Best Laser Tag in Houston, Texas: Top Picks

It is evident most kids love video games. This makes laser tag such an appealing and enjoyable activity to be played by both kids and adults. Laser tag is a game that simulates and gets you moving on the screen experience in real time. The game requires great energy and vibes, and it is safe to be played by older and younger kids.

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Fortunately, Houston is stocked with places that have laser tag games. We have shortlisted some of the best laser tag arenas in Houston that are more than just a shoot-them-up type of laser tag place.

1. Battlefield Houston

Address: 11755 W Little York, Ste 202, Houston, TX 77041

Services: mobile laser tag birthday, indoor laser tag birthday, indoor walk-in and reservation, virtual reality, and mech corps.

Phone: 713-409-1990

Best Laser Tag in Houston - Battlefield Houston
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Older kids love this laser tag arena, for they focus on tactics and strategy. However, kids above 8 years old are recommended since the games can be complicated for younger kids, and the guns can outweigh them. Here everything is a bit realistic, giving it a tagline of tactical laser tag. Unlike in other arenas where they have plastic cartoonish laser gun models, the battlefield uses a heavier gun that weighs 4.5 pounds and feels more real.

The place is a combination of laser tag and paintball. You can either choose to play in teams or a solo game in the multi-level dark field. The best part about battlefield games is that they come with a package. It could be a birthday party or a youth group engagement event.

2. Swords and Superheroes

Address: 1725 Northpark Dr, kingwood, TX 77339

Services: combat laser tag, retro arcades, mini golf, card, and board games

Phone: 936-650-7900

Best Laser Tag in Houston - Swords and Superheroes
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This laser tag arena is located in kingwood. It features retro arcades and combats laser tag, among others. However, despite being strictly an arcade and game store, it also has a spring facility. If you are a game enthusiast, you will definitely love the RPGs and card and board games available in this place.

Sword and superheroes are every kid’s dream place, and it is the largest game arena in the area. In addition, they have a variety of birthday packages to choose from that are inclusive of laser tag and mini golf activities.

3. Palava

Address: 3240 Spring Cypress Road, Spring 77388

Services: mini golf, laser tag

Phone: 832-764-8250

Best Laser Tag in Houston - Palava
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This beautiful kids’ arena is packed with several activities to enjoy, from mini golf to great laser tag. They allow children of all ages to play their games. However, for the laser tag game, you must be at least 6 years old to be a player.

Each game at his place is about 15 minutes long, giving players time to participate in various scenarios. For example, they can engage in warding off Mayan foes to protect your base in the jungle environment. In addition, the place has set aside an on-site play area for younger kids to burn off steam as their older siblings get to enjoy the arena.

4. Bay Area Raceway

Address: 3825 gulfs Fwy, Dickinson, TX 77539

Services: arcades, Go Karts, laser tag

Phone: 281-337-7223

Bay Area Raceway
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This place is more than just a laser tag arena. It features an outdoor go-kart race track of about 5000 square foot game room, and a laser tag arena that is equally the same size. In addition, they have laser tag games like vampers, where you can participate as a solo player or in group matches.

In this game, vampers, you are a vampire trying to turn other players by infusing or tagging them. For instance, this specific game is a group match where players need to work together to survive since they get special abilities for random team members throughout the game.

Bay area raceway allows kids 6 years old and above to engage in these games. The age limit is for easy supervision and management of the place as the children enjoy their chosen games.

5. Track 21 Laser Tag

Address: 4815 Hwy 6 N, Houston, TX 77084

Services: laser tag arena, race tracks, mini golf course, Go Karting

Phone: 281-200-2600

 Track 21 Laser Tag
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In this complex, there is a space set aside known as area 21, where laser tag games are played. The place also has blacklight mini golf and an outdoor go-kart track. Area 21 arena is 8000 square feet big with two stories, an urban landscape full of barriers and radioactive bases.

Here, players get to compare their statistics since they get a scorecard at the end of every game they play. Also, as a player, you are given a traditional vest as a protective wear. They also have birthday packages which will definitely impress you.

There is no age restriction; the only limiting factor is the ability to fit into the traditional vest. If the vest is too large for you, the game is not fit, so you move to the next available choice. Younger children who cannot operate the battlesuit on their own are allocated a laser marshal for guidance.

6. AGR Sports Indoor Paintball, Laser Tag, Gellyball, and Axe throwing

Address: 1300 East 40th Street, Houston, TX 77022

Services: axe throwing, paintball, mini ball, glow-in-the-dark paintball, tactical laser tag, bazooka ball, zombie hunt, part package

Phone: 281-657-9220

AGR Sports Indoor Paintball, Laser Tag, Gellyball, and Axe throwing
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This place was first established 15 years ago in Europe at the aggressor sports club in Ukraine. They later started several AGR spots in America where people could comfortably enjoy adventure parks and paintball.

In Houston, they offer not only paintball games but also laser tag games with classic adventures. However, activities vary for different AGR locations.


Games time is always a great moment for family bonding. Since most kids enjoy video games, taking them out for a laser tag game is a great idea. They get to have fun, socialize and expand their thinking skills as they move from one adventure to another.

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