Top 12 Best Indian Restaurants in Houston

Houston is an ethnically diverse city where you can find any cuisine. For decades, proper Indian food has been available in Houston but you have to venture a bit to find the best restaurant. Indian restaurants serve you an amazing variety of cuisines, both traditional and native to India.

So whether you are in the mood for chicken biryani, bona fide streets eat, clay tandoor or  pani puri, Houston has many terrific options for Indian restaurants. Thankfully, this article ranks the best Indian restaurants in Houston for your convenience.

1. Govinda’s

best Indian restaurants in Houston - Govinda's
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If you are a vegetarian and a fan of Indian food, Govindas is the place for you. Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays are vegan-only days at this vegetarian Indian Buffet. Govinda’s tasty menu serves you basmati rice curry with vegetables, scrambled tofu, and roti made from mango and strawberry budding. Vegan brownies and a la carte are also available on daily dishes.

2. Aga’s Restaurant and Catering

Aga's Restaurant and Catering
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Aga’s Restaurant serves you a combination of both modern and traditional Indian food. It is a famous Indo-Pak restaurant and always crowded. But it is hard to go wrong with grilled goat chops, chunky curries, barbeque plates, and biryani.

Aga’s Catering serves delicious bullet naan with jalapenos and cilantro. In addition, they have legendary desserts worth your cash, including the carrot halwa and fragrant falooda crafted with rose milk and basil seeds.

3. Himalaya

best Indian restaurants in Houston - Himalaya
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Try some spiced masala fried chicken and tender mutton biryani at this best Indian Restaurant in Houston. Himalaya is one of the favorite spots to dine with delicious endorsements from Chef Kaiser Lashkari.

It serves top-notch dishes like saag paneer chicken in green curry and garlic naan. Himalaya’s pre-set lunch menu comprises chicken kabab and almond custard at an affordable fee. They also offer beverage programs for special occasion dining.

4. India’s Restaurant

India's Restaurant
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Make merry and treat yourself with extensive dishes for the Indian menu and connoisseurs of the tandoor. India’s Restaurant samples a variety of Indian flavors, including salads, tandoori chicken, fresh naan, chicken tikka masala, and mushroom Mattar.

The restaurants create a homey feel for you with their vegetable curry and seafood. Seafood like lobster shorba and crab corn are made from hand ground and seasonal spices.  India’s restaurant is a perfect place to dine and enjoy tasty meals every day from 11:00a.m to 2:30 pm.

5. Maharaj Bhong

best Indian restaurants in Houston - Maharaj Bhong
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Maharaja Bhong has a welcoming atmosphere with beautiful marble tables and elegant décor. The Restaurant has a variety of classic dishes you can choose from, including Indian cuisines and vegan options. Maharaj is famous for thali, sampling various dishes with flavors on one large plate.

An endless buffet is served on one plate, which is delicious. Your dining experience at this Indian Restaurant is complete. You can enjoy endless appetizers, entrees, beverages, and desserts sourced from India’s Gujarat and Rajasthan states.

6. Masala Munchies

best Indian restaurants in Houston - Masala Munchies
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Masala Munchies is a counter-service restaurant where you will enjoy India’s favorites. It serves both vegetable wraps and snacks. The standouts include paratha, khandvi, masala munchies roll, and yellow lentils.

Masala Munchies dishes are made from pure Indian ingredients to match their tastes. You can pick bags of masala popcorn and Chakri homemade rice flour bites on your way out.

7. Pondicheri

best Indian restaurants in Houston - Pondicheri
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Pondicheri is the best Indian Restaurant in Houston, offering Gulf Coast Indian fusion dishes for breakfast, brunch or lunch, and dinner. It was established in 2011 by Anita Jaisinghani to boast the double dose of deliciousness in Indian cuisines.

Pondicheri is a simple Indian food to include green dosa sautéed with leafy greens, black garbanzo, goat cheese, and pumpkin seed chutney. Spend quality time with family dining in this restaurant, enjoying their best dishes and spiced pastries.

8. Shiv Sagar

Shiv Sagar
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Shiv Sagar serves the best Gujarati and South Indian street flavor with a modern flair. This Indian Restaurant has an assortment of cuisines, including pav bhaji and halwa puri sabji, a breakfast dish filled with deep-fried bread. You can also treat yourself to the traditional Indian dessert gulab jamun and pistachio kulfi.

Enjoy delicious crisp golden dosas and chaat dishes layer with fried crisp, yogurt, and chutney for a satisfying bite. Regarding refreshments, Shiv Sagar Indian restaurants have Indian sodas like Limca and mango-flavored Maaza.

9. Surya India

Surya India
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Surya India founder Sheel Joshi has excellent Indian cooking skills serving you the best of northern Indian-inspired cuisines. Joshi presents signature dishes, including chicken korma, lamb saag, and lentils. To enjoy your meal, presentation is important.

In this Indian Restaurant, presenting food is thoughtfully prepared. On the side, many dishes are served with tandoori roti and saffron spiced rice. In addition, Surya India has a list of Indian beverages and wines to spice your plate, including the sweet mango lassi.

10. Udipi Café

best Indian restaurants in Houston - Udipi Café
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Have you ever heard of filter kaapi? This is one of the popular dishes you will find at Udipi Café. The Restaurant is named after a coastal city in Southern India, meaning most dishes served are from South India Cuisine.

The Restaurant’s favorite filter kaapi is a dish mixed with masala dosa, spiced potatoes, and filter coffee combinations. It is a signature dish blended perfectly to give you the best culinary experience. Apart from these famous dishes, enjoy Pani puri, grilled meats cooked with clay tandoor, and chaat.

11. Mahesh’s Kitchen

best Indian restaurants in Houston - Mahesh's Kitchen
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Mahesh’s Kitchen was named in memory of Shubhangi, a renowned chef. The Restaurant gives you an Indian feel with the gleeful pictures of India at the Restaurant. Mahesh’s Kitchen has a selective menu of habanero salmon, shrimp spiced with serranos, and lamb vindaloo.

Beyond its impressive menu, you will enjoy street food-style snacks, including Dahi vada, kachori, puri, and lentil dumplings in tangy yogurt. Have some family time at this hospitality-reserved Indian Restaurant.

12. Shri Balaji Bhavan

best Indian restaurants in Houston - Shri Balaji Bhavan
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To close our list, Shri Balaji Bhavan is worth mentioning. It is a family-owned Restaurant serving south Indian dishes. They have various staple dishes, including green chili chutney and masala dosa.

Shri Balaji Bhavan Restaurant creates an awesome culinary experience with Indian food from different flavors and textures. The Restaurant has dozens of chaat to choose from, including samosa chaat and indo-Chinese fusion chaat.

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