11 Fun Things To Do In Baytown, Texas

Baytown is largely centered on the industry, including oil, rubber, and chemical plants. Baytown is located 23 miles East of Houston and occupies portions of the Gulf Coast. Although it is an industrialized city, Baytown has kept its suburb charm with well-preserved historical buildings. Today, you will find stay cable bridges, nature reserves, artificial attractions, a vibrant community, and the best sunsets of the Mexican Gulf Coast.

1. Fred Hartman Bridge

As you plan to visit Baytown, take photos at this cable-stayed bridge. Fred Hartman Bridge was named after Baytown Sun’s publisher and Editor, Fred Hartman. It is the longest bridge connecting La Portes State Highway and Baytown city measuring 2.6 miles in the distance.

The bridge provides stunning views of the city and the water below. You can drive or walk across the bridge or relax on the observation benches. In addition, this attractive bridge allows you to watch ships passing through the channel and whales swimming.

things to do in Baytown Tx - Fred Hartman Bridge
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2. Grito Festival

Grito Festival is held yearly on 1 st and 2 nd of October to celebrate Baytown National Hispanic Heritage Month. This is a must-attend festival if you are visiting Baytown. The free outdoor festival features entertainment for all ages with various food and craft vendors.

You will enjoy live music, eating contests, and accordion plays during the Grito Festival. Hundreds of vendors sell products ranging from jewelry, art toys, homeware, and apparel. The food trucks highlight tasty Tex-Mex foods alongside international cuisines.

things to do in Baytown Tx - Grito Festival
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3. Umbrella Alley

Umbrella Alley is a perfect photo shot spot and home to unique art galleries. It is aligned with umbrellas of different colors to provide shade and create a festive atmosphere. The 120 umbrellas form a beautiful canopy making it a perfect setting for some Instagram photos.

These one-of-a-kind Technicolor umbrellas swing back and forth harmoniously, casting shadows along the alley walls. Installation of the umbrellas was created by Baytown Tourism Team and Lee College Art Department to display unique ecology.

things to do in Baytown Tx - Umbrella Alley
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4. Baytown Nature Centre

For walking trails, visit Baytown Nature Centre. Baytown Nature Centre has guided tours around freshwater wetlands, hardwood uplands, and tidal marshes. The center occupies 500 acres surrounded by Scott Crystal and Burnet bays.

Being a nationally essential bird-watching location, you spot 317 species of migratory and local birds. In addition, you can do some fishing at the four piers or kayaking on the shores of Baytown Lake. Whatever recreational activities you choose, Baytown Nature Park has got you covered.

things to do in Baytown Tx - Baytown Nature Centre
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5. Yepez Vineyards

Suppose you are a wine lover, reminiscence the old west way at Yepez Vineyards. This adobe-style winery is popularly known for its fine wine from grapes grown in its 20-acre vineyard. Most brands of wines are sourced from Black Spanish and Blanc du Bois grapes.

Yepez Vineyard also has beautiful, fascinating views making it perfect for romantic picnics or dinners. They have a tasting room where you can enjoy their best-selling wine made traditionally. Be sure to visit the vineyard every November for Grape Stomp Festival or for great live music on Saturday nights.

things to do in Baytown Tx - Yepez Vineyards
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6. Baytown Historical Museum

Learn about the developmental history of Baytown when it started as a fishing village at Baytown Historical Museum. The museum exhibit variety of educational programs and events. Baytown Museum houses legendary artifacts of Karankwa Indians and the Texas Revolution.

More so you will find the New Deal artwork and museums Treasury Section of Fine Arts that offers fascinating history lessons. In addition, there is an extensive library filled with books, documents, and photographs narrating the history of Baytown.

things to do in Baytown Tx - Baytown Historical Museum
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7. Bicentennial Park

Bicentennial Park creates the loveliest moments during the Grito annual festival. In addition, most Baytown festivals or celebrations are held here. It is also great to hike, bike, and unwind during the afternoons.

Other amenities include a picnic ground with a green garden for relaxing. In addition, you can visit the pavilion or the outdoor theatre, the focal points of the Bicentennial, and take photos.

Bicentennial Park
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8. Lynchburg Ferry

Riding a ferry is an exciting adventure. Lynchburg historic ferry has been in operation since 1888, making endless transportation options for people. The ferry starts its service every morning at 4:30, ferrying you through towns across Houston Ship Channel.

Lynchburg Ferry has free ferry services using the Ross S. Sterling and the William P. Hobby boats. With the free charges, stroll around Baytown city until 8:15 pm, when the last trip ends. Take advantage of your trip and observe scenic views of whales and dolphins.

Lynchburg Ferry
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9. Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center

Eddie V. Gray Wetlands offers educational programs to the public on environment conservation. The main attractions at Eddie V. Gray Wetland are the Coastal Connection Rooms. These rooms preserve the aquatic ecosystem of Mexican Gulf bays and estuaries.

The wetlands have spaces set aside for both freshwater and saltwater animals. Currently, the center offers summer environmental field trips for elementary schools. Get up close with different animals and birds, including the juvenile alligators.

Eddie V. Gray Wetlands Center
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10. Art League of Baytown

Engage yourself in some artistry work. Art League of Baytown provides art classes for anyone interested in pottery, painting, drawing, photography, and sculpting. This art institution was established in 1954 and is committed to providing art and culture.

Art League of Baytown hosts several art shows and events throughout the year to support local artists. You can also take photography classes and showcases your talent during exhibitions.

Art League of Baytown
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11. Baytown’s Geocaching

Geocaching is an exciting game that involves treasure hunting using GPS devices. Baytown Geocaching is a tourism attraction that attracts many people to enjoy this unique gaming experience.

In Geocaching, you navigate and spot geocaches containers, look for treasures, and be gifted with a prize. Adventure of Geocaching brings you a different imagination as you discover Baytown’s beauty.

Baytown's Geocaching
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Are you planning a trip to Baytown? This sprawling city has exciting options, including museums and parks. You can also drive along the Gulf Freeway and enjoy its view or enjoy different cuisines from renowned restaurants. Baytown has everything for everyone.

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