dishes with artsy-inspired plating.

Chef Addison Lee also has unique combos of rich textures and crafted flavors. For instance, his incrusted king club is made with key lime and uni custard. This Japanese cuisine is a treasure in Houston, with well-priced meals.

9. Izakaya Wa

Address: 12665 Memorial Dr, Houston, TX 77024

Phone: 832-548-1889

Type: tapas/small plates, sushi bars, izakaya

Izakaya Wa
Image Credit: izakayawa.com

This is the Japanese version of a tapas bar serving traditional bite-sized nibbles and drinks in a serene environment. The best thing is that the place is pocket friendly. Hibachi, nosh on takoyaki, and hiyayakko are some delightful dishes served.

10. Teppay Japanese Restaurant

Address: 6516 Westheimer Rd, Ste A2 Houston, TX 77057

Phone: 713-789-4506

Type: sushi bar, rame

Teppay Japanese Restaurant
Image Credit: facebook.com/teppaysushi

Teppay Japanese restaurant is a go-to traditional Japanese restaurant known for its tonkatsu ramen, a bowl of warm egg noodles in the pork-based broth. This dish will heat you up, and you might even forget the weather was cold.

Authenticity describes this space serving staples like soba soup, udon, ramen, and shabu shabu. Shabu-shabu is a thinly sliced beef and veggie combination cooked in a broth.

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